The Way and Why of Words


Words are anarchists,
And rabble-rousers,
A rowdy mob armed
With molotov cocktails
Of incendiary meaning,

Brandishing huge absurd
Protest placards and
Screaming slogans of
Raw, bleeding feelings.
Words are stubborn

And pig-headed, leaving
No room for negotiation
Unlike suave, sly politicians.
Words have a way with
Words and express their

Free will and native wit
With brutal frankness.
Words decide on how they
Should mean and be without
Regard for the true intent

Of the speaker or writer.
Words have their own
Peculiar code of conduct
And often behave in a
Manner most offensive

To genteel, polite society.
Words are uncouth and
Habitually gossip behind
Other people’s back, are
Restless shapeshifters

That change their context
And meaning without
Notice, causing sudden
Shock or bewilderment.
Words love to wear such

Multiple, subtle disguises
And camouflage themselves
Till they can’t be seen by
The naked eye and become
Totally invisible. Words are

Prone to breaking their
Sworn promises and play
Mere lip service to deeds.
Words have sharp, forked
Tongues that make and

Later break their graven
Rules of grammatology,
Their holy idiom and syntax.
Words, like snobbish cats,
Have no master and shift

Their feline moods at any
Given meowing moment.
O beware of words! they
Will compromise you like
Some ruthless birds of prey

Once you open your mouth
Like a creaking rusty cage.
O beware of words! they
Are all Judases who betray,
Stab you in the back while

Patting your domed head akin
To a loving, loyal canine pet.
O beware of words! they
Come in all shapes and shades
Of character from patently

Crude and badly educated to
Condescendingly highfaluting.
As a word of advice, use
Words sparingly because
They are mercenary and

Will sell your ambiguous
Soul to the highest bidder.
Or for best results, keep
Your cobwebbed mouth
Shut tight only because

Silence is wisdom since
It cannot be plagiarized,
Altered, or madly taken out
Of its original fabricated
Context and unmeaning.



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