• The Solitude of the Dead


    The picture said it all
    harking back to
    what auden had written
    about the nature
    of suffering—
    how it can take place
    “While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along”

    the cab driver who
    took me home after
    another chilly
    night of planning
    almost hit
    the brakes
    when he overheard
    on the radio
    how the lifeless
    children were
    laid on
    the road
    their broken
    bodies still

    but he had a customer,
    a passenger
    who just wanted
    to get home quick
    & weep in her
    own solitude

    but he was moved,
    oh how he was,
    down to his very guts,
    the father that he is,
    even how he counted
    our fair city in the North
    lucky for its exemption
    from this endless thread of

    strange how the branches
    of pine trees
    are being pushed
    upwards by
    november’s winds
    on this the day
    of worship

    they almost look like
    hands and arms
    rising in supplication

    please please
    not another calamity
    not another tragedy

    can this
    seemingly cursed
    country of
    petty tyrants
    and grander thieves
    bear another?

    how like a tree
    i sometimes
    want to be
    stolid unmoved
    a view

    no matter
    what it is


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