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THE budding stage of any relationship is often the most exciting part. It’s where sweet promises are uttered, telephone calls extended till the wee hours of the morning, and where smiles can’t be erased completely from one’s face. Of course, not every beginning guarantees a happy ending and this is why we learn to be more discerning of the next ones.

The same can be said about the political climate in the country today. It’s that time of the year where politicians are extra sweet, extra welcoming, and extra friendly to the Filipino public. However, if you have been around long enough, you can develop a sense of apathy towards the government. The daily grind, so to speak, exposes us to the harsh realities of living in our beloved country and we can’t help but think certain realties will not change.

However, just like anything in life, everyone deserves a chance to have their voices heard. Yes we have been burned and promised to countless times before, but there’s a hope inside of me that is similar to those belonging to my generation, that desires to see a better Philippines.

All of these things were racing in my head as I sat down with vice presidentiable, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano. Having been in the government since he was 21 and as the son of the late senator Rene Cayetano, Alan is no stranger to politics and he, along with his wife, Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano, has indeed contributed a lot.

However, what I was mainly concerned about was his vision for the country. Answering
rather straightforwardly, “Sa atin, simple lang ang hinahanap ng Pilipino, ang mapabuti at makasama ang pamilya nila. Most simple is ‘yong mapakain ‘yong pamilya mo, mapagaral ang mga anak, safe sila makakauwi, at malusog sila. The Filipino dream is the opportunity to be able to enjoy your life with your family and how will the government provide that?”
He then adds that the government must build communities for Filipino families that will allow them to freely experience life together and this includes job security and safety.
Today, since jobs are not readily available, most families are scattered, whether around the country or around the world, not allowing them to do life together.

Alan believes that equal opportunities through equal development should be given, whether you are from the barrio or the city, and he has begun this through his strong commitment to make education readily available for all through scholarship grants and the like, “We can’t say that we are doing well as a country when places outside of highly urbanized areas are not doing well.”

He is passionate about this coming to life and when asked how he will be able to follow through with his promises, he is quick to say that real change can be seen when everyone works hand in hand in an effort to make the government positive and it begins with actually voting and eventually, holding up the politicians accountable to the things they have promised at the beginning.

And while there may not be quick fixes to long lasting change, he believes in the power of changing what he can now while working on what can be changed down the line, “Don’t replace solutions to root problems with quick fixes, ang pa quick fix, pang-quick fix, ang pang-root solution, pang-root solution. You need both to bring change.”

He dismisses the idea that the people have no power over the government; in fact, he is quick to say that in voting, letting their opinions heard via social media, they are already creating a change. By simply exposing what they think is wrong with the system, they are.

Alan believes that we are more empowered than we think we are but all we have to do is make good use of that power while at the same time focusing on the things we can do as individuals to improve the state of the country. Yes, we have the tools to expose what’s wrong but we must also ask ourselves, are we contributing to what’s wrong or are we helping in alleviating it?

At the end of the day, no matter who our chosen candidates are, the power is in us and it’s about time for us to use that power wisely because in doing so, we are creating the future we have only once dreamt of and maybe this time around, there will be no longer broken promises, no more disappointments, and most importantly, no more heartaches.

But it must first begin with us and the challenge is to take time to get to know your candidates, know what you believe in, and dive into election season with hope.

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  1. Cayetano gave his Pork barrel millions to Napoles in exchange for campaign funds according to Napoles.

    What kind of senator turns over millions to fake non government organizations in exchange for campaign funds ?

  2. a man of action, a man og good will, dedicated to his job , that is you sen. alan,, a person like you is what we need in our country

  3. sen alan ang magbibigay ng pagasa sa ating bansa, wala ng iba. my vote is for you.. i give you my 100% loyalty

  4. for sure sen alan will win in the 2016 election, coz he deserves to be.. go kuya alan para sa pagbabago

  5. sen alan is a man of action , man of good will.. my vote is for you, no other vp candidates deserve to be in the position unless it is you..

  6. what else can i say, this whole article is so true, sen alan will bring change to our country, my loyalty is yours sen alan

  7. Sen. Alan Cayetano. Please bring up our hopes for this country. Wag kang papaapekto sa mga naninira sayo basta ipagpatuloy nyo lang po ang inyong malinis na mithiin para sa pagbabagong matagal ng inaasam ng bansang ito.

  8. Sen. Alan Cayetano. Please bring up our hopes for this country. We need someone who is honest and trustworthy like you!

  9. Sen. Alan Cayetano is a man of good will. He got my vote for 2016 VP post. He deserves to be seated VP of the republic for his pure intentions.

  10. Sen. Alan Cayetano is well trained when it comes to politics. He is very passionate on what he is doing and he puts his heart in his job. He has pure intentions for the welfare of the masses and the poor. We love you Sen. Alan!

  11. Sen. Alan cayetano, isa sa mga taong hinahangaan ko, napakabait na Senator at matulugin sa kapwa, mabilis pa umaksyon sa mga problema sa pilipinas. Saludo ako sayo, lalo na sainyong dalawa ni Duterte. Gusto ko na nang pagbabago, at inaasahan ko yun sainyo.

  12. I go for Sen. ALAN, binoto ko siya dati. and now hindi ako magdadalawang isip na iboto ko pa siya. Mapagmalasakit sa kapwa, matalino at matulugin pa. yan ang Vice President ko.

  13. Alan Peter Cayetano has a good chance to win the vice presidency only when Mayor Rodrigo would run as his tandem for President

  14. What else should I say? this article is so correct thanks for the writer for making this. As we can see Sir.Cayetano has the capacity and capability to rule our country. No doubt he’s the best candidate. Go Sir.Cayetano

  15. What else should I say? this article is so correct thanks for the writer. Sir.Cayetano has the capacity and capability to rule our country. No doubt he’s the best candidate. Go Sir.Cayetano

  16. Stefan Bernoulli on

    Isa sa mga hinahanggaan ko si Sen. Alan, isa siyang matalino at matulingin sa kapwa. para sa akin siya ang vice president ko. siya ang iboboto ko.

  17. Frank Serendra on

    to achieve changes a man should have a vision and put it into action.ganyan si Senator Alan Peter Cayetano

  18. This Article is so accurate. Two thumbs up .With Sen.Alan’s intelligence and Mayor.Duterte’s might they are the best tandem. Here’s the tandem that will bring us to the top. We’re here to support you Sen.Alan and Mayor.Duterte! #DC2016

  19. Agree. For the young adults, and those who are old enough to vote. go out and let your voice be heard. It is upon us to initiate change. it is how you as an individual wants to be in the future, but your first step is now. Stop simply pointing fingers, and or blaming someone because you fail. Get up and learn and make yourself better. You deserve the best, not those empty promises; (in fact, if candidates are giving you money…beware!). It is your money- you earned it. We have to start fresh so to speak, so avoid recycled politician or candidate-you cannot relay with them. They will not know or worse will not listen to your concerns. Be aware, and do something positive not only to yourself but to everyone around you.

  20. “The Filipinos are worth living for….” Yes, there are lots of things we should consider. We must pursue and help each other so that the next generations will enjoy what is due for all of us.

    We all need what’s permanent in this world, and that is ‘change’… Real change will come when we chose who is right. We have to be more vigilant, I believe Filipinos are intelligent…let’s put an intelligent man into the right position…Sen. Alan Cayetano is a man of actions and we need him so that problems will be addressed the soonest possible. That’s what we call, #MatapangNaSolusyon,#MabikisNaAksyon! Sen. Alan, you’re the man!!!

  21. Manuel Liwanag on

    Now is the time for Change we are all looking and wishing for. With Senator Allan Cayetano, we can expect change based on his qualifications, competencies, achievements, a pro-poor, God fearing, with convictions to eradicate corruptions in the Philipines. We need someone like Sen. Cayetano who is brave enough to implement CHANGE! It is coming if we will all support Sen. Allan Cayetano. Bless us all and God bless the Philippines.

  22. In my own opinion, the government officials have the ability to do their job, the only problem was they never fulfilled their promise to the people, why closing their eyes after gaining the trust of people, sympathy of the majority? And so I believe senator alan’s one of the few officials in the gov’t with dignity.He fulfilled his promise.Truly a man of action!

  23. Thanks to Ms.Ravanes for this very well written article. I couldn’t agree more on how you perceive Sen. Cayetano. I admire that guy for having the intelligence and guts to actually try to solve the country’s problems (starting from the root) and not just do it superficially (quick fix). I believe he is not like other politicians who will then lax after getting the position. I trust in his plans to bring real change for the country.

  24. Sen. Cayetano is one of the most brilliant senators we have! He is right, our government should develop the countryside to spur development not just in some key cities but all over the country. There are lots of untapped human resources that are just waiting for a break. It is always the mega Manila that is given the majority of the national budget.
    I’d like to see our fellow countrymen work in their own country rather than work overseas and leave their loved ones in this lifetime. I hope the Filipinos will give him a chance to change the system for the betterment of our future generation.
    God bless you Sen.Alan S. Cayetano! I’ll be praying for your victory.

  25. If the people needs changes in our government,why think? no one else can do this except Senator alan.he’s a brave senator, regardless of whether when to act.A man with dignity and a true public servant, he serves not only in one place but the entire philippine nation.If we’re looking for a man on a mission, It is senator Alan#AKSYONAGAD

  26. “Sa atin, simple lang ang hinahanap ng Pilipino, ang mapabuti at makasama ang pamilya nila. Most simple is ‘yong mapakain ‘yong pamilya mo, mapagaral ang mga anak, safe sila makakauwi, at malusog sila. The Filipino dream is the opportunity to be able to enjoy your life with your family and how will the government provide that?”-Alan Cayetano

    He also once said “A GOOD LEADER IS A GOOD FOLLOWER”

    I BELIEVE that a leader that we need right now is a leader who knows the need of his people. A leader who knows how to deliver the needs of the people. A leader who can get answers to the problems efficiently and effectively. We neead a leader who have a heart, brain and God fearing. I BELIEVE that the leader we need is Alan Cayetano. He deserves the Vice Presidency

  27. Michael Joe Ordan on

    Paalam BBL, Paalam tanim bala scheme, Paalam BOC issues, Paalam Magulong Pilipinas. Dadating na ang mga pag-asa ng bayan! Senator Alan Peter Cayetano at Mayor Duterte! kayo po ang ibobio namin sa dadating na halalan 2016!! kayo po ang karapatdapat TEAM Duterte-Cayetano!!!!