• The same sensuality in a more contemporary setting

    Tom Rodriguez and Megan Young will bring back to life the much loved characters of Sergio and Marimar

    Tom Rodriguez and Megan Young will bring back to life the much loved characters of Sergio and Marimar

    AS in the day’s crop of remakes for television, GMA Network’s highly awaited Marimar of 2015 seeks to preserve the show’s essence, while making the new version more appealing to the current audience.

    So just like Thalia’s original Mexican barrio lass in 1994, and Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dante’s very first Filipino adaptation of the telenovela in 2007, this new outing of what can already be considered a television classic will be as sensual as ever.

    This is the promise of Tom Rodriguez and Megan Young who will bring back to life the much loved characters of Sergio and Marimar every night beginning Monday, August 24.

    At the show’s grand press launch at GMA Network’s Studio 6, Tom talked in detail about the challenges of remaking something that is almost a giant in Philippine pop culture.

    “Everyone who has seen the original Marimar and the Marian-Dingdong remake knows the characters by heart. But you have to remember that was back in the early ‘90s and then again some eight years ago. Both the country and the people have progressed so much since then, and the sentiments are very different now.

    “Yet, we have to juxtapose the essence of Marimar with this huge gap of 2015. So we have to keep in mind that iba na ang mga Pilipino ngayon so kailangan naming ibigay sa kanila yung story na mas relevant and mas contemporary, with the same sensuality of the original.”

    How Tom tackled this balancing act of sorts is to first go deep into the character of Sergio.

    “You see him as a guy who’s full of himself, very confident and mayabang. But deep inside his love for his mom is there, which brings out an endearing side to him, and you discover that he’s actually very unassuming.”

    With Sergio’s character down pat, Tom had to—and continues to—work hard at the all important sensuality component of the project.

    “Thankfully Megan and I are getting there with a series of familiarity workshops before we started taping,” the dedicated actor continued. “I’m preparing myself for the really intimate scenes too.

    He is also on a mission to be in his best form ever with a strict diet and exercise regimen.

    “I can’t say how many pounds I’ve lost; I just base my goals aesthetically cause minsan hindi nakakatulong ang numbers,” A buff Tom added.

    Suffice it to say, this Sergio is up to the challenge of Marimar, especially since he knows full well that expectations are already on the rise even before the show’s premiere on Monday.

    Meanwhile, Megan brings life anew to the iconic character that exemplifies the best traits of the Filipina barrio lass. She is definitely a fitting choice for the character as she represents a brave and beautiful woman with a sense of purpose.

    Lending support to Tom and Megan is a cast of respected actors, led by Jaclyn Jose, Zoren Legaspi, Lauren Young, and Alice Dixson. Marimar further stars Nova Villa, Tommy Abuel, Carmi Martin, Ina Raymundo, Dion Ignacio, Ricardo Cepeda, Cris Villanueva, Candy Pangilinan, Frank Magalona, Ashley Cabrera, and the voice of comedian Boobay who will give life to the iconic dog, Fulgoso.

    Marimar is directed by Dominic Zapata (The Rich Man’s Daughter, My Husband’s Lover).

    From the original format of Ines Rodena and license granted by Televisa, S.A. de C.V., Marimar is produced by GMA Network Inc.

    Witness the story of Marimar anew beginning August 24 after 24 Oras on GMA Telebabad.


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