THE SILVEO 13 SERIES: Designed with the Filipino homemaker in mind

A perfectly sleek—and economical—fit on the home front

A perfectly sleek—and economical—fit on the home front

Energy efficiency has nowadays become a major consideration among Filipino homemakers, as more are becoming extra thoughtful and at the same time environmentally conscious with their purchase decisions, especially when it comes to buying a modern home appliance such as a refrigerator. Finding a durable, eco-friendly and power-efficient refrigerator is indeed no longer a luxury, but a practical must for any sensible Filipino buyer.

With this in mind, electronics brand Panasonic has designed a series that can significantly reduce a family’s power consumption and at the same time preserve their food and beverages in an environmentally-sensitive manner, with the launch of the Direct Cool Refrigerator Silveo 13 Series.

The Silveo 13 Series is the company’s most recent product innovation that espouses the Panasonic brand’s conscious efforts to protect the environment and conserve energy. As a corporate pioneer and a global source of environmentally compatible home appliance solutions, Panasonic creates yet another refrigerator that adds greater value and convenience to its local consumers.

Offering Filipinos with more energy savings and greater convenience than ever before, the series brings together state-of-the-art technologies and intelligent design—advancements that are focused to deliver both economical and “green” benefits for its users.

With less energy use comes less Ozone Layer depleting substances. Keeping true to this green platform, the new models guarantee less energy consumption as a commitment to combat global harming effects.

In addition, the refrigerator also boasts of a large storage capacity for ice and bottled refreshments. Via its big freezer and refrigerator compartment features, users no longer have to dread sipping a warm drink on a hot day, as they are bound to enjoy easy access and steady supply of ice and frosty thirst quenchers, anytime, all the time.

Apart from giving substantial energy savings and optimized cool and preserve functions, another notable feature is the interior LED lighting, which is guaranteed 20 times more efficient thus more money saved. This also lets users to see the natural colors of the food and make it easy to see items even when the refrigerator is full. And because of the perfect lighting, busy homemakers will have a breeze in planning the family’s meals and grocery budget, as she is less likely to overlook her supplies and forget about the items she has stored inside.

Besides easy manual and semi automatic defrosting options, the new product also comes with pocket type deodorizer to keep foul odors and germs at bay. Thus, homemakers can store vegetables, fruits, dairy products and other foodstuff with no worries of spoilage and waste.

As for exterior aesthetics, all Direct Cool refrigerators have a sleek compact body and elegant metallic finishing that make them an ideal match for modern kitchen interiors.

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