• The sentimental Julio Austria

    ‘Early Bird Catches the Worm’

    ‘Early Bird Catches the Worm’

    New York-based Filipino artist expresses his passion for life

    When Julio Jose Austria introduced a figure of a man in one of his paintings about four years ago, it was merely incidental. In his most recent works, “Points of Sentiments,” the figures are now omnipresent and people his landscapes.

    Austria now spends most of his time in New York City which he describes as a center where people of all races, creeds and inclinations pour in and create a mobility of fast changing designs and downloads of free expressions to deposit a high pile of global collage of the images of youth, their different persuasions, and their chaotic passions for life.

    A melting pot of the villages of the world according to the mitre of Austria’s thoughts, “Points of Sentiments” is a visual outpouring of his reflections on the human life and its journey, the perception of an individual’s destiny based upon the patterns of the events that unfold continuously amidst the streams of people moving on with the flow.

    ‘Two Grounds’

    ‘Two Grounds’

    The scenes of Austria’s paintings reveal a sensitive soul who in his mid-30’s continues to go on to the haunts of his noted forbears, whether in literature, visual arts or journalism, only to touch the burning embers of the horizons. And to burnish them with his own advocacies for the environment and his own unique pining for the yesteryears’ spires of genteel hours of home life and the fever for wonders at the growing symbols of the human space.

    The blasts of the western world’s busyness stuns Austria. The soul-less submission of employee masses to day work halts his breath. The waves of roaring mass transits, landing planes, the loud traffic horns, the chattering droves of masses bring him to a shattering window of human crowds as a darkly drenched aftermath. It nudges him off to the universe of his sentiments for the tropical home of bright colors. “Points of Sentiments” displays large cubes of khaki and mute green paints which surround and throw into the funnel the people with whom Austria is grounded at present.

    Austria has recorded his downhearted feelings for the harsh landscapes of his mid-life journey. Its linear motion, however, moves on. And his watchers in the Philippines have to look forward to his visual briefs in the future.

    The exhibition ‘Points of Sentiments’ runs from June 25 to July 25 at Hiraya Gallery. Hiraya Gallery is located at 530 United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila. For more information, call 523-3331, e-mail dididee@hiraya.com or long on to www.hiraya.com.


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