• The Science of liposuction

    Dr. Claudine Roura, cosmetic surgeon, sheds light on liposuction PHOTO BY ABBY PALMONES

    Dr. Claudine Roura, cosmetic surgeon, sheds light on liposuction PHOTO BY ABBY PALMONES

    What transpires inside the operating room?
    Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that removes fats from certain parts of the body using a suction tunnel. While seemingly simple enough to understand, it will always be wise, especially for those planning to undergo the invasive treatment to find out more about what happens during the surgery.

    The Manila Times sought the help of Dr. Claudine Roura, a cosmetic surgeon specializing in liposuction, to give those considering to go under the proverbial knife a clear picture of what their body will undergo.

    “Traditional liposuction is ‘mano-mano’ [done by hand]. Surgeons like us use brute force to dissolve the fat before suctioning it,” said the doctor who used to practice traditional liposuction early on in her practice.

    According to her, this process leaves patients with lots of bruising and pain, and worse, longer healing time.

    It also has adverse effect for petite surgeons like her because they get exhausted from exercising too much force. She noted, “Whenever I lipo huge patients, I get sick afterward. At some point, I also needed to have braces on my arms.”

    But all this was before Dr. Roura established Contours, considered the only clinic in the country offering Vaser liposcuplture.

    “Vaser, which means Vibration, Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, is a machine that uses third generation ultrasound to melt fats for better results,” Dr. Roura explained.

    Liposculpture, on the other hand, is the technique that goes hand-in-hand with Vaser. To use the machine and master the technique, Dr. Roura trained under no less than its inventor, Dr. Alredo Hoyos, in Bogotá, Colombia.

    “It is high-definition because it shows the definition of the muscle. It does not just remove the bulking. Lalabas ang abs, chest, pectorals etc. It’s like surgical body building,” said the surgeon.

    As an ad-on to liposculpture, the removed fat can also be transferred to other body parts like the chest for men and breast for men to make them fuller. It can also be transferred to cheeks since it is naturally from the body.

    When lipo fails
    Definitely an easy and fast way to lose unwanted fats, liposuction may still fail, and this is because of “promises.”

    Dr. Roura explained, “There are times when clients’ expectations are very high. Unfortunately, some doctors just say yes to all of these in order for them to get a client. Of course, if clients don’t get what they are promised, that’s when the problems come in.”

    Expectations that are hard to meet include not getting the shape they picture in mind, as well as failure in losing certain kilos or pounds of weight.

    The cosmetic surgeon of eight years admitted that there are two kinds of doctors that patients can meet in the industry.

    “Doctors are not all the same. Mayroong marunong at mayroong magaling,” she commented.

    For her, what separate the good cosmetic surgeons are those with an “aesthetic eye” or the “sense of beauty.” For example, if a surgeon will operate on someone’s nose, he should establish whether it will complement the other parts of the face.

    “In my entire practice, I just stick to what I’m really good at. If the case is beyond my capability, I refer them to other experts who can do it for them,” she said.

    Healthy lifestyle is best
    Before finishing the interview, Dr. Roura clarified that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure.

    “Weight loss is only a bonus but I don’t know how much weight will be lost if a client will ask me [to specify]. This is so because even if fat is removed—which is by the way permanent—fat cells still remain. These can still multiply if not maintained with a healthy lifestyle.”

    Through her practice, she also observed that many people who choose to undergo liposuction are those who are desperate to be fit. She noted, “It’s a sad reality that gutom na gutom ka na kaka-diet at kaka-exercise but the fat just doesn’t want to go away. That’s the time that these people choose to undergo liposuction.”

    But to everyone who achieves their desired results from liposuction, this is Dr. Roura’s final message, “Our treatment is just a push. Hindi siya ‘this is it!’ If you do not maintain what you achieved, you will still gain weight. This should not only be a way to achieve your goals faster but more importantly, an add-on to a healthy lifestyle.”


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    1. Liposuction is not at all a weight loss procedure. Many people misunderstand it to be so. It is a body contouring procedure which would remove unwanted fat and give you a shapelier look.