• The wonderful world of Mellie

    Becky Garcia

    Becky Garcia

    The ever-elegant Consul Amelia “Mellie” Romero Ablaza marked her 75th birthday in bold colors and prints—matching the joyful and vibrant mood of the occasion.

    Joining her in celebrating the important milestone was of course, her family led by loving husband Consul Louie Ablaza, and children Mark, Czarina, Jun Jun and close friends, celebrating a grand 75th birthday with festivities, food, and fashion.

    All roads led to Alfonso, Cavite on November 29 as invited friends braved the Tagaytay traffic so as not to miss Mellie’s birthday. It was all worth it as no stones were left unturned to make this truly an affair to remember.

    The formal invitation to the party instantly amazed the invited few. Inserted like a skirt on a sketch of Mellie was a printed silk chiffon scarf that served not only as the souvenir, but also as a symbol of the dress code to the party.

    Proud to turn 75, Mellie Ablaza expresses how happy she is with her life

    Proud to turn 75, Mellie Ablaza expresses how happy she is with her life

    Obliging, her guests were came in stylish silk prints and patterns. Along with the dress code was a statement that captures the joyful persona of Mellie: “Life is a party, dress like it!”

    It was a lively affair held at their grand estate, Amelia. Upon arrival, guests were invited to the chapel for a simple thanksgiving mass. Afterward, ushers dressed in modernized barongs by Steve de Leon and Ablaze Artwear & Artcessories escorted guests to the main house where a grand exhibit awaited.

    Upon entering the main house, a sign was displayed to inform guests that it was a tribute display to the Dean of Philippine Fashion, Ben Farrales (or Mang Ben as he is also known as).

    Mellie has been known not only for her unique parties or affable character in the social circles, but also as a standout fashionista. She credits some of her most notable pieces to Mang Ben, to whom she proudly shares a beautiful friendship with. Guests ogled at the details and unique pieces that were created specifically for Mellie by the fashion icon.

    At around noon, guests were invited to the pavilion where lunch was served. Styled by Jun Jun Ablaza, the overall theme of the décor was traditional Filipiniana. Native woven cribs were hung on the ceiling surrounded by fresh foliage and tropical flowers. The table was equally delightful with vegetables and fruits carefully placed together as eye-catchy centerpieces.

    Consul Mellie joined by her loving husband Consul Louie Ablaza

    Consul Mellie joined by her loving husband Consul Louie Ablaza

    The program hosted by Tedrick Yau began with Mel lie expressing her gratitude to guests who traveled all the way to Amelia to be with her family on such a memorable occasion.

    In her speech, she boldly announced her age, proudly sharing to everyone how happy she was with her life.

    It was then her family’s turn to sing the birthday song onstage, with Mellie’s grandson Santi Ablaza carrying the birthday cake for his grandmother.

    Lunch was served and the food was simply exceptional. Chef Jessie Sincioco was very hands on and personally inspected all the dishes her team prepared for the lunch. While guests chatted and dined, Alfonso, Agu, Amanu, and Azi Ablaza Syquia performed a violin rendition of Christmas Carols to entertain guests.

    At the time when Mang Ben was slowly retiring, he instructed Mellie to try designer Steve de Leon to create pieces for the countless socials she attends. Steve’s vision and design matched Mellie’s tastes and requirements. After that, their friendship and trust grew stronger.

     Abe Nini Licaros, Rosita Lesaca and Karen Macasaet

    Abe Nini Licaros, Rosita Lesaca and Karen Macasaet

    Over lunch, a capsule collection by Steve de Leon was presented. The show was directed by Oskar Attendido, with the assistance of Michele Sison and Trixie Orobia, in collaboration with events guru Jett Carpio. Entitled “Avante Garde in Filipiniana,” the collection showcased an evolving persona of a Maria Clara look. The finale pieces was worn none other by Mellie’s only daughter, Czarina Ablaza Syquia, who walked the runway in a look inspired by the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

    It was an affair that brought together Mellie’s love for friends, style, entertaining, and family. Never outdone, her parties have always been memorable, talked about by her avid guests and social spectators years after the event was held.

    To Mellie, your parties are truly unique and special. Looking forward to next year’s birthday bash.


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