The scam probe goes Broadway


Very well said Mr. Ronquillo…you are one smart journalist…I wish your kind will multiply… my first time to read an article that says it all about Filipinos…”Save your own skin” is one “confusing the issue” is another one, I completely agree with you.

What happened during the martial law is no comparison to what is happening now… Corrupt -Legislative and Judicial and Dictatorial-Executive branch not to mention what happened to the Arm forces of the Phil. another corrupt department to the point that a general will have to commit suicide to not spill the beans…where in world can you find one like this…”ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES”..

I was right to leave and never to go back again…it’s a shame that i have to leave my country to find a better place to live . I for one as a Filipino is so embarrassed and shamed of what is happening in the Phil- worst than the Arab world…at least the Arabs believe in something – FREEDOM compared to Filipinos-CORRUPTION.

What do you think Mr Ronquillo 95% of the country’s population is corrupt, including the poor are force to be corrupt since it is the only way to survive?

No wonder Philippines together with Haiti was graded the lowest in “Corruption Perception Index.”



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  1. Sad to say that the Filipinos are basically corrupt. It is ingrained in our culture and character and until we,as adult accept that flaw, our nation is doom to failure.We should start with our children,the generation after us, to set an example. Rhetoric,granding,change of leaders will not help.We can jail them,confiscate their ill gotten wealth,put them to firing squads and then what ?? The children are the future. You and I can argue all day and it will be a waste of time.

    I have taken residency abroad for more than 40 years and I intend to go back and retire in the Phil. I bleed for my country and I want to contribute any way I can.