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    The Pacman BIR case is all political. President BS Aquino has to demolish any and/or all politicians who are more popular than Kris. They will field Kris as Vice President in 2016 and the only politician who can beat her in terms of popularity is Pacman. Kris will be the Vice-Presidential running mate of Secretary Roxas. Senator Jingoy Estrada and Senator Revilla were already demolished. Who is next? Pacman. Whatever President BS Aquino do, it is not easy to demolish Pacman – they will get demolished themselves. They also started to demolish Senator Bongbong Marcos. If Senator Marcos survive this demolition – the ultimate fight for the Presidency will be Marcos vs. Aquino. What is happening now with PDAF/DAP(unconstitutional) is more than “MARTIAL LAW” of the Marcos regime.
    Alejo Rosete, econg_cados@cox.net

    PH should not only consider the tax liabilities that Manny may have but the honor, pride, and fun he brought us. Abroad, especially in US, Filipinos are very proud that other nationalities can easily identify them because of Manny. But paramount to them all, is the economic effect of the huge amount dollars that he injected to the economy. We should note that his dollar winnings brought down the inflation rate, just like the aggregate dollar received by the government from the OFWs. Every OFW is a hero because of sending dollars to the Philippines; and how many thousand OFWs Manny is doing. It’s not even enough that government should honor Manny because of enormous pride he gives, the government should also give tax credits for the effects of his winnings to the Philippine economy since 2008. We might not have realized that all of us Filipinos enjoyed the inflation effect of his winnings, if not of that, inflation could have surged to higher from 11% to 15% which could make all Filipino poorer. Can the government translate the tax effect of his winnings into tax credits rather than collecting more from him. Kapal naman.
    Dods, rama_napoleon@yahoo.com


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    1. What the country needs,is a President with endearing attributes of the old; unscrupulous , honest, tough, a no nonsense guy, not wishy-washy, with empathy for the poor, without history of being involved in corruption both in family and personally, among others. Roxas may be a good man, but he has no chance to win against the Vice President. The best thing that the country can do, at this time is to push for the passage of the FOI bill to become a law of the land, so the media and the citizens can scrutinize the prospective candidates for the best to win.

    2. Elizabeth Agbulos on

      Super kapal ! Kris versus Manny ? Manny will win either
      by unanimous decision or technical knockout !!!

    3. If the OA Kris Aquino will run as VP of Mar Roxas, be prepared to hear such words as social, grabe, now na, like ko, at iba pa. Her speeches will be long if not elongated in tone & tint. It will be fun in the Phils in the 2016 election.