The ‘unsinkable’ BS Aquino The Last


Pity the Aquinos?

Kris Aquino, the sister of President BS Aquino The Last, is portraying her brother as a victim of naysayers. In a tear-jerker of a statement, the “Queen of All Media” according to ABS-CBN, said that their opponent could never put them down.

BS Aquino and his family are acting as if they are victims of injustice and that they are toughing it out despite this. Should we commend them for their toughness of character? Well, I consider this toughness of skin, or pure chutzpah, for by no stretch of imagination could it be said that the administration’s critics are making issues where there is none.

No, there can be no pity for the unfeeling BS Aquino. He’s not a victim of injustice or of extreme prejudice. He’s a victim of an erroneous belief that everything he does should be accepted by a diverse society and that he can never do or say anything wrong. Worst of all, he’s a victim of his own failure to see reality.

There’s nothing new in BS Aquino’s refusal to talk or meet with his critics. I’ve known this since the years I covered him at the Senate. I’ve cited several times that he has been ignoring Sen. Joker Arroyo, a family friend of more than 40 years, after then Sen. BS Aquino dared to debate with Joker on a legal issue and his legal pretensions were unmasked. I don’t know what made him believe that he knew more about the law than Joker but he did believe that, and he still has not forgiven Joker for not playing along with his misconception of his grasp of legal issues.

During BS Aquino’s years as a senator, he never showed any outstanding quality. Neither am I aware of any reform measure that he personally championed. That’s the main reason why I looked with suspicion at claims that he’s a reformist.

I believe many also know BS Aquino not only as being so hard-headed as described by his uncle Peping Cojuangco, but also being onion-skinned and vindictive, or to use a Tagalog word “mapagtanim.” During the presidential campaign, he refused to attend any media forum where his critics were in attendance. He’s so onion-skinned that he even made snide remarks when the grieving widows of the Mamasapano massacre asked him to give justice to their loved ones.

The administration and the Yellows have been very busy removing the water from their leaking vessel. With each new debacle, their boat is sinking faster. The only way they could bail themselves out is by puffing themselves more with air. However, they might blow themselves up into pieces, what with hot air being blown their way. Or, can prayers save them?

Last Monday, BS Aquino The Last led a so-called prayer for peace and unity at Malacañang. Most probably, he wanted to show a stiff upper lip amid the criticisms thrown his way. Yet, the personalities involved in that prayer meeting showed that he wanted to keep away from sight those who snipe at him. Indeed, that was a most unique stab at reconciliation for he didn’t invite his critics. To him, reconciliation involves only those who are for him. He once said that his critics were incurable and that he was leaving their fate to God. I wonder what made him believe he has a clearer, surer path to God than his critics, most of whom are religious leaders.

He must have prayed in that Malacañang gathering: “Lord, please help my critics see the light and see things my way. Give them the intelligence to listen to my statements and decisions without question, the proper understanding of why I could speak about the Mamasapano Massacre only at the proper time and without any interrogation. Silence their voice when they question me for I’m completely following the straight path. And Lord, if you can’t make them do these things, keep them out of my sight and hearing distance, send them to Hell where they properly belong or else I’ll go out of my mind.”
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  1. Ikabod Bubwit on

    BS Aquino’s victory in the 2010 Presidential elections was a combination of luck and opportunities which were expertly exploited by the US imperialists.

    – First, the great dissatisfaction and abhorrence with the Gloria Arroyo
    – Second, the death of Cory Aquino which coincided with the Presidential elections
    and which provided great sympathy for the Aquinos .
    – Third, the yellow magic (and other socdems) became potent again due the the
    abominable Gloria Arroyo.
    – Lastly and the most important of all was the support of the American business
    community in the country through the American Chamber of Commerce and the
    US Embassy.

    Suddenly a mediocre senator became an overnight sensation because of the media support (both TV and Radio – which is controlled by the Yankees) and of course the necessary funding for a formidable campaign.

    BS Aquino’s main rival, Senator Villar, spent tens of Billions of pesos but to no avail. It was the crucial support of the US imperialist to BS Aquino that was the key to his election victory. The price that BS aquino had to pay, among others, was the EDCA and the continuing exploitation of the mineral resources of the country by foreign companies. Never mind the suffering Filpino masses.

    BS Aquino simply doesn’t have the necessary empathy for them. This lack of empathy is a psychopathic tendency which is the result of the marriage between Cory and Ninoy (who are counsins).

  2. now i understand kaya pala galit sya kay joker arroyo. binara pala sya ni joker, according to mr danao, ng nagmagaling syang labanan sa debate si joker sa punto ng batas. pinahiya pala sya ni joker. at kaya pala walang respeto din sa kanyang pagkatao si joker.
    ang problema ng bayan ay napaniwala ni boy sisi, now blame duck according to jojo robles of manila standard, ang mga botante na iboto sya kaya ngayon windang windang ang buhay natin

  3. Vicente Penetrante on

    Amen. Amen. I say to you, BS Aquino The Last, “You may look for bishops of other religious sects to pray for you, but there is only one God.”

  4. concerned citizen on

    As Mr. Tiglao said in his column today, Aquino must have gone made. Here’s what he said about his critics in the “prayer meeting” in Malacanang last Monday, according to a news report:

    “Sila ang tawagin na lang po nating KSP: mga kulang sa pansin, mga ‘kulang sa pag-iisip ng maayos,’ na naghahanap lamang ng mali, nguni’t wala namang nailalatag na risonable at alternatibong solusyon” … Mayroon ding mga kulang sa pagkalinga sa kapwa, na nais lamang magkaroon ng kaguluhan kung saan sila mas makikinabang. Siyempre, ang mga kulang sa pananampalataya, o ang mga ayaw kilalaning nariyan ang Panginoong handang umalalay at gumabay sa atin upang malampasan ang bawat suliranin.”

    When I was reading this (what Aquino purportedly said in the “prayer meeting”), I thought he was talking about himself and not his critics….

  5. P, Akialamiro on

    As stated elsewhere, unless the Malacanang prayers were for forgiveness and for guidance, they were just mere display of hypocrisy. Besides, prayers may not always be answered, especially, if they are devoid of good intentions “for the least of one’s brothers”. On the other hand, sins of the past may prove to be the jinx. “Kung may utang, may babayaran” and, it’s so true, so true, somehow, someway and sometime.

  6. I have nothing nice to say about Benigno or any of Benigno’s relations. So I am not going to use this paper to do it. Suffice it to say, that I am treating the Aquinos as I would treat vomit. Once I gag and expel it from my mouth, it goes straight to the toilet, flashed and forgotten.

  7. Maria De Leon on

    Clearly, this President has gone out of his mind. If GMA landed at the Veterans Memorial Hospital, this present one would soon occupy one of the wards at the National Mental Hospital.