• The wonder of TeamAsia



    It was a hectic Friday morning and in the midst of a quiet exclusive club in the South were three working girls talking about the joys of being in the marketing field while also talking about life in between.

    What was intended to be a job interview turned out to be a conversation about love and life and it was fantastic.

    That fateful meeting with the best and brightest of one of the country’s longest running and award winning integrated marketing communications agency, Team Asia has inspired me to take the reins in my own life and just after what I’ve always wanted in life.

    And that day with managing director Beatriz Lim and content director Anna Limon is an example of what Team Asia has been thriving in for the past 25 years —seeing the very best in their brands, crafting a story to share this with the world, and just finding ways to impact the world in a positive way.

    Through genuine conversations with both, I have found what made Team Asia stand out—it was their passion to be more than just a business but to positively add something into the world.

    It was this passion that inspired founders Monette and Michael Hamlin to start TeamAsia 25 years ago initially beginning with events and public relations but eventually blossoming into an integrated marketing agency with big international brands under their belt.

    Starting an independent agency wasn’t easy but with love and dedication to their craft, they have managed to expand and offer more, “With innovation and ingenuity, TeamAsia grew organically from being an events management agency into an integrated marketing communications agency with five core services: experience, content, digital, creatives, and IMC.”

    When asked what made them stand out, they were quick to say, “We are the only one stop shop of amazing people that creates innovative ideas and delivers next level experience for brands that want to meaningfully engage their audiences using integrated marketing strategies.”

    And this is what makes them stand out, the fact that they are an agency with authenticity and a heart who genuinely care for their brands and their people.

    Another empowering factor about the agency is the fact that it is run by a mother-daughter tandem, each with a unique strong personality and brings in perspectives from diverse generations, “The management style of our two women leaders create a corporate culture that fits the organization’s young crowd while providing a balanced viewpoint of diverse generations. We all have the same passion and work ethic and because of the diversity in generational backgrounds, we are more understanding of each other while living out our corporate beliefs: live, inspire, think big, drive passion, and be bright.”

    Their managing director, Bea Lim, brings in the perspective of a young person trained in the United States. Sweet, charming, and disarmingly authentic, Bea is armed with knowledge and exposure to the latest global
    marketing and digital trends and is one who continually pushes for innovation.

    It was the first time for me to sit down at an interview and feel the other person’s genuine interest to connect, it was refreshing and that is who Bea is—a brilliant progressive leader with a thirst for knowledge.

    Their president, Monette Hamlin, brings in the experience of a seasoned entrepreneur, events professional, public speaker, and publisher. As the founder and president, she developed the business and creative processes that made TeamAsia not just a pioneer but an arbiter of industry standards.

    But of course, it wasn’t a bed of roses for the thriving agency, for they too have had their fair share of ups and downs, which Bea and Anna shared with pride, as if they were warriors who overcame, “We’ve always been flexible. We’ve always rolled with the punches and reengineered our processes and services to adjust to the changing times, whether it is to capitalize on an opportunity or to adapt for survival.”

    If it’s anything, they’re resilient and more than just overcoming, they’re winning.

    It was the passing of former managing director, Michael Hamlin four years ago that caused the biggest pain for the agency, “The contributions and expertise of such an effective leader is invaluable to TeamAsia but we fought to continue his legacy. With this vision, Bea decided to return to the Philippines after finishing her Master’s Degree in Boston and take on the reins as managing director.”

    This led to a new season for the agency, bringing in a dynamic and engaging mother-and-daughter leadership that is set to bring the agency to greater heights.

    This tandem also creates a fun and dynamic workplace, “Having a young workforce means having to get used to an environment buzzing with ideas, where people celebrate collaboration and individuality at the same time. We do things together but still give each other the freedom to do things our own way. Every day is exciting and we all learn and grow through exploration and collaboration.”


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