• The siege of the Binay dynasty


    The Germans, with their love of precision and big ideas, has a word for it: schadenfreude, or the pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. This German word literally means “harm-joy.”

    Our closest Filipino equivalent is isip talangka or crab mentality.

    I always believed that after Vice President Jejomar Binay declared his candidacy for president and recorded high approval ratings, exceeding Aquino’s, he would come down to earth, a victim of schadenfreude and the envy and scheming of others.

    Antonio Trillanes, Alan Peter Cayetano and Koko Pimentel turned Binay-bashing into their senatorial avocation at public expense. They are clearly taking pleasure from inflicting pain and embarrassment on the vice president and his family. And they measure success by how far they can bring Binay’s ratings down.

    After 20 hearings of the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee, you would think that the shaming would already have run its course by now. His inquisitors would be weary of their dark mission; or the vice president, showing grit and resilience, would turn the situation around against them.

    But now it appears to this observer that the entire project of bringing down Binay is reaching its climacteric or turning point. And it’s a real riddle what is going to happen.

    One headline to lift Binay up
    This paper, never a slouch in reporting the news and developments, seems to me better informed about this drama than others.

    In two days and two headlines this week, The Manila Times, without premeditation or pleasure, strangely raised the spirits of Vice President Binay with a positive headline in bold black letters, and then after just a span of 24 hours, dashed his confidence with a negative headline in equally bold black fonts.

    First, on Tuesday, May 12, the Times ran this headline, “No Binay indictment.”

    The supporting story reported that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales described as untrue the report of one paper (not the Times) that the Ombudsman’s office is close to indicting the Vice President and his son, Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr.

    “It’s not true that the Office of the Ombudsman found probable cause for indictment, it’s not true,” Morales said.

    But she continued: “Now, whether or not the Special Panel of Investigators found one, we do not know. We were caught by surprise when it came out in today’s papers that the panel found probable cause.”

    As far as her office is concerned, the case against the Binays remains pending.

    Another headline to bring him down
    The following day, the Times came up with a follow-up.

    It ran the following headline: “CA freezes Binay’s bank accounts.”

    The story reported that the Court of Appeals (CA) had frozen 242 bank accounts and insurance policies belonging to Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    A freeze order was issued by the First Division, which is composed of Presiding Justice Andres Reyes Jr. and Associate Justices Edwin Sorongon and Ricardo Rosario. The order is for a period of six months.

    The report also said that the CA, in a resolution, granted a petition of the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to allow the council to scrutinize the bank accounts of Binay and members of his family, as well as corporations linked to the Vice President.

    The AMLC and the Ombudsman wanted to assure that personal assets of Binay that are allegedly ill-gotten would not be dissipated and so a freeze order had to be issued by the appellate court.

    The CA issued the resolution after finding probable cause with the petition filed by AMLC.

    It also ordered banks to immediately make a reporting of amounts remaining in the bank accounts of the Binays within 24 hours after the banks concerned receive a copy of the order.

    The AMLC filed the petition upon request of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, who had ordered preventive suspension of Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay Jr. for six months.

    The Manila Times learned that it was also Morales who made a request for examination of the bank accounts of the Binay family last February.

    Highest official to be subjected to freeze order
    The freeze order, if confirmed and implemented, is a huge blow against the Vice President.

    Since the AMLC law, Republic Act 9160, was passed in 2001, this is the first time that the bank accounts of a Vice President of the republic were ordered frozen.

    This makes Binay the highest-ranking government official investigated by AMLC over allegedly ill-gotten wealth.

    In response to the Times scoop, the spokesman of the vice president could only say that court proceedings are supposed to be confidential.

    A change of topics
    I thought it was time for me to write more on the politics of 2016, when I read that Sen. Grace “ultimately responsible” Poe, is suddenly being touted as a possible presidential candidate next year, and as President Aquino’s horse.

    It seems but proper to start with Vice President Binay, because he is already a certain candidate, and because he is generally regarded as the frontrunner in the race, based on some tentative surveys.

    Binay also has the most extensive political organization, and a living and breathing political dynasty. Besides himself, he has a daughter who is a

    senator, another daughter who is a representative representing Makati, and a son who succeeded him as mayor of Makati.

    With his frontrunner status and his apparent wealth, he is a natural target for the crabs and political operators.

    The combined resolve of the AMLC, the Ombudsman and the Court of Appeals to subject Binay’s affairs to close scrutiny will materially affect the political landscape. More factors will come into play in coming days.

    At this point, the fate of Jejomar Binay appears to be hanging on a laundry line of suspicions and accusations.

    They should be listened to this time because it’s no longer just Trillanes and Cayetano dishing out the dirt.



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    1. buksan nyo naman mga mata nyo bkit di lumabas c limlingan at baloloy at sagutin ang mga akusasyon laban sa kanila bkit itinatago b cla ni binay? kung ganito ang susunod nting presidente may pag-asa pba tayung natatanaw mag-isip isip tayong mga pilipino

    2. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      14 May 2015

      I surmise that VP Jejomar Binay’s well-publicized intention to be a candidate for President next year will now need to be subject to serious re-examination mainly because a good or great part of his alleged wealth in the form of LIQUID ASSETS–mainly bank deposits and insurance policies–have now been subjected to a FREEZE ORDER for six months by the Court of Appeals.

      There is a very good chance that VP Binay had counted on his massive wealth to buy all the votes that he needed–at a low of P350 and a high of P3,500–to be that sure of winning the Presidency next year.

      Now that hundreds of millions of pesos of his bank accounts are frozen, at least for six months, which could turn out to be longer, or eventually be subject to constraint and levy, or confiscation, by the Government as UNEXPLAINED WEALTH–he may be compelled to change his mind about being a presidential candidate.


    3. juan liwanag on

      Enough is enough Binay is and will always be Cory Cojuangco Aquino yellow society ally. In the end he will be cleaned up, pnoy anointed with poe as vice or marcos as vice. Marcos wife is pnoys cousin.

    4. Amnata Pundit on

      Why is it that every time Binay’s corruption comes up, his defenders’ IQ drops down to zero? What kind of power does he possess that he can achieve this miracle?

    5. I was thinking twice in choosing between the vice president vs the others. This time, I have had choosen. I’ll vote for BINAY as president. He will be a good leader of the country.

    6. Unless there is no law prohibiting political dynasty there is no cause to be alarmed with the Binay dynasty after all Ninoy Aquino, Cory, Noynoy, Butch Aquino, Peping Cojuangco, Tingting, Danding, Mark Cojuangco, Paul Aquino, Tanjuatco and Sumulong and many of their relatives are the longest reigning political dynasties in history. It is also no surprise that Mar Roxas family is also an old political dynasty. VP Binay will surely win in 2016. I can feel the people from the grassroot level.

    7. Meron namang pagpipilian. Alisin nyo sila Binay, Roxas, Poe, Trillianes,
      Cayetano, at Escudero.
      Ang mga alternative-Gibo, Santiago,
      Duterte, Bongbong, Alunan, Gordon
      at iba pa na may magandang track
      record sa paglilingkod. Hindi kailangan ang popular, namesake o
      Celebrity. Experienced and competence and dapat.

    8. genesisbughaw on

      Until proven guilty.
      On this score, let the Binay’s and if i’m not mistaken most of them are lawyers.
      Let them prove themselves before the Court of Justice not in Media.

      Iba na to di na po politika.

      Kala ko nga e nag fishing expedition lang yung Senado.

      Parang modern Al Capone po ang approach.

      Di po kaya sila iwanan ng mga kaibigan niya?


    9. apolonio reyes on


    10. Binay was a regular guy before Cory put him in charge of Makati.
      Except for one 3 year term, he was the mayor until he became the VP.
      He is now very rich.
      These are facts.
      Everything else is suspicions and allegations, whether well founded or not.
      Those allegations are awaiting proofs and evidences.

      Trilla – claimed to be double crossed during his stupid ‘adventure/coup/rebellion’ to take over a shopping mall ( ano yan zombies movie?) and hotel

      Tano – Led Taguig dynasty fighting Binay dynasty led Makati for BGC, pera pera lang.

      Koko – Undeservedly felt that he deserved to be the leader of PDP Laban just because his Dad was a leader who actually earned his due. Personalan din.

      Unfortunately the accusers are all tainted, this is the real tragedy.

    11. Overpriced building of makati city hall ? Ha ha ha try to make that stick , malalagas na buhok mo pero you will NEVER ever prove that Binays
      DIRECTLY pocket money , suntok sa buwAn which is more corrupt Pnoy abnoy who presided over PdAp bribery worth millions spread over senatongs
      And tongressman that is PROVEN Facts and yet he represent daang matuwad . binay allegations vs abnoy pnoy proven corrupt practices.

    12. chthonic monster on

      so all of these accusations are debatable(?) because this beenay is such an astute politician he knows for sure how to cover his ass pretty good even the ongoing senate investigation is in disarray! but here’s a fact and it is non debatable anybody who’s been in the position of political power for so long and does not want to let go of his power must be in a very PROFITABLE position! and continues to profit from it in billions(?) eh ano pa kundi sakim, masiba, matakaw, magnanakaw!

    13. Romy A. Cator on

      Ako ay 75 taong gulang na at hanggang ngayon ay mahilig pa din akong magbasa ng mga Komentaryo lalo na kapag ito ay tungkol sa politika, Nabigla ako at nagulat sa pamagat komentaryong ito “The siege of the Binay dynasty”,
      Nabanggit sa artikulong ito na si VP Binay ay ang may hawak ng pinakamataas na rating sa poll survey, At si VP Binay diumano ang unang nagpahiwatig o nagdeklara nang kanyang hangaring kumandidato bilang pangulo ng Pilipinas sa 2016, Nang dahil dito ay mayroon daw mga kalaban ni VP Binay ang nais sirain ang tiwala ng taong bayan kaya sila ay kung anu ano ang ibinibintang sa kaniya na ayon sa sumulat at tila daw may crab mentality ang mga naninirang ito,
      Ang mga paratang kay VP Binay ay may hinalaman sa overpriced parking building sa Makati city at ang overpriced Makati City Hall Bldg ii, Ayon sa paratang ang magamang Binay daw ay tumanggap ng kickback sa akusasyong ito. At ang mga paratang na ito
      ay hindi pa nabibigyan ng tamang kasagutan mula sa mga Binay.
      Malinaw ang paratang kaya “these allegations deserve answers.” Ito ba ay “crab mentality”? or These are llegations that deserve answers.The Binay dynasty is not blocked and we do not know how they do it that they can move freely.up until now.

      • I agree with you Sir. And this time, since an overwhelming evidence are starting to lined up in the open, the Binays should start looking now for a real battle..Battle of TRUTHFULLNESS AGAINST THEIR OWN SCRIPTED LIES. As you may recall, when all this tip of the iceberg of wrongdoing begins, they were given ample time and opportunities by the senate investigating the allegation to come forward and air their sides, they refused and said, we will answer all this in the proper forum..Court of Law..Now when the Ombudsman wrapped up a more than a year investigation of highly competent honest lawyers working for the govt., now they were saying Ombudsman abused their discretions and runs to Court of Appeals. Ah..Binays, all your good number days are nearing to an end. Face the court and not the media asking for mercy. Dnt intimidate the MEDIA for simply reporting what has given to them for fair and balance reporting…Stop grouchieng that you The Binays are being persecuted because of your declaration of running for the high office in Phil. Politics..Tell that to the MARINES…he he. Isnt it you are a reservist from the ‘MARINES’ ANYWAY.. YOU BINAY’S ARE SO FUNNY…

    14. jose btaganahan on

      The PDI issue dated 13 July 2015 stated that the 600 million pesos was in the accounts of VP Binay alone. But the combined amount of money involving the accounts of the Binays and its allies and dummies was 16 billion pesos.

      This should open the eyes of our citizenry.

    15. Yen, several years ago an acquaintance of mine went to Makati city hall to apply for a building permit.. do u know what Binay’s bagman/city engineer asked for? That jerk asked for a bribe! he said if he doesnt comply, they wont grant him the permit. They were charging ,or should i say, extorting roughly P20,000 pesos ! Per floor! Yen, P20,000 pesos per floor! The Binays are corrupt! no doubt about it. please dont defend this guy. IF THIS GUY BECOMES PRESIDENT HE WILL PLUNDER THIS NATION!

      • Julien Boisfeuras on

        This is true. Even way back in the 80’s when Jojo Binay was on his first years as Makati Mayor, this form of an extortion racket by the City Engineer’s Office, (no doubt with Binay’s assent) was going on. Just compute the number of years this family of Binay has held a grip on Makati, and the revenue they have amassed from illicit activities at City Hall — it’s staggering. The City Engineer (from the late Nelson Morales to present) would even demand bribes for occupancy permits from companies which built buildings in Makati. All sorts of permits one has to get from Makati City Hall were (and still are) subjected to extortion. The whistleblower Mercado may be telling the truth, but he himself was part and parcel of the extortion rackets and corruption in Makati. He was just double crossed hence he got pissed off — but a saint? of course not. The bigger question now is how to bring the Binay dynasty to an end in Makati, and how to recover this ill gotten wealth ….. within the lifetime of the present generation of Pinoys 20-30 years old. Maybe I ‘m asking for too much.

      • That building permit goes to the government with receipt via 80% LGU and 20% for the building officials. That is what the New Building Code is all about. Stop whining read first before making such wild and baseless complains and guesses.

    16. Sa commento ko tunkol sa bintang nila ill gotten wealth, over price sa mga at (ect.) contructions ng mga goverment buildings sa Makati city ay let the court decide it siyempre mayroon naman magagaling na abogados ng mga pamilyang Binays na puwedeng magdepensa sa kanila.

    17. P.Akialamiro on

      Kawawa naman ang Pilipinas; Kundi ang isang ‘askusado’ na ‘kurap’ at may ‘dynasty’, isang ‘celebrity’ at ‘neophyte’ ang magiging presidente o bise presidente. Wala na bang mabuti-buti na kandidato?

      Mga kapulisan, mga sundalo, mga guro, mga manggawa, mga estudyante, mga magsasaka, mga OFW, etc., kontennto na ba kayo sa mga liderato natin? Gising na, Juan dela Cruz!

      I hope the media will be impartial that they be writing the pros and cons about a candidate during the campagn, especially those who run for the two major positions. Mga Netrizens, let’s be pro-active and do our part in the coming elections. For once, we all should do something to break the culture of voting those who are moneyed corrupt, but unqualified, candidates. The media has the obligation to inform the electors about the good qualitictions of certain candidates, as well as their “so-so” qualifications and disqualifications.

      We need everyone from the different sectiors of the society with principles to lead; others will follow!

      • p.akialamero, tama ka that the citizens should take action. we should not be contended with poor choices like the one being called corrupt and the other non-action man and the other a new tyro being propped up to protect boy sisi after. but the most important action the citizens should focus first is the throwing away in the bin the magical hocos pcos machine which could be used to elect boy sisi’s choice. kahit may mga matinong kumandidato walang pagasang mananalo ang mga ito sa magical hocos pcos machines

    18. Johnny Ramos on

      This the biggest blunder of Pnoy and Mar Roxas on VP Binay . It will make him more popular than ever, to impeach him after this drastic move might no longer. It will bring more problems to Ricky Carandang and Edwin Lacierda on how they keep Mar politically alive until election time. The worse scenario here is the liberal party will be wipe out to extinction. Drillon and Belmonte will end up as minority leaders on both houses if the NP will allow it on July 2016.

    19. Their downfall was attributed to their arrogance and their attitudes. Right before the eyes of the masa, the elite, the middle class and the netizens. They eluded, they colluded and corrupted established conglomerates, industrialists, the courts, and financial sectors and never stood up to protect these same people who cater to their ambitions. What can we say, they did it to themselves long before the Makati scandals ! Everything has to end.

    20. Vp BINAY as a declared front runner for the highest post of the land, the Presidency, must indeed be subjected to minute and sharp scrutiny if his integrity, character and moral values in open, honest and beyond moral reproach to good government can pass the litmus test of a highly qualified and competent national leadership. It is only proper that BINAY, a shrewd and a personification of a traditional opportunistic politician prone to beguiling and deceptive approach of endearing to poor electorate (which constitutes as the winning faction or factor in a competitive election) by showering them with goodies ( free education, medicines, hospitals, cake sack of rice on seniors bdays) at the expense of Makati city government). In the process of these false generosity, it is alleged BINAY had made millions in kickbacks/commissions, a wily way to be loved by the residents of his mayoral constituents in Makati and ingenious way to make money on the backend. As a scheming politician, BINAY was able to establish his own political party which itself was used to create The BINAY DYNASTY ( VP BINAY, Mayor Elenita BINAY, Mayor Jun BINAY, Senator BINAY and Rep. Abigail BINAY), fU!nded allegedly by illegally acquired wealth from various.constructions of Makati buildings, City, Hall, Hospitals, Schools, Housing for chosen poor residents, land sale manipulations, as exposed by Vice Mayor Mercado, Binay’s co-conspirators in Makati illegal municipal deals and others, now a state witness! With all the accusations against him by the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee, for graft and corruptions in Makati government deals, together with his son and wife, who both were accused by Ombudsman of corruptions, it is inconceivable that VP BINAY Is indeed clean, honest and devoid of g reed for money and power. Now even BINAY’s bank accounts are being frozen by AMLMAC for various graft and corruption shenanigans. How BINAY can defend himself as clean and still qualified to be President is an imposible task and a miracle. BINAY deserves a ” cell” in a rat ridden jail than an armchair throne in Malacanan!

    21. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      All the Binays do is to face the court and explain their amassed wealth with their meager income as VP, senator (very questionable because she had no income except that she was the former alalay of the VP-mukhang katulong naman talaga), congresswoman (her pork barrel was consumed by her bulate business), ang kuhol na mayor (na may elevator pa ang bahay). How do these Binays explain their wealth. They cannot except to hire stupid lawyers.