• The vox populi, vox Dei scenario


    MANY are afraid the Senate Electoral Tribunal will declare Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares not a natural-born Filipino and therefore not eligible under the Constitution to sit in the Senate or seek the presidency. The SET chairman, Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, has already said so. Carpio has not ruled for the SET, but the ruling when it comes, unless politicized by the senator-judges, cannot possibly be much different from his statement. Yet the promoters of Mrs. Llamanzares’s unconstitutional candidacy seem unfazed by this distinct probability. They seem to believe that with their power and money they could put her name on the ballot before the Supreme Court rules her ineligible for the office. Then supported by all the fraudulent surveys, and the rigged voting machines, all they have to do is shout, “vox populi, vox Dei!” (the voice of the people is the voice of God!”

    Both Mrs. Llamanzares and her intended running mate, Sen. Francis Escudero, already gave us a foretaste, a preview of it when they announced their bid for president and vice president respectively, by invoking the grace of God to bless a constitutionally abhorrent act. Escudero went one step further by invoking the blessing of the Virgin Mary, whom Catholics revere as “the Mother of the Son of God” in an apparent effort to identify with the vast Catholic majority whose fight for human life, the family and their right to practice their faith without the intervention of the apostate Aquino government has never enjoyed his support.

    “Vox populi, vox Dei” is a legitimate and rightful cry by a people who believe in God and would like to do the will of God, in the face of powerful obstacles. The cries of the Israelites against the Pharaoh in the Old Testament expressed the voice of God, while the cries of the same people for carnal pleasures as they worshipped the golden calf expressed their rebellion against God. The “stiff-necked people” who insisted on divorcing their spouses despite the prohibition of the Mosaic law expressed the same rebellion against God; so with the mob that called for our Lord’s crucifixion in Pilate’s court. In our time, the expression has been used as a political mantra by demagogues who did not believe either in “the people” or in God.

    This is what we are promised by the promoters of Mrs. Llamanzares. Sources claiming an inside track on the group’s political planning predict the following scenario:

    1) As soon as the SET rules that Mrs. Llamanzares is not a Filipino, (this should ideally happen before the filing of certificates of candidacy for 2016), she will “appeal” the ruling to the Supreme Court. This should temporarily put on hold her being unseated from the Senate. Strictly speaking, there is no appeal from the ruling of the SET; as petitioner’s counsel Manuelito Luna explains it, the SET is the sole authority on the Llamanzares issue; but the losing party could file a petition for certiorari before the High Court, if there is a grave abuse of discretion on the part of the SET. With three SC justices providing constitutional guidance to the six other senator-judges, a grave abuse of discretion is not likely to arise. There seems a greater possibility of some of the six senator-judges politicizing what is strictly a constitutional issue—-that is what would constitute a grave abuse of discretion.

    2) While the case awaits the final decision of the High Court, she will file her certificate of candidacy for president before the Commission on Elections.

    3) If as happened in the 2013 elections the Comelec does not require a birth certificate, which proves conclusively that she is a natural-born Filipino, or if the Comelec accepts as authentic and valid her heavily intercalated certificate of live birth dated Nov. 27, 1968, which classifies her as a foundling, but says she was adopted by the spouses Ronald Allan Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe on May 13, 1974 in a decision penned by a municipal judge who had no jurisdiction over adoption cases, or if the Comelec accepts the other certificate of live birth dated May 4, 2006, which contradicts the first one, as executed by her surrogate mother, the childless Mrs. Jesusa Sonora Poe, who says the foundling was born to her in Jaro, Iloilo City on Sept. 3, 1968, four months before she married her husband Ronald Allan Poe, in Valenzuela, Bulacan, and there is no opposition from any source, then Mrs. Llamanzares could become a presidential candidate.

    4) But the candidacy is certain to be opposed. In this instance, the Comelec will have to take judicial notice of the SET ruling, or oppositors could attach a copy of the ruling to their petition opposing her candidacy. Whether the Comelec approves or rejects her certificate of candidacy, the losing party is certain to file a petition for certiorari, pursuant to Rule 64, in relation to 65 of the Rules of Court.

    5) If the Comelec accepts her candidacy, and the Supreme Court fails to act on her proposed disqualification before the printing of the official ballots, or fails to restrain the Comelec from putting her name on the ballot, her camp will do everything to make sure that the final decision on her candidacy comes after the balloting and counting of the votes. The public will then be swamped with propaganda surveys showing her to be the “most popular” candidate, the same means employed in the 2010 and 2013 rigged elections will be used to ensure the predetermined election result, and whatever the Court finally says about constitutional ineligibility to run, the Llamanzares camp, the rented mobs, the conscript media and the paid propaganda surveys will say, “the people have spoken”–“vox populi, vox Dei!” (the voice of the people is the voice of God.”

    Even President B. S. Aquino 3rd, who says we should set aside the constitutional issues and let “the people” decide, is likely to say this. They will threaten civil unrest.

    6) This is the pipe dream of the anti-constitutional forces behind Mrs. Llamanzares, who are blinded by their own ambition, power and money. The CEO of one conglomerate, who appears to be on a first name basis with PNoy and the members of his Cabinet, and who appears to be providing the logistical requirements for the Llamanzares pre-campaign, seems to give the impression that he could get some SC justices follow his reading of the Constitution, and one bloc-voting religious group to deliver its votes to his chosen candidate.

    Just how plausible is this scenario? How easy is it to outsmart and overwhelm the Constitution and the rule of law, and over 100 million Filipinos? I have very serious reservations.

    The solemn oath that a president-elect takes before the nation upon assuming office is to “faithfully and conscientiously fulfill my duties as President of the Philippines, preserve and defend its Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man, and consecrate myself` to the service of the Nation. So help me God.” A venal president may eventually betray this oath, but no one seeks the presidency by setting aside the Constitution, and saying the only thing that matters is one’s alleged popularity. Even if Mrs. Llamanzares’s alleged popularity turns out to be real, she cannot be an exception to this iron rule.

    If the SET formally declares her to be not a natural-born Filipino, and therefore not eligible to sit in the Senate, she cannot simply ignore the ruling and run for president, a position limited to natural-born Filipinos only. Unless the Supreme Court restrains the enforcement of the SET resolution, it will become final and executory after 15 days. Mrs. Llamanzares will be unseated from the Senate after that period. For its part, the Comelec will have to take judicial notice of the SET resolution, especially if petitions seeking her disqualification carry a copy of the ruling. She will have to go up to the Supreme Court on certiorari, but unless the Court acts favorably and seasonably on her petition, her name will not be listed on the ballot, so there will be no chance for her “vox populi, vox Dei.”

    Now, suppose both the Comelec and the High Court should succumb, and we, the people, do not reject the farce, will it not be the end of our constitutional democracy? For whatever propaganda survey ratings and electronic votes are manufactured in Mrs. Llamanzares’s favor, that will not make her a natural-born Filipino, and therefore constitutionally eligible either for the Senate or for the presidency. It will be a travesty, the complete destruction of the very concept of our sovereignty.

    Will over 100 million Filipinos allow it? Will the Armed Forces of the Philippines, as the constitutional protector of the people and state, whose goal is to secure the sovereignty of the State and its territorial integrity, stand for it?

    I am a senior citizen who has had his share of difficult and lost causes, but I will not stand for it. I know many other seniors like me who will not vstand for it. And I know of many young people who are not easily distracted by patriotic causes, but who will not stand for it. They are not intimidated by the possible civil unrest which the promoters of Mrs. Llamanzares threaten to inflict upon us if she does become president, but they are not prepared to imagine the kind of disorder and chaos that could engulf the nation if we submit to her ungodly bid. We could be digging our own mass grave if we do.



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    1. Let’s not beat around the bush. Ramon Ang of San Miguel is the lead promoter of Grace Poe’s candidacy. She is exactly the kind of pliant person who can be manipulated by the likes of Ang and his fellow businessmen who have their own agendas which do not necessarily benefit the country. Beware such people and their nefarious intentions.

    2. Jose A. Oliveros on

      To those who are invoking the Latin saying “vox populi, vox Dei”, I quote the following portion of the concurring opinion of Justice Angelina Sandoval-Gutierrez in the October 25, 2006 en banc decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Lambino v. Comelec

      Vox populi vox Dei — the voice of the people is the voice of God. Caution should be exercised in choosing one’s battlecry, lest it does more harm than good to one’s cause. In its original context, the complete version of this Latin phrase means exactly the opposite of what it is frequently taken to mean. It originated from a holy man, the monk Alcuin, who advised Charlemagne, “nec audiendi qui solent dicere vox populi vox Dei quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit,” meaning, “And those people should not be listened to who keep on saying, `The voice of the people is the voice of God,’ since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.”

      • Justaskingseriously on

        Isn’t that interestingly enlightening? It is amazing how language can change over time and meanings shift until someone comes along like Jose A. Oliveros to put us all back on the original track. Thank you, very much for this eye opener!

    3. If it looks like she cannot run, the Aquino administration is to blame. The justice system is at flawed. Now it just looks like how desperate the Liberal Party is in getting more votes for Mar knowing that Grace is leading in all presidential surveys.

    4. My only question is..If you renounced your original citizenship and pledge allegiance to another nation and subsequently renounced its citizenship, then re-take your original citizenship, what is your current citizenship status, is it natural born or naturalized?

    5. Resorting to “vox populi, vox Dei” would be a mockery of the Philippine Constitution. The advocates of this strategy, out of self-interest and inordinate desire for wealth, power and influence, are deliberately ignoring the fact that the Philippine Constitution is itself a reflection of the will of the people.

      When it comes to Candidate Mrs. Grace Poe Llamanzares, the Filipino people need to be constantly alert and vigilant as they do not need or deserve a candidate who, right now, is constitutionally ineligible to run. Those who care and are concerned that a Manchurian Candidate may win the presidency should use every means possible to tell and inform their friends, relatives, and acquaintances of the facts that heretofore have been uncovered about Poe-Llamanzares. Foremost is the fact that she is not a natural born Filipino (the only declared candidate who said: “I am a Filipino”), her use of falsified documents concerning her birth, her American family, and her taking an oath of allegiance to another country. At this stage of its history, the Philippines does not deserve a Commander-in-Chief with double allegiance.

      Carry on with your crusade, Mr. Tatad, Mr. Rizalito David, and Mr. Manuelito Luna. I have read a number of “ad hominem” attacks against you from so called legal experts that I have concluded that it is because you and the Filipino people are WINNING!!!!

    6. ngayon…isinali niya mga katoliko doon siya hihingi ng tulong sa eglisia ni manalo?.di ba parang abugado man siya doon.. trapo…

    7. To be President, aside from being 100% natural-born, is also “101% loyalty to one’s country!”. Despite the odds or obstacles, you will never turn your back… that’ s true loyalty– to one’s country or to anyone we love.

    8. is there hell hotter than hell as Mr. robles initiated.
      Yes Mr. Robles, there is and that is
      AQUINO FAMILYS HELL, a different version more than Lucifer hell..

    9. Mga kababayan, how could you accept an American to rule our beloved country? I don’t know any country who will allow a foreigner to run their country. There are over one hundred million Filipinos, why would you prefer an American? Ganito ba kababa ang pagiisip ng sambayanang Filipino? Sana naman hindi po(e).

    10. Roldan Guerrero on

      Just like all individuals of different nationalities who emigrate to the US, their primary objective is to acquire citizenship after getting green cards. Filipinos who are lucky to have these kind of oppurtunities consider themselves that becoming an American is an unequalled lifetime achievement which could extend benefits to the next generation of their families. Brain drain is a perennial problem in the Philippines that tends to have no cure as a result of poor governance by succeeding leaders of the country. I dont see any president after Marcos that ever cared of creating jobs which are worth living for and this is the reason why Filipinos risk in seeking employments even in war distressed countries. In the case of Grace Llamanzares, the reason is the same. She acquired US citizenship at her full will with intentions of living permanently in the US being married to a U.S. citizen. Her infidelity of citizenship occured when Aquino offered her chairmanship of the MTRCB when GP came back to the Philippines to attend the wake of her late adoptive father FPJ. Be it known that it is customary for Aquino to appoint individuals who may not be qualified as long as that person is a friend. GP discovered there was more money in the Phils. if you hold a key position in the government, she still has tasted how delicious the PDAF is. This is how the mess happened. GP all means to make a magic on her personal documents…got the positions she illegally aspired through unlawful means and now finally gunning for the presidency. The question now is whether she is a natural born or not, given the facts of her unlawful journey to her FOOLISH AMBITIONS, Do Filipinos Trust her to become the next President?

    11. if she wins, and there’s a big chance she will. it means majority of the people will stand by it. therefore time to revise the constitution as it’s not working for the majority of our people anymore.

    12. If her husband and sons cannot vote for Grace Poe Llamanzares for being AMERICAN citizens, how can she expect our votes as Filipinos. It is that simple.

    13. D ba ayon sa Constitution pag nag renounce ka ng Pinoy Citizen at at nag reaquire uli ng Pinoy Citizen eh ikaw ay Naturalized Citizen. Ano ba ang dapat pagtalunan maliwanag na sinasabi pag nag reaquire ka ulit bilang pinoy eh naturalized ka lang at hindi ka na natural born citizen. Wala na dpat pagtalunan dahil yan nakasaad sa ating Batas. Iyan miyembro ng SET dapat na mga senator dapat maging tapat sila sa ating constitution d iyon kasi ampon ni FPJ si Grace papanigan nila. D pa nanumpa sila susundin at protectehan ang constition eh tapos boboto sila against sa constition. May parusa ba sa mga tao d sumusunod sa ating constition? Dapat kasuhan sila para matauhan ang mga politico na d sinusunod and constition. Pati itong si Grace dapat kasuhan perjury dahil iyon pagfile sa pagka senator ay d tama ang kanyang sinulat sa application.

      • Roldan Guerrero on

        Dont expect Senators Sotto, Legarda an Pia Cayetano to do it since they are recipients of bribery. Until now they still owe the PIGNOY that amount of 50M php they received. Grace Poe is the secret candidate of the PIGNOY. He wants assurance not to be jailed after his term. GP also owes her senatorial seat to the PIGNOY and if she wins…PIGNOY will be free.

    14. Aquino should be held liable and accountable for all his pronouncements that tends to encourage and inciting some sector of our society to openly violates our constitution and the rule of law. We, the Filipino people must be extra vigilant this coming May, 2016 presidential election, with all the hundreds of billions of unaccounted DAP-PDAF of the Aquino administration, the expected massive automated-Smartmatic-election cheating is for real.

      • She is an American….losers and cheaters only are behind her to take control of the economy and country.

        Dummies are everywhere, aren’t them?

      • The PDI is a supporter of Poe-Llamanzares. The headline is misleading because the two lawyers that were mentioned (CJ Panganiban and R. Saquisag) had previously made known their views that Poe-Llamanzares is a natural-born Filipino. Panganiban is a columnist for PDI, and has written a couple of articles about his opinion. Saguisag, I believe, was interviewed by PDI and his opinion was published by a PDI reporter.

        My point is that it is incorrect to write that more lawyers are supporting Poe when these two lawyers’ opinions have already been publicized before.

      • Lawyers and justices who favored GP have political ambitions and hidden interest. Grace Poe and her cohorts ,when they submitted altered birth certificate with insertions and erasure is forgery in nature, those lawyers you mention knows that. DNA testing and laboratory who will perform the test s/b recognized by court or it will be inadmissible.Justice Carpio is not as dumb as these lawyers think.

    15. ” Vox Populi, Vox Dei ” is the cry of people who were persecuted and not for politicians whom many considers LIERS and RELATIVES OF THIEVES. So politicians should not ride on to this ” Voice of the People is the Voice of God ” as God will NEVER SIDES ON LIERS and THIEVES ,YES SINS BUT NOT SINNERS WHO DO NOT REPENT.

    16. Poe-Escudero camp only shows that they are above the law like their benefactor the ruling yellow regime of BS Aquino 3xd. They will not stop with their persistent violation of the constitution and the rule of law.

    17. A foundling who has learned about her/his origin and circumstances behind her/his birth facts- should have had the decency, the good faith and honesty to declare by way of an affidavit that subsequently rectifies all matters. This should have been conscientiously accomplished by then candidate Grace Poe when she filed her certificate of candidacy for Senator. Instead, she deadpanned it ( deliberately) , rode on her adoptive father’s name and popularity and, as it is believed, with the urgings of manipulators of PCOS, and the foreign powers that meddle with our politics.
      Hegemony should stop. Let us not be hoodwinked and duped (mag pa uto) by propaganda surveys, the oligarchs, the pretentious LPs, the yellows , the mainstream media practitioners and their guests plus leanings of broadcast networks. Are they giving air time to populist leaders? Discern please!

      • DNA tests with both Sheryl Cruz and Bongbong Marcos will conclusively prove she is natural-born. What is she waiting for? t’s nothing to be ashamed of. She might even get more (the Ilocano) votes!

    18. I commend this columnist for his knowledge of the Bible. As a senior too I would not stand mismanagement . As one columnist said ‘the Office of the President is not an on-the-job training’ tool. I agree with him.

    19. I think it is the other way around. Many fear that Llamanzares will be declared by the SET as natural born.

    20. Why are you so afraid that Poe will win her SET case? There is no guarantee that she will win the presidential elections. Or is it because you are blinded by your own twisted opinion or lack of thorough understanding what are the rights of a “foundling” . If she is a citizen of the country where she was found, the rebuttable presumption is that a foundling must have been a natural born too.It’s plain and simple common sense. So it’s up to David to prove that she is not a natural born citizen otherwise, she is.

      • Foundling or not, even if she was declared a natural born Filipino at birth, the fact remained that she renounced her Filipino citizenship and became an American citizen . When she reacquired her Filipino citizen, she is now a naturalized Filipino, and is now Constitutionally not allowed to hold the senatorial, vice-presidential and presidential elective positions of the our country. Her, being a foundling is not relevant.

      • You say:

        “If she is a citizen of the country where she was found, the rebuttable presumption is that a foundling must have been a natural born too”.

        Where did you get this idea? Please give a link or reference. That is not at all in the Philippine Constitution (1935, 1973 and 1987). Perhaps your statement is based on Article 2 of the 1961 UN Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness which has been quoted numerous times and publicized in a number of newspapers, including the Philippine Daily Inquire (PDI)? Article 2 reads:

        “A foundling found in the territory of a Contracting State shall, in the absence of proof to the contrary, be considered to have been born within that territory of parents possessing the nationality of that State”.

        Note that the Philippines is not a signatory to this Convention. What the newspapers and PDI fail to mention is that the Convention has no force or it is non-enforceable in countries that have not ratified it. Its lack of force is recognized by Article 12 of the Convention which states

        “The provisions of article 2 of this Convention shall apply only to foundlings found in the territory of a Contracting State after the entry into force of the Convention for that State”.

        More important than the above is the primacy of the express provisions of the Philippine Constitution in respect of citizenship (which is the same as the word “nationality” in the Convention). Even if the Philippines had ratified the Convention, the Philippine Constitution is sovereign overall and supersedes the Convention. As a foundling, based on the Philippine Constitution, Grace Poe Llamanzares is not a natural-born Filipino. The burden of proof is on her. That is why she has now subjected herself to DNA testing. Before the SET hearings commenced, she thought that her mere say-so that she is natural born will be accepted. “Akala niya makakalusot siya”. But her fabrications have caught up with her and now she is in a panic mode.

    21. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Unless we make our positions clear and not submit to what disgraced GRACE would like to happen and we all pray for God’s power and might unleashed against those who are out to thwart the law, then the country is doomed to destruction. We, the Filipino people, would not like this to happen. We love our country. Let us not be fooled by ambitious and arrogant people who are only out to satisfy their selfish motives. God bless the Philippines.

    22. At the end of the day, this whole election is nothing but “more of the same” corrupt manipulation at its finest. Survey polls have never been considered accurate and should never be the basis of voter’s decision, however the “manipulators” at the top of the totem pole are cognizant from the start that the “pang-masa” crowd consisting of the majority of the voters depend and breathe on this. This election will be nothing but a showdown of the battle among the Goliaths, and not for the Filipinos. It has already lost its cause.

    23. Parang katapusan na ng mundo ang pinaaabot ninyo.na mangyayari kapag hindi natupad ang pinaniniwala at inaakala walang pagkakamaling batas na iyong naabot na kaalaman
      at gumamit ka pa ng ibang tao para mas dramatiko at makatotohanan ang walang pagkakamaling katalinohan meron kayo.
      Ang batas na pinaglalaban mo ay batas lang ng tao sa pagkakaunawa nila ay ito ang tama at totoo,parang dios ang batas .
      May mga tao na akala nila ay sila lang ang nakakaalam ng katotohan dahil sa tinatamo nilang paghanga ng maraming tao sa nagawa at natapos nila. pero kung pag-aaralan mo ang sinasabi lalot sa religion, ito ang tanong, may ina ba ang diyos/pinanganganak ba ang diyos?/namamatay ba ang dios at ang patay ay nabubuhay ba niya ang sarili?
      NIRERESPETO NATIN ang paniniwala ng lahat ng tao,kaya lang pinag uusapan dito ay kung ano ang isasagot ng isang mambabatas at judge sa mga tanong na ito?

      • Justaskingseriously on

        Bakit mo ba bigyan ng hangganan ang maaring gawin ng diyos? Hindi ba siya ay tinatawag na diyos dahil sa kaniyang kapangyarihan na walang hangganan? Bakit hindi siya mapaniwalaan kung tiyak na gusto niya maging tao? Imposible ba yon na gawin ng diyos? At ang paraan sa pagiging tao ay ang pagkaroon ng ina. Wala ba kapangyarihan ang diyos na piliin niya kung sino ang kaniyang gusto na maging ina niya? At dahil sa kaniyang kapangyarihan din, hindi ba niya kaya na gawin ang kaniyang piniling ina na linisin niya sa lahat ng kasalanan bago ang kaniyang ina ay isinilang? At sa naging tao na ang diyos, hindi ba dapat lang na mamatay siya ayon sa kaniyang plano na naisulat sa libro ni Isaias sa lumang testamento ng biblia? At upang maipaliwanag sa lahat ng tao na tunay siya na diyos, hindi ba dapat lang na mabuhay ulit siya ayon sa kaniyang pangako? Kaya niya ang lahat na ito dahil siya ay ang bathala na maykapal. Sinabi kay Maria ng angel Gabriel na bigyan siya ng pangngalan na JESUS sapagka’t sasalbahin niya ang mga tao sa kanilang mga kasalanan.

    24. Common sense dictates that Grace Poe is a natural-born Filipino based on geography, proximity, facts, and laws of probability. But due to the fact that she was an abandoned baby, her birth has to be registered by his adoptive parents.

      But Philippine judges and officials dont have common-sense when they say she is not natural borned but merely naturalized due to lack of info about her true parents.

      In absence of these info, she was in the Philippines. Dah!

    25. Although our country was signatory to the 1961 UN Convention on Statelessness I think it is not applicable here our Senate did not ratify it to make it binding here. Even if it ratified it will be unconstitutional because it was not provided in our constitution. What the camp of Tito Sotto is doing now is the dramatized the case and make it appear that Grace Poe is being discriminated being a foundling. I hope our people should give more weigh on why did Grace Poe renounced her Filipino citizenship to be American in 2001. Now she even want to be natural born when she does not her country before.

    26. Cheez will insist that nothing gets in the way of his slick path to become Presidente Pilipinas. “POLITIKO LANG YAN!” Cheez will cry as hakot-crowds insist on getting Chiz-Poe on the ballot.

    27. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      27 September 2015

      If GRACE POE LLAMANZARES and her supporters should feel the need to implore the aid of “God” so that she is declared a “natural-born Filipino” and not just a “naturalized Filipino,” that will be a clear sign of desperation on their part.

      I do not think “God” will deign to intervene in a purely POLITICAL matter; more likely than not he has better things to do in a Universe which he is supposed to administer. For him her troubles must not merit one second of his precious time.

      My sense is that this “God” will leave the SENATOR ELECTORAL TRIBUNAL to be the sole judge of whether or not Grace Poe Llamanzares is qualified to be a Senator or a President. One can assume that “God” knows the Philippine Constitution “in” and “out” and that, of course, he knows that the SET is the sole judge of her qualification to be a candidate for President.


    28. There’s so much politics in the country for the past decades that democracy has been compromised by the unscrupulous powers-that-be. The affirmation of Mrs. Llamanzares citizenship at birth, despite all the negativities will be a classic example of complete disregard and/ or circumvention of the Philippine Constitution.

      I just can’t imagine a president stating that one, of Mrs. Llamanzares status, be given a fair chance, instead of strictly adhering to the provisions of the Constitution. Past actions by this government contrary to the Constitution like the DAP, PDAF, etc., has ruined the democratic processes of the country to the detriment of having a responsible and strong government.

      I’ve been out, in, and out of the government. I am a lifetime student of Philippine politics and I’ve been aware of the ‘inner’ workings of the government. I’ve had a lot of frustrations about the government because of the undoings of its leaders, but the qualification of Mrs. Llamanzares, despite all the facts published, will be ‘the straw that will break the back of the camel, so to speak, as far as my faith in the Philippine goverment is concerned. I hope I am just one of the few!

      At best, shoiuld she make it, by hook or by crook, I just can’t imagine a president of the Republic of the Philippines, married to an American Citizen and with American citizen children. More so, at one time or another, she enjoyed the luxury of living in the United States and the protection of its Constitution and laws, having been an American citizen.

      Fellow Filipinos, get real.

      • If and when the lawmakers become the lawbreakers then what happen to our beloved Philippines? just for the sake of position and power and greed, this politician can get what they wanted to the extend of breaking the law? whom then can we trust if our law cannot protect us? what will become of our future generation if this is the kind of leaders our nation will have????
        what can be done??? yes fellow Filipinos get real,fight for our future and our children ,,,defend our constitution so it can protect us from corrupt and greedy leaders.

    29. If she is allowed as a candidate for presidency, the constitution is not worth the paper it is written on. Might as well tore it up to pieces and completely disregard its contents. Again the Philippines is the laughing stock and barrel of the whole world to see. Shame on us Filipinos. This is just my two cents!!!!!!


      The Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) should by now decide as to whether Poe
      should be disqualified as a sitting senator and as a candidate for president rather
      than allowing her to add (more insults to injury) more problems than good. For how
      can this politician be allowed to be senator or president of the country in the first place. It is clear that she turned her back and renounced her Filipino citizenship.
      This is not a PINGPONG game where she can just bounce back and forth. Even
      the doctrine of “Vox populi vox dei does not apply here.” Remember when Christ was
      brought to Pontius Pilate, Pilate was not convinced that Christ did wrong and
      did not want Him to be crucified then. But the people ignored Pilate and chanted
      crucify Him.That was the reason why Pilate washed his hands.

    31. Very well said by Mr Tatad. I am just hoping the people will realize the truth before making a false move to elect somebody in violation of the Constitution.