The sweet and delicious life of Drew and Iya

And baby makes three!

And baby makes three!

Who would’ve thought that two of showbiz’ most adventurous and wanderlust-loving celebrities can actually settle down and raise a family?  In January 2014, travel host and thrill-seeker Drew Arellano of Biyahe ni Drew, and fitness buff-cum-triathlete Iya Villiania of 24 Oras’ “Chika Minute” proved it can be done when they tied the knot at a beautiful beach wedding in Batangas.

While they carried on with their seemingly YOLO (You Only Live Once) lifestyle in the two and a half years that have passed—with Arellano’s penchant to try anything, especially in the extreme sports department, and Villania’s determination to succeed in one triathlon after another—the couple see themselves cutting back somewhat in their adventures.

“We’re going to have a boy, and he’s coming out in September,” the well-liked showbiz couple happily told The Sunday Times Magazine.

“We know there will be less tra­velling for a while, but we’ve already had our babymoon,” Villiania related, as her ever playful husband interrupted, “Not that I knew what a ‘babymoon’ even is.”

Laughing, his wife explained, “It’s going on a trip with your husband when you’re pregnant, thus a ‘babymoon’ instead of a honeymoon.  We just had ours in Hong Kong.”

“And of course, you know me—any reason to get away!” Arellano quipped again.

Accepting of the fact that their lifestyles will have to change in a few months, the couple shared all the same that they will still pursue their interests as they share parenting duties.

“I haven’t given up running or even weight-lifting even now that I’m pregnant,” Villania continued.  “It’s all under the supervision of my OB Gyn. Since I was at my strongest when I got pregnant—I finished my longest race at the time—there’s no reason why I had to slow down my activities in the past months.”

She is grateful though that her husband is always there to remind her not to push herself so much.

Husband and wife Drew Arellano and Iya Villania with the featured chefs of San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie (from left) Rene Cruz, Llena Tan-Arecenas, and RJ Garcia

Husband and wife Drew Arellano and Iya Villania with the featured chefs of San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie (from left) Rene Cruz, Llena Tan-Arecenas, and RJ Garcia

“I guess you can say that by being parents soon, we will have to remind each other to slow down if we need to, like Drew does when I train.  On my end, when he goes off to his adventures for his shows, I always say to him now, ‘Come home to me; there’s already two of us waiting for you.”

Clearly, this chapter of their lives has made the lovebirds even closer to one another.  Life is indeed sweet for Arellanos, who will soon have a little boy named after his paternal grandfather, Antonio.

And while they have had their last hurrah in the wanderlust department, the husband and wife, who are both sought after hosts, will also get to work in front of the camera together before the baby arrives as Villania joins Arellano in hosting San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie Season 2  beginning today on GMA Network.

A certified foodie from all his travels, Arellano has been the perfect host in the cooking show’s first season for his wide mass appeal.  His presence and gift of gab has enabled San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center’s featured chefs Llena Tan-Arcenas, Rene Ruz and RJ Garcia easily impart their tips to kitchen hobbyists and food-loving viewers.

Villiania on the other had is a most welcome addition to the show, representing all wives and mothers who are keen on learning and discovering delicious ways of pleasing loved ones.

“I have to confess that I’m a novice cook but I’m excited to learn as much as I can hosting the show,” she related.

A new albeit different kind of adventure for the married couple, they promise to tackle their hosting task with as much energy as they have always had for living life to the fullest.  After all, the pair of thrill-seekers have proven for themselves just how exhilarating being a family is.

San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie airs weekdays after Unang Hirit beginning today on GMA7.


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