The wimpiest, most shameful Congress


(By Rigoberto Tiglao, Analysis & Commentaries, November 8, 2013)

My dream is to send him again to Boston permanently to reunite with the his Psychiatrist with the Lopezes and the Prietos.


How can Congress stand up with any moral authority against this unelected president?

At least 188 members of the lower house have accepted Aquino’s bribes, ditto for 20 members of the upper house.

And let’s not forget that the senators “elected” in May 2013 were not voted into office—some may have been—but installed courtesy of a 60% vote programmed into the hocus PCOS machines controlled by Sixtythirtyten Brillantes whose corruption is only exceeded by his role in disenfranchising the Philippine population.

The basic problem is that there is no constitutional government right now. Aquino is the head of a criminal conspiracy involving him, his executive branch and the overwhelming majority of the two houses of Congress. As long as they keep sticking together there is nothing that can be done constitutionally to deal with them.

The only solution? A revolution… but the last time we had one of those we screwed up so badly we ended up with an Aquino as president for the first time, and under maladministration more money was stolen from the Philippine people that Marcos stole in three times the number of years that Aquino was in office.

We need radical reformation in this country. Nothing is working. But at least some journalists are tainted with the yellow infection, unlike certain ones employed principally by ABS-CBN….

Matthew Parkes,

Your description of the current congress bespeaks well of its composition. With the DAP (& PDAP), it seems that congress and the executive branches are one. No wonder the President insists on the DAP — so that he can have a good hold of congress. After all, many of the members are vulnerable to corruption as shown in the ‘exposed’ pork barrel scandal. While the President claims the best of intentions, he is treading the “crooked” path in the process. I’d say, he’s ill-advised going to the provinces to explain his ‘good’ intentions. He should quit on this while he is a bit ahead.

P. Lorenzo,

What you wrote Amb. Tiglao is the reason WHY I DON’T HAVE ANY RESPECT LEFT FOR OUR CONGRESS. Mga duwag sila at uglot ang mga buntot pagka’t kung labanan nila si Pnoy ay hindi na sila MAKAKUHA Dadagdagan Ang Padulas ( DAP ) galling kay Pnoy, Drillon, Belmonte at Abad. Kung pwede lang ang sinasabi ni Mirriam na duduraan ang mukha nila, lalo na mga senadores, ay di na sila makikita sa dami ng plema tatama sa mukha nila.

Mr. Tiglao paki investigate nga kung anong ng batas ang nagawa ng Senate BRC sa mga investigation nila, in aid of legislation kuno, mula pa nuon panahon ni Sens. Magsaysay at Gordon at kung magkano ang nagastos nila. Paki investigahan din yuon sinabi ng Whistle blower na si Sandra Cam na sinabihan sila ni Sen. Magsaysay kaya hindi na nya pinatawag si Janet Napoles nuon JocJoc Bolante’s Fertilizer Scam dahil sa pakiusap ng mga senador na marami sa kanila ang sasabit sa Fertilizer Scam. Sabi ni Sandra Cam sa tv na kung pinatawag lang ni Sen. Magsaysay wala na sana NAPOLES PDAF SCAM.


Saturninio R. Mendinueto, Jr.,


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