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EVERY child dreamed of becoming someone. For good family friend Shar Joy Non Sunga, her passion started young and it was always found in the kitchen.

As a young girl, she would watch her mom and one of my favorite titas, Noemi, prod around the kitchen creating delicious dishes out of the contents of the fridge. “I’ve always taken a fancy in experimenting with food. I joined the homemaker’s club in school and I loved watching cooking shows, browsing through cook books and trying different dishes for my parents to taste,” she recalled.

Her first love was cooking but eventually she fell in love with baking in college when her mom’s friend gave her a recipe for cream puffs which she have perfected after so many failed attempts. She then moved on to trying other desserts.

But just like anyone, she experienced failing in her first attempts. She said, “I remember baking a chocolate cake for my sister’s 18th birthday but unfortunately it caved in and ended up in the trash but that didn’t stop me.”

However, Joy continued to persist despite many other failed attempts at baking cakes and cupcakes. More importantly, she realized that baking is not just an art but also a science.

With this, she understood how specific ingredients affect a specific mixture, how it helps give and taste and form of what she’s creating and even how weather affects the outcome.

It was in this learning process, making mistakes, and absorbing as much as she can that Joy has created a wide array of yummy cupcakes to choose from that’s perfect for the holidays.

Baking became Joy’s stress reliever from her demanding corporate job. However, the hobby quickly transitioned to something else rather serendipitously. She explained, “My husband and I made a decision to resign from my job at a telecommunications company to try and start a family. I left a job that I really liked and I was used to being busy so I still wanted to be productive.”

This encouraged her to start cooking again for her husband, making sure she had something good to offer him when he came home from work, “I cooked, I played, watched and took notes from Master Chef, The Food Truck Race, and Cupcake Girls, which led me back to making cupcakes again.”

At the very least, creating a business out of her cupcakes were not in the plans, the thought simply blossomed and Joy, always dedicated to excellence, was attracted to the challenge.
After spending time in prayer with her husband, the support started coming in and not just in orders but even brands like Magnolia Flour took notice. She enthused, “I am so grateful for the blessing of a good start.”

Joy says it’s the support of family, friends, and clients that fuel her even further, “I’m encouraged by their comments. My young nephew, after eating an Oreo cupcake said, ‘Tita, it’s yummy, you are the best cooker in the world!’ Those are the things that inspire me.”

Inspired by other entrepreneurs who also started small, Joy sees herself in this business in the long run, “It’s fulfilling when I am able to make something that tastes good and makes people smile. I enjoy coming up with new flavors and I savor every moment, the artistic side of me comes out in decorating the cupcakes. The process never gets boring.”
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