The woman behind Atienza Naturale

 Atienza Naturale Inc. President Ma. Evelina Beng Ilagan-Atienza, shows off the company’s products together with the Superbrand trophy and certification PHoto By RusseL Palma

Atienza Naturale Inc. President Ma. Evelina Beng Ilagan-Atienza, shows off the company’s products together with the Superbrand trophy and certification PHoto By RusseL Palma

SHE IS not a doctor but her products heal and take care of her patrons, as well as abandoned children most in need of attention.

Ma. Evelina “Beng” Ilagan-Atienza is president of Atienza Naturale Inc., a 100-percent Filipino-owned company that provides high-quality, affordable health and wellness herbal-based dietary supplements and skincare products, whose profits go to Home for the Angels, a foundation for abandoned, neglected and abused children.

“This endeavor started when we found a baby in a mountain of trash near our building. We took care of the baby and soon we found other abandoned and neglected children to take care of, thus, the establishment of Home for the Angels,” the wife of Buhay Party List Representative Lito Atienza said.

When her charitable organization’s finances began to escalate, especially with the need to provide a suitable environment to nurture the children before they are sent for adoption with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Atienza thought of turning to a meaningful business model.

“Guided by the principles of the value of life, Atienza Naturale Inc. is committed and dedicated to producing and distributing only natural, environment-friendly green products of the highest quality that will benefit the Filipino and ensure his welfare and well-being,” she explained.

As such, the company upholds three principles: To be pro-life, pro-nature and pro-people.

“Our products are pro-life, meaning we value life starting from the womb. Our products are also eco-friendly and plant-based to help preserve and maintain the nature of the environment. It is also pro-people because it offers health care of the highest quality but affordably priced to make it accessible to ordinary Filipinos,” Atienza elaborated.

To date one of the best-selling products of Atienza Naturale is its pure malunggay capsule, which ensures the very nutrients and minerals that will give the body the health boost and protection it needs.

According to Atienza, her TV host-son Kim, is a living proof that malunggay is highly effective dietary supplement.

In his testimonials, ABS-CBN’s resident weatherman said malunggay has always been a staple in his diet even when he was still a child upon the prodding of his mother. In fact, when he was still councilor of Manila, TV’s Kuya Kim together with his father, then Manila Mayor Atienza would feed 4,000 children in Manila with malunggay daily.

“For nine years, children in every barangay were weighed and evaluated every week to see if the malunggay capsule helped them. True enough, the public school teachers attested that the malunggay feeding program made the children stronger and healthier, and therefore more productive and smarter,” recalled Atienza.

As a spin-off, the company has made malunggay soap, concocted by the company president herself. A natural inventor since she was a child, Atienza told The Sunday Times Magazine that it has always been her passion to invent a myriad of products that would benefit the most number of people.

“After we started Atienza Naturale in 2011, we were able to maintain Home for the Angels. Through sheer determination and hardwork, we were also recognized by Superbrand Philippines,” she enthused.

Superbrand Philippines is part of the Superbrand global brand arbiter and an award-giving body that nominates and endorses brands into its global family.

To add to the company’s innovations, Atienza Naturale has just also launched a range of new products, namely activated carbon cream and facial and body scrub and activated carbon soap. Activated carbon from charcoal, according to Atienza is one of nature’s most efficacious toxin-busters.”

“The Philippines is truly blessed with rich natural resources that can be transformed into world-class products like what we have in our company. But to make the best use of these materials, we should always have the benefit and betterment of other people in mind,” she ended.


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