The various generations of the iconic Jeep.

    WHO has the most authentic, original, American-made, civilian Jeep in the Philippines? MD Juan Enterprises, the pioneer manufacturer of jeep bodies and parts in the country, wants to know.

    MD Juan has been celebrating the Jeep’s rich history by producing restoration Jeep bodies and parts for pre-1990s Jeeps not only for the local market but for overseas clients as well. The company is now calling out to owners of authentic civilian Jeeps built from 1950 to the ’90s to get in touch with it so that the vehicles can be recorded in a database.

    The Jeep was the precursor of jeepneys and “owner-type jeeps.” The vehicle arrived in the Philippines mainly as military jeeps during and after World War 2, and most were Willys-Overland MB or Ford GPW WW2 models—or what Filipinos called the “McArthur Jeeps.” After the war, Willys-Overland came up with a civilian version that was meant for farm use. These were the CJ2A and CJ3A Jeeps, which simply became known as “Willys.”

    MD Juan is giving special prizes to the owners of the most authentic, original, American-made, civilian Jeeps in the Philippines. Owners may e-mail sales.mdjuan@gmail.com or mostauthentic@mdjuan.com.ph pictures of their Jeep from all angles, including those of the serial number, engine compartment, transmission, axle and the dashboard’s gauges.


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