The scam: Fallout and backlash


Wanna bet? No Senatongs will be jailed, their plunder cases, if filed at all, will just gather dust in our corrupt courts, and people will forget this pork Mother of all Scams. And life goes on. The corrupt legislators will live Scot-free to enjoy their loots, and the dumb voters will vote into public offices the children of these thieves, again and again! Hopeless!

These thieves who steal the taxpayers money should be jailed and punished according to the rule of Law, its time for all the citizens of the Philippines , not sell their votes during elections or else its going to be the same old story, once they are in positions in Congress they are too powerful . Its only probably in the Philippines , we never experienced a politicians convicted,jailed for Corruptions. Reasons its the judge is also Corrupt to begin the proceeding .Get our mentality focus on good candidates credentials,experienced, educations ,knowledge,background,who wants to serve the people of these country fair and transparency, we should not be intimidated popularity due to his status like Movie Stars or Political Dynasties ..


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  1. Noynoy should punished those involved in this pork barrel scam across the board. It will show his daang matuwid na pangako sa taong bayan.

    Of course there will be no proof that those involved shared with Napoles the loot of taxpayer’s money because no lagay will be written with cheques. If paid in dollars, it will transfer from one hand to another before it will finally land to hands of those involved. No proof of receipt with the culprits signature. All those that will eventually be punished are the lowest people in the corruption scheme.

  2. Doctor ng Barrio on

    Four agonizing years and still no closure on the most heinous massacre crime in Mindanao. For the scalawags involved in the Pork scam, the wheels of justice will be even more snail-paced than that of the Mindanao crime. In due time, even Marcos’ authoritarian rule and plunder were largely forgotten and his heirs back in power. Such hopelessness and such desperation amongst the populace are not even enough to galvanize a meaningful collective action. Are our living heroes and leaders so complacent that they cannot take up the cudgels of the common man’s cries for justice?

  3. This type of scam has been going on for years and years in the Philippines and i do not see any end to it. Until there is something to be stolen, there will always be a robber. Even if these robbers are caught, they (robbers) will always have an excuse (using the law), or will have somebody else to blame…tsk tsk tsk.

  4. Majority of the Philippine electorate take their votes for granted. Easily bought due to their economic conditions and these corrupt politicians know that.

    Jpe is is aka Lolong and Tanda.

    • Nobody will go to jail for all those people who were involved in stealing the peoples money. Most of them are politicians or friends of politicians and in the Philippines, politicians rule the land. The lawmakers are the law breakers and the get away with every crime the commit and the get away untouched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!