The sector that Napoles et al bludgeoned most


When the only option available is the choice between two evils, any sane person will choose the lesser evil. In our corruption riddled government, the greater evil is PDAF which, while meant to help people in poor communities, just mostly go to the pockets of legislators and their cohorts. PDAF, more commonly called pork barrel, should therefore be abolished and the legislators should not have a say in choosing to which “project” the funds should go.

Let us not cry for poor communities. If Congress and the President really want to help out the poor, they can set aside money for poorer communities based on population. They can have food stamp program, similar to the program in the US, to help out hungry Filipinos. They can give subsidies to farmers directly, like in Canada, without getting the money into the hand of thieving legislators. These simple things are no brainers, but our corrupt leaders make them look so hard to do.



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