• The road to enhancing intimacy begins with emotional connection


    When you are with someone who wants only you, a survey discovered, you feel confident enough to try out new things and express your desires, which can lead to more intimacy and a better time.

    IT may seem to defy popular belief, but the best place to touch someone to enhance pleasure is…the heart. According to a national study conducted by Durex via Crowdtap, relationships are at their best between people who trust each other. The survey is part of the brand’s new Liberating Side of Being Together campaign, which was unveiled at a star-studded event hosted by Jenny McCarthy in New York City.

    Further findings
    • Strings attached are best for 96 percent of men and women who think that intimacy is more fulfilling when there is an emotional connection between partners.

    • Eighty-seven percent of women reported that things are at their “hottest” when with a partner whom they trust and with whom they had a prior relationship.

    • Eighty-three percent of respondents believe intimacy is key to maintaining a great relationship.

    • Ninety-four percent of respondents say sex is better when your partner wants only you.

    • Another benefit of being with someone special is that you can move to the next level and try new things together. In fact, 95 percent said being with someone who only wants them is what gives them the confidence to explore and try new things.

    • People who do not see intimate relations as purely physical are more satisfied overall, more confident in their abilities, have a stronger libido and are more confident in discussing or suggesting new ideas with their partners.

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