• The violence of some INC members


    SOME unpleasant happenings went unnoticed and almost unreported by media in the excitement of the 5-day Iglesia ni Cristo protest that ended on Monday, August 31. This was the assault on a photo-journalist, the rough treatment of a reporter who tried to help the assaulted cameramen, and the harassment of some motorists by some members of the INC.


    The National Union of Journalists (NUJP) issued the following statement:

    “The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines deplores the assault on a cameraman of the ABS-CBN network covering the recent protest action of the Iglesia ni Cristo near the EDSA Shrine, who was jeered at even as he was being attacked.

    “Melchor Pinlac said he was grabbed by the neck, punched on the jaw, body, and back of the neck as the crowd around him chanted, ‘Biased, biased.’

    “A reporter of GMA network’s station dzBB, Olan Bola, was also shoved around as he tried to stop the attack on Pinlac although luckily he was not hurt.

    “It is perhaps inevitable that some quarters may feel, rightly or wrongly, that a media outfit or practitioner may be biased against an issue they feel strongly about. However, not this or anything perceived to be a slight, for that matter, can ever justify a physical assault against media practitioners.

    “Given that in such mass gatherings as the INC protest, it does not take much for a peaceful crowd to transform into an out of control mob, it was the responsibility of the religious group’s leaders to rein in their followers. That they failed to do so can be attested to by many other reports of motorists and passersby being harassed, in some instances physically. For this, the leadership of the INC is primarily to blame.

    “Whatever feelings the INC or its members may have towards particular media outfits, this does not give them the license to assault journalists who are merely performing their duty to record the unfolding events. The INC leadership, in particular, should know this since, after all, they do operate a media network themselves.

    “But law enforcement authorities and the government, too, should be taken to task for failing to ensure peace and order.

    “It is infuriating to witness the orgy of back-patting and self-congratulations by the likes of Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II and police officials, who even thanked the INC for a ‘peaceful’ protest.

    “It is even more outrageous for the police to even suggest that they would forward any complaints over the conduct of the protest to the INC.

    “We demand that the police act speedily and directly should Mr. Pinlac and any other colleagues who may have been harassed or hurt during the protest choose to file a complaint.

    “We also call on the leadership of the INC, if they believe in fairness and justice, to issue a public apology to Mr. Pinlac and Mr. Bola, as well as their networks, and ensure their members’ cooperation should our colleagues choose to take legal action against those who assaulted them.”

    We wholeheartedly agree with the NUJP.


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    1. Yun ba disiplinado?.nakakahiya dala dala pa ang pananalita ng Diyos.. yun pala diablo!.. walang respeto sa kapwa tao… sana ang mga leader niyan ang managot…cameraman binugbog….

    2. spencer c. guster on

      Religion just brings chaos to us people, they sell us false hope of salvation with no evidence of such things they promise.

    3. INC, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Adventist, Whatever religion it is. It is not right for a priest, imam, or a minister to just order their brethren to go to DOJ or EDSA and create chaos. Mind you, these kind of scandals or accusations (illegal detention) did not happen during the time of Felix and Erdie. I guess Eduardo and the elders are doing something wrong. It is so wrong, that Eduardo’s own family went against him. Another thing to ponder on, did the ministers asked for discernment and guidance from God before ordering the INC brethren to go to DOJ and EDSA? I don’t think so.

    4. Actually not “some” but all of them was instructed to rally and made a chaos and traffic. This so-called INC organization don’t have the right to do whatever they want. If this kind of attitude will continue, the whole world will be in total darkness and INC want to conquer everything.

      • we dont want to conquer everything…we are silently worshipping our God…but leave us alone..dont interfere with us as we dont interfere with the government…let just there be a fair process of handling the case not because this is an opportunity to break our unity…this will not …

    5. hindi raw maliligtas ang di maaanib sa INC sabi ni Eduardo Manalo. kawawa naman si Aylan Kurdi nalunod kasi tumaob yung bangka na sinasakyan nila papuntang greece para makatakas sa gyera sa Syria. Kaawa awang batang dinampot na lang sa tabing dagat na patay na di na nakaanib sa INC ni Manalo di na makararating sa langit.

      • The need for salvation is premised on the biblical fact that man has been separated from God and was condemned to eternal punishment come judgment day because man, all men at that, with the exception of the Lord Jesus Christ, fall into sin.

        Sin, according to the Bible is transgression of the Law:

        ” [j]Whosoever [k]commiteth sin, transgresseth also the Law: for [l]sin is the transgression of the Law.”

        Is a child, who knows nothing yet of what is right from wrong, can transgress any law? NO.

        “Then little children were brought to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked those who brought them.

        “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these’. ..”When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there.” (Mt. 19:13-15, NIV)

        Therefore, it is you who said that those innocent children who died from drowning are not save.

        Huwag mong bigyan ng konklusiyon ang isang bagay na wala ka naming sapat na kabatiran kung ano taaga ang kabuuan ng doktrinang aming sinasampalatayanan ukol sa Kaligtasan.

        Shame on you! Masama ang magparatang at mangalipusta sa mga bagay na wala ka namang lubos na kabatiran kundi base lamang sa mga kuro kuro at tsismis. Tawag doon ng Biblia, KINAPAL NA WALANG BAIT:

        2 Pedro 2:12Datapuwa’t ang mga ito, na gaya ng mga kinapal na walang bait, na ipinanganak na talagang mga hayop upang hulihin at lipulin, na nagsisialipusta sa mga bagay na hindi nila nalalaman ay walang pagsalang lilipulin sa kanila ring pagkalipol”.

    6. nga pla? anyare sa MAULING? wala na? assault nalang ngayon?

      pure statement and allegations? walang video ung camera man? walang picture ung photographer? abay malulupit na mga journalist ang mga ito… may maganda kung nagsampa siya ng reklamo at nag pa mdedical examination siya. BEST move yun para siraan ang INC lalo na kung may mga picture at video… madaling makilala ung mga INC member na nambugbog… tiwalag agad mga yan pag may ebidensiya at makita pagmumukha nila sa video at picture.

      • eh paano magrereklamo ang CAMERAMAN. eh ang boss nila ay takot din sa INC? eh di dalawa silang malilintikan?

      • diyan naman kayo magaling ang maghanap ng ebidensiya lagi kahit NAGDUDUMILAT NA SA INYO wala pa rin dahil bulag na kayo sa turo ng inyong puno. Meron ngang medical examination at yon nga lumabas na sinaktan siya tapos sabi mo wala?MANA KA TALAGA SA MGA SANGGU AT PUNO MO KAHIT MAY EBIDENSIYA GUSTO PAKINISIN ANG ULAT.

    7. Mr. Ernie Aguinaldo, your stats of 2% of national electorate (how did you get that?) made Pnoy bowed and feared…How about the fiestas every barangay yearly make traffic, pope visit, black Nazarene feast and other “militant’s kilos protesta” always make traffic and congestion, DO YOU REACTED THE SAME REACTIONS NOW? HINDI DI BA! YOUR BIAS….

    8. Ang hingian nyo po (NUJP) ng public apology ay sina mar at leila dahil kung hinde sa kanila ay wala sa lansangan ang Iglesia, walang rally at lalong walang nabugbog raw

      • okey ka lang? gusto mo kayo lang ang tama eh ang nagsampa ng kaso ay ang inyong ministro at kung walang ginagawang masama ang inyong SANGGUNIAN eh sagutin nila ng maayos sa KORTE tapos ngayon nagrally kayo diyan sa EDSA tapos ang hihingi ng apology ay ang tumutupad lang ng tungkulin?ANONG LOGIC MERON KAYO?! kayo na namerwisyo si Leila at Roxas pa ang inyong sisihin?

    9. To all readers,
      Yap, I understand the sentiments of those people na nasaktan sa rally. It is proper na mag-apologize sa kanila lalo na sa mga taong ang trabaho ay nasa media. Ang totoo ay mahirap na trabaho ang maging mediaman both in radio and tv. Madalas nakasalang ang kanilang buhay sa kanilang propesyon. Now, with those reporters I would like to apologize for the mistake na ginawa ng aming mga kapatid sa inyo and I don’t blame you kung ipagharap mo sila ng reklamo. Basta kailangan objective ang paraan mo para makatulong ka ding maipaunawa ang inyong trabaho sa ating mga kapwa tao diba? Tao din naman kami at nagkakamali din. Hindi masama ang umamin ng kamalian lalo na kung ang layunin ay para sa kapayapaan ng lahat. Basta ang mahalaga ay buhay tayo at malakas. Nawa ay mapag-paumanhinan ng ating mga kapatid sa media ang nagawa ng iba naming mga kapatid kung totoo man.Basta ang masasabi ko, napakahirap na trabaho ang maging reporter both in radio and tv. At sa mga kapatid naman natin, hinay hinay lang po. Kung halimbawa lang na may nagawang mali ang ating mga kapatid sa media ay huwag naman natin silang saktan o kaya ay tuyain. Sila ay napag-uutusan din lang ng mga taong mas nakakataas sa kanila. Sana po ay mapayapa ang lahat. Salamat po sa inyong lahat.

    10. I am interested in what Mr.Pinlac did after the alleged assault happened. Did he continue his coverage of the rally as if nothing happened?. Saan sya napwesto? Sa dami ng pulis wala man lang nakakita sa pangyayari?. Nagsampa ba sya ng pormal na reklamo sa kapulisan?. Bakit apology lang ang hiling?.

      Could someone please answer my questions?..

      • yan lang ang kayang suportahan ng ABSCBN eh. takot kasi sa inyo? parang si ka angel at mommy ng lider ng INC at yung mga ministro na tiniwalag ni manalo. ni Samson, ni Antonio ebangelista. “kapag nagging ministro ka” maiintindihan mo sila. ( try mo. ikaw din ay pupunta sa DOJ para sabihin na nasa panganib ang buhay mo. hindi na talaga kayang itago ng mapuputing mga damit ang mga kalokohan nila. MAY DAMIT TUPA PERO SA LOOB AY LOBONG MANINILA.

    11. Para maging fair sa kanila at hindi hearsay, itanong nyo na lang sa Supreme Court kung may record sila ng pananakit o wala. O kaya i-Google nyo na lang yung 5 PUP students kung ano nangyari sa loob ng kapilya nila. Baka naman pinag-meryenda lang nila after nung basketball para ma-relax. Kayo na bahalang magbasa para fair at walang hearsay dahil record ng Supreme Court yan.

      • markado ang mga iyan mula pa nong una, INC wala na kayo ginawang mabuti at wala pa kayong tax kayo pa malakas magrally. Wala na nga kayong ginagawang mabuti kayo pa ang nagpapapuwesto sa gobyerno ng gusto niyong tao para lahat ng pabor sa inyo at ngayon gusto niyo kayo ang tama ang ang tumatanggap ng sumbong mali? BAKIT SASABIHIN BA SA INYO ANG SAF44, INC hello heto kami ito ang moves namin tinitiktikan namin sino ang pumatay etc etc. Sekreto nga ang ginagawa para masolve ang kaso kayo naman gusto niyo SAF44 ang unahin. SABAY KAYO PARA MASAYA di magrally para matakpan ang baho ng SANGGUNIAN NINYO.

    12. So many cops deployed in the area why not ask for help? Many of those cops were INC members.

      INC apology? They’ve too much pride being the chosen ones to apologize. Until this day, no report of those members being punished or disciplined. Instead, INC claimed those were not their members. BS !

    13. So many Cops deployed in the Area… Why didn’t they ask for Assistance to arrest those who did that???? They didn’t get any Video footage???

      PUBLICITY… whether Good or Bad… Right or Wrong… Ganyan na talaga sa panahon natin ngayon… Mkapanira lng D Baleng Walang Basehan…

      • ganyan ang filipino metality at tama ka kahit walang basehan sabi sabi naniniwala na and they have the ability to think so ignorant.. kaya walang asenso diyan.

    14. In the business mind of ABS-CBN employees is a correct understanding of basic arithmetic: 1 plus 1 plus 1 = 3.

      But their I.Q. go very low when Pagan Catholicism is being used by them in the following manner: 1 true God the Father plus 1 true God the Son plus 1 true God the Holy Spirit = 1 God.

      They may be lawyers and businessmen but they still possess dysfunctional brains.. A child of three has a much better I.Q.!

      • Justaskingseriously on

        Again “faith is the certainty of things we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1). From the comments of several INC bloggers, people are given the information that INC members read the bible too. From your comments, it seems reasonable to question if you people have faith. You certainly prefer to believe only in what you see. Does that make you have faith by believing only what you can see?

      • read Matthew 28:19 in all Bible versions (even in INC’s Moffat version) and you will get your answer. take note of the use of the noun “name” describing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. i would assume that this is not an error in grammar committed by those who translated the text on the original Bible manuscript. and equate this with the old testament in Deuteronomy 6:4

      • Arnold Valleser on

        We all know that religion is a business…. We all know na walay makaluwas na religion….. The INC issue today is so private…. but don’t forget that you are a pinoy at under kayo sa batas ng pinas….. at yan ang na kalimutan ng mga kapatid na sa INC. INC members know, na kung ano ang na decision ng nakakataas sa inyo ganoon din ang kaubohan, kay kung hindi, nilabag mo ang batas ng kapatiran… at yan dapat ang paglilaylilayan ninyo kapatid….. Is your right to save your INC religion but saving leaders doing worldly things o kumampi kay satanas, hindi na dapat at kailangan na magtulongan kayo para sa katutuhan. You are worried na magkawatak watak ang INC but hindi kayo nag-alala na the anti christ ay nasa inyong mga leader…….Isip isip kapatid…..

    15. ABS-CBN is operating in the Philippines as a mouthpiece of Catholic Gangster Cliques. Someone long ago called this kind of business scam as “Capitalism Without A Conscience”. These businessmen might be so good in their sales talk but still something is wrong with them. They never will be able to tell the public the true location of the Catholic-fabricated Purgatory.

      • Justaskingseriously on

        Just wait. It takes leaving this world to find out. Meantime faith is “the assurance of things hoped for and the certainty of things we do not see (Hebrews 11:1).” You could go ahead any time you wish; just realize that once you get there you cannot come back anymore. Who will miss you?

      • You think INC is above the law…Every INC member thinks they are ANGEL , SINLESS and BLESSED because they read the bible, but they don’t accept their demoniac acts. They think they know the sure way to heaven. They just follow the ideas and teachings of their leaders . They have lost the greatest gift bestowed to them by our ALMIGHTY (the Brain) to think and reason out. PITY YOURSELVES….

    16. They (inc) think they are indespensable… sayang ang kanilang boto, solid (daw) Sad to admit but some of our politicians including policemen are afraid to touch these untouchables? the question is, perche? With the help of NUJP, Mr Pinlac and Mr Bola should file a complaint.

      • Election time is still far away but you are looking ahead for the day when you can prostitute your vote. Mind you, Catholic NAMFREL, will always be there to suppress the rightful; aspirations of a people by way of the so-called “Roman Catholic Dagdag-Bawas”.

      • Justaskingseriously on

        RizalinoArrabis, what is eating you? What is with your obsession with the Catholic Church? Why don’t you face up to NAMFREL without bringing the Catholic Church into your issues? NAMFREL is composed of people you can confront face to face. The Catholic Church is not something that anyone can confront; it is an abstraction: a spiritual reality, if you can believe that there is such a thing as spiritual reality. Your personal crusade against the Catholic Church smacks of some mental aberration. Brainwashing can make people see enemies where there are none. It is called paranoia. Google paranoia and start getting debriefed from your brainwashing. There is still time to wake up unless, of course, you are just pretending to be paranoid. Then you would be into the business of fooling people while fooling yourself. Open your eyes and see that politics and religion are not a good mix. Simply too toxic. Your brain needs to be detoxified. Otherwise, you are a ticking bomb — a “martyr” via suicide bombing. There might not be a heaven, because you cannot see it. You only believe what you can see, remember?

    17. Mar Padilla, Jr. on

      Assault is a crime punishable under our criminal code. It is just proper to file the case now. Do not accept any apology from their leader. Some members are gong, they should teach this members to be true and respectable. Let them go to jail if they are guilty. As if they own the Philippines and the government is over-power by this people and their organization, INC.

    18. Ernie Aguinaldo on

      INC owe the whole Philippines, especially the people of Metro Manila who had been stranded during their rally… they owe the Pilipino people not only an explanation on why they choose to bother other netizens (who doesnt have anything to do with this idiots), showing their arrogance and provoking act, as if they own the Philippines. They thought they could be a factor in choosing the leader of this country… take note THIER NUMBER IS ONLY 2% OF THE NATIONAL ELECTORATE.

      They just showed how uneducated and unprofessional they are. In contrast, THEY ALSO SHOWED THEIR TRUE COLORS OF UNBECOMING OF A REAL CHRISTIAN.

      • When you people celebrate your festivity, say San Juan festivity and drouse people with water, it is good that water now are relatively clean unlike before even water from canal are used, did we complain like you are complaining now? Going to the office just to getting wet as you pass by the road, where is your conscience?

    19. Hindi kayo maka pag move on???saan ninyo hinuhugot ang sama ng loob?
      Sapalagay ninyo Hindi nagsalita ng maanghang ang mga reporter na ito,upang pagmulan Ng gulo?

    20. Who are afraid of numbers:

      The Police, the Politician, the Justice Department, the President?

      Who afraid of Mobs or a Cult?

      NOT ME!

    21. Your always have your eyes on INC.. How about the reports every day in news about crimes like murders, rapes and kidnapping. What are the religion of those people?? if that the case then mention first the religion of the offender in every reports on tv, radio and newspapers para magkaalaman sino mga offenders para fair di ba?

      • inc is a cancer that slowly spreading in a catholic Philippines, inc does not believe in the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Mga kampon kayo ni satanas.

    22. 1. Ayon kay Mr. Pinlac, inatake daw sya at sinaktan ilan sa mga miyembro ng INC” habang sya’y kumukuha ng Video.. Hindi man lamang ba nya nakuhanan ng video ang mga umatake sa kanya? o kahit mai-record man lang ang naging usapan?

      2. May mga Pulis na nakabantay sa kabuuan ng Peace Rally ng INC sa EDSA, hindi man lamang ba naisipan ni Mr. Pinlac na lumapit dito at magreklamo? Nagawa nyang magpa-interview sa Radyo pero lumapit sa mga Pulis upang mag-sampa ng reklamo eh hinde? aba’y mala-Isaias Samson itong si Mr. Pinlac..

      3. Hearsay na naman.. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! blahblahblah..

      • Post the video or photo, and you have a witness, right? File a complaint. We do not tolerate such provocations. If they are really INC members, they will be disciplined accordingly. We already issued an apology in general for the inconvinience some experienced but to apologize to an unsubtantiated allegation of mauling, show proof first! Dyan naman magaling ABS di ba?