• The romanticizing of Christian Bautista

    Carla Bianca V. Ravanes

    Carla Bianca V. Ravanes

    CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA is a name that needs no introduction. Being in the show business for 11 years, he has earned success through concerts, albums, TV shows, movies, and even theater. Just like any celebrity, it is easy to dismiss him as just another crooner but sitting down with him proved otherwise.

    For one thing, it is interesting to note that Christian was once an insecure high school student. His rise to fame has been chronicled several times over the years but I couldn’t quite place this information about him.

    It was through this unexpected confession that his image embedded through the years peeled away slowly. Suddenly, he was just like any regular guy who went to the same high school as I did—not a performer who headlined concerts and musicals.

    With this, I couldn’t help but ask what the biggest misconception about him is? His candid reply: “That I’m antiseptic, too light, too formal, too serious. You have to know me ng matagal and sit down with me to know who I really am and not just judge me with 140 characters.”

    Christian went on to share how he had difficulty transitioning into the business after completing his Landscape Architecture degree from the University of the Philippines-Diliman especially since he was natural introvert.

    But over time, the would-be-celebrity soon learned how to crawl out of his shell. “It was more of a smoothening around the edges kind of change. Naging positive siya because I learned to open up more; mas naging relaxed ako.”

    Asked what he would say to the younger version of himself, Christian just broke into a boyish grin and replied: “You’ll be fine.”

    Christian had also proven his staying power in the business switching from singing to acting and even hosting. All the while retaining what had endeared him to his audience from the very beginning, his good nature that seems to be a product of a healthy upbringing.

    When asked what inspires him to stay grounded, he quickly credited his family who has been supportive of him. He explained, “Keeping the value for me means going back to my roots in doing the best to be a good example. My family including my friends and family honestly talk to me when I cross the line.

    “When given options, I will make choices based on my values, kung ano core ko. To some my choices may be impractical or boring but it’s the root of who I am and it is what works for me,” he continued.

    And in a field where turnover is high, he said it’s his loyal fans that got him through the trying times of his career. This, added with his love for the craft, Christian fueled his determination to stay despite the difficult years.

    “Ang sarap ng pakiramdam na nahanap ko na ang purpose ko. So whether it’s a good year or not, at least I know my purpose,” he ended.

    * * *

    Get serenaded by Christian and international sensation Matt Monro Jr. and the Platters this Valentine’s Day with “The Fabulous Sounds of the Platters and Christian Bautista” happening at the PICC Plenary Hall of the Philippine International Convention Center.

    And if you wish to take Christian home, simply grab a copy of his latest album, Soundtrack.

    Also extending my thanks to my dear old friend, Izzay for making the interview happen.


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    1. Xtian’s upbringing most assuredly defines his worldview. A godly home. A large clan of tightly-knit families that worshipsr the Lord in spirit and in truth. When some introverted guy is honed this way, only time dictates when he is freed in liberty to shine forth and soar like an eagle. With the Spirit of God beneath his wings, directing his steps, xtian gives God glory in all his desires, actions and vision for the future. That is the Way to go, ian!