• The worst of Aquino’s crimes: His lynch mob vs Corona in 2012


    Today marks the anniversary of the day of one of our Republic’s greatest infamies. That few people realize it is another demonstration that indeed, we Filipinos have very short political memories, one of the biggest reasons why we have failed in nation building.

    On May 29, 2012 the Senate removed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the head of the judicial branch of government which is co-equal with the executive and legislative branches, for failure to declare his dollar assets in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN), which nobody in government really does.

    They voted Corona guilty not because of the highest standards they felt the Chief Justice should meet. Rather, it was because of the lowest standards they felt they needed to comply with: It was the wish of President Aquino to remove Corona from that post, and they got rewarded for making his wish come true.

    Rather than the evidence against Corona, it was the billions of pesos given the congressmen and senators in pork-barrel funds and money through a new Aquino scheme called the Disbursement Acceleration Plan, it would be disclosed later, that made them vote Corona guilty. The five months during which we were regaled by then Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile with his legal acumen and apparent impartiality was all for show.

    porik barrel 2

    The smokescreen that there wasn’t any 30 pieces of silver for the crucifixion of our Republican system of three co-equal branches of government was the campaign of vilification against Corona, the likes of which we really hadn’t seen before, even if we include the demonization of President Gloria Arroyo.

    The difference between the smear drive against Corona and Arroyo is that in the latter’s case, state entities were used, from the Congress, the budget, the BIR, the Land Registration Bureau, the Ombudsman and even the central bank, which controls the Anti Money Laundering Council.

    It was a pyrrhic victory for Aquino though. Removing Chief Justice Renato Corona took five months to undertake, with his target refusing to resign before the trial started, which Aquino thought he would as Ombudsman Mercy Gutierrez did.

    However, the impeachment, the vicious character assassination against Corona and the threat to remove another justice, Mariano del Castillo, failed to intimidate the Court to rule for Aquino in the case of his family’s Hacienda Luisita.

    On April 2012, at the height of the impeachment trial, the Court ruled with finality that the sugar hacienda had implemented a bogus land reform. It was ordered to distribute its vast estate to its farmer-workers, and for them to be compensated a tenth of the cost his appointee Lourdes Sereno, who replaced Corona, had propounded.

    Even if Aquino had proven by some miracle to manage the country well after May 2012 — which he didn’t — his attack on the Supreme Court, if only we had a patriotic and independent Congress and armed forces, should have been enough to remove him from power.

    Never has a Philippine president schemed and mobilized illegally everything under his control as chief executive to attack the head of an equal branch of government.

    Bribery exposed

    What kind of country have we become that the bribery to convict Corona had been exposed, yet we have not as a nation moved to correct such injustice? We have swept this colossal scandal under the rug.

    Philippine historians in the future will be astonished how Aquino was able to mobilize and mesmerize institutions, which theoretically, are our bastions of democracy, to attack Corona.

    I’ve never seen such a vicious demonization campaign against an individual who stood his ground. Aquino gave a new meaning to that term “throw everything but the kitchen sink”; he threw everything against the Chief Justice,  from the petty to the cruel.

    Corona’s passion for learning represented by the Ph.D. he earned from the University of Sto. Tomas, the oldest university in Asia, was distorted by a writer who claimed the university “bent rules” to accommodate him. It was the banner story by the country’s biggest newspaper, simultaneously with a news website, whose ownership remains a mystery. That was a total hogwash.

    I am astonished that those who were at the lead of this lynch mob still strut around as if nothing had happened. A megalomaniac blogger posted on her blog details of what she alleged were Corona’s bank accounts. When  people ignored her post, she gave it to Liberal Party congressman Rey Umali, one of the prosecutors, who, after he leaked the illegal information, timidly told the Senate he got the data from a “small lady” whose name he forgot.

    Another yellow operative congressman, Jorge Banal, fantastically claimed that  information on Corona’s accounts  he got and gave the panel, was in an envelope he found at the gate of his residence. Harvey Keh of the Ateneo School of Government tried to get Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to admit as evidence these illegally acquired documents on Corona’s bank accounts. The former martial law administrator rebuffed him and lectured him on the principles of fair play and the rule of law.

    We would only know later what these bungling attempts to have illegal documents adopted by the impeachment court were all about.

    The AMLC had already thrown our bank secrecy and privacy laws to the dustbin, and had given Aquino’s operatives details of Corona’s bank accounts even before the trial stared. Their only problem was how to distort and disclose it. Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales showed them how.

    With dramatic flair as she waived purportedly AMLC documents given to her, Morales claimed Corona had $12 million in his dollar accounts. Why, it was a Commission on Audit member, Heidi Mendoza, who analyzed the data and came up with that figure she reported!

    Transactions, not balances

    How could they think we are all stupid, or have never had bank transactions. Morales and Mendoza added up transactions over nine years, not Corona’s balance. He had only $2 million, most of which he had accumulated as a private corporate lawyer in the 1980s. Count the debit and credit entries for each of your transactions in your bank book, and you’ll find you’re a millionaire.

    Did Morales ever apologize for her colossal error? I cannot comprehend why Morales could have treated her former colleague in the Supreme Court as a common criminal, a money launderer. Aquino had even destroyed people’s sense of decency.

    They claimed Corona had P200 million in his accounts, which he couldn’t have accumulated with his salary as chief justice. It turned out to be his savings when he was still a private lawyer, proceeds of sales of property that was part of the inheritance of his wife, and the savings of her daughters and son commingled with his account in order to command a higher interest rate.

    It was lie after lie against Corona. Land Registration Authority head Eulalio Diaz II, an Aquino appointee, claimed his office’s records show that Corona had 45 real estate properties. It turned out that most of these 45 properties were astonishingly not in Corona’s name, in a namesake’s name, or which the Chief Justice had long ago disposed of. How many properties did Corona own? Five.

    Screaming headlines vs Corona during his trial: Each and every one of these, and about a dozen other allegations, were proven false.

    Screaming headlines vs Corona during his trial: Each and every one of these, and about a dozen other allegations, were proven false.

    Corona was hiding a property in California, an allegation leaked again by Aquino’s operators to that dingbat blogger. It was bought dirt cheap during the real estate crisis in the US in 2008, by Corona’s daughter Charina, a physical therapist who worked two jobs to cough up the money for the mortgage. Aquino even used a Corona family squabble with his wife’s relatives to portray him as an evil man. A 90-year old nun was virtually dragged out of the convent, so she could be interviewed and misquoted to say something bad about the Coronas.

    Why do we allow such liars who besmirched not only a person’s reputation, but also that of his entire family, to go unpunished?

    There were eight articles of impeachment against Corona. Each was proven wrong by Corona’s defense counsels that by April, the Liberal Party prosecutors sheepishly announced they will pursue only one article, that on Corona’s SALN.

    It was because they already had illegally acquired from the AMLC details of Corona’s bank accounts, even if the matter of whether Corona’s failure to declare his dollar accounts violated his oath of office was debatable. After all, we have a secrecy law on dollar bank deposits. And after all, the penalty for submitting an inaccurate SALN was to correct it within a year.

    President’s double-cross

    It would be more than a year later in September 2013, that Senator Jinggoy Estrada — when he had become Aquino’s next target, together with Enrile and another senator, Bong Revilla — would rat on Aquino, shocked and exasperated over the double-cross of his president, whose Justice Secretary subsequently got him jailed over the misuse of the pork-barrel funds.

    I endured the tediousness of watching the televised trial for five months, and spent many hours studying the case, and asking legal experts for their analysis.

    It turned out to be a waste of time. It was a charade, as much a moro-moro as congressman Rufus Rodriguez’ months of hearings on the BBL are now.

    Estrada disclosed that administration operatives bribed him and the rest of those who voted Corona guilty, with pork-barrel funds, and with money raised through the Disbursement Acceleration Program Fund. Senator Bong Revilla even narrated how he was brought to the Palace in a car driven by Mar Roxas himself to meet with Aquino, who asked him to vote Corona guilty. In the meeting was Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, who assured him his P100 million pork funds would be released if he cooperated.

    The bribery charge had been actually made by defense counselor Judd Roy during the trial in early 2012, with Abad declaring that “not a single centavo was released in PDAF funds before, during, and after the trial.”

    But such data is routinely posted on the DBM’s website. I collated these and reported the exact amounts in PDAF and DAP funds released immediately before, during, and after the impeachment trial.

    Nations are built step by step as its institutions are strengthened in each episode as it confronts a crisis. Aquino severely damaged our institutions of democracy — Congress, the Supreme Court, the press, and even the bureaucracies of the executive branch — in order to remove Corona.

    For that alone, he will be judged by history as the worst ever president of this country.

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    1. Mr. Tiglao, all you have narrated above are factual events which will become the darkest time in Philippine political and judicial history relating to impeachment of the head of co-equal branch (judiciary) of the govt. by the Impeachment Court (Congress/House and Senate) and the Executive (President) through the crooked way of votation by bribery. Although CJ Corona maybe guilty of enrichment in office in a separate charge which was not brought up and proven, what made him guilty of was Corona’s false declaration of his assets in his SALN which charge could be true of all members of Congress and other high govt. officials, by hiding their cash assets in bank accounts guaranteed by the Secrecy Law!
      In the case of Corona, he was convicted by the Impeachment Court, not by the appreciation of evidence of dollar account found by ALMC, but by bribery of those members of Impeachment court who voted for conviction, in spite of the protection afforded by the privacy and secrecy of dollar account.
      The impeachment of Corona was the crowning glory of Pnoytard sham policy of “tuwid na daan” even it was the crooked and corrupt means of legally and ethically impeaching an official. It was, however, a fortuitous event of discovering the illegal disbursement of the DAP funds to members as bribe of the impeachment court in order to convict Corona.
      The impeachment case, however, showed also the legal ineptitude and lack of legal competence of Corona to face a legal confrontation affecting his reputation. Corona’s strategy of voluntarily taking the witness stand (upon the ploy and sham prodding of the Presiding Judge ENRILE to do so to appear credible and gain public sympathy) boomerang and proved disastrous to his character. Instead , Corona walked out in the middle of his cross-examination and refused to answer and feigned dizziness. Corona should have refused to testify and invoked self-incrimination. Instead, with confidence of a veteran litigator, he volunteered to testify but succumbed to intense and extensive examination of his dollar account reported by the ALMC , where could no longer blackout without bad consequences. Had Corona sat tight and invoked self-incrimination, he could still have the opportunity to challenge his impeachment conviction at the Supreme Court on ground of “grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack of jurisdiction “. Corona could have argued that the impeachment Court gravely erred in accepting the ALMC report of his dollar account since this foreign Curency account is protected and guaranteed secrecy by law which banned the inspection, inquiry and examination of the account without consent of depositor. Based on this, Corona could have appealed the conviction to the Supreme Court of which he was still the Chief Justice, while on appeal. The Supreme Court can take cognizance of the case, though it is said impeachment judgment is inappealble, but here it is the lack of jurisdiction that is being appealed, for its grave of abuse of discretion in admitting the ALMC report as evidence. Corona to me acted either overwhelmed with his case due to personal guilt of unlawful enrichment and greed for power or lack the legal prognosis
      due to stupidity. I say to Corona, you deserve what you got for your own fault. It is a shame of the judiciary to have the top magistrate fired and kicked out of position for simple under-declaration of assets in SALN, which could have rectified, as allowed by law, yet the cause of big downfall of Chef Justice Corona! Now you can relax being a Chef and cook!! ha ha ha

      • Below is a continuation of my above comments as a Rejoinder:

        Had the DAP unconstitutional ruling came down before Corona’s impeachment and therefore ban Pnoy from using DAP as bribes/funds, could a guilty verdict been handed down by the impeachment court based on ALMC report undeclared foreign dollar account asset which prohibits inquisition of. My informed decision is NO! The guilty verdict was politically motivated as initiated by Pnoy via bribes, but the -ACQUITAL decision could have been objective and more based on inadmissibility of foreign currency account secrecy deposit guaranteed by law. The representative vote of acquittal is the vote of Miriam Santiago who relied on the legality of admissibility of AMLC report. On one hand, Marcos vote was more an anti Pnoy vote. the rest of the members like Estrda, REVILLA who are oppositionists voted for conviction ONLY because of the 50 Million DAP bribe by Pnoy. The rest of the members like ENRILE, Sotto, Lapid, Legarda, Pimentel, Guingona , et.al. We’re via bribes not legal considerations.

    2. mark parayno on


    3. MEMBERS OF THE PROSECUTORS TEAM from Congress receives also pork , MILLIONS especially the province of Mindoro where the Umali comes, how much for the ILOILO CITY AND PROVINCE?

    4. bobby ulili on

      S0me0ne sh0uld write a b00k ab0ut this darkest chapter in p0st-edsa philippines.

    5. Esteban Abu on

      Benigno S. Aquino will go down in the annals of Philippine history as the worst president of the Philippines. Thank you Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao for your very honest and enlightening article. All fair-minded Filipinos must be able to read this.

    6. The best thing to ever happen was the revelation of Jinggoy Estrada and his “Gets ko na” statement concerning the crunchily created concept called DAP (coined on a delayed -basis by Abad) and bribery-manipulation through PDAF. For that, they got framed by the dirty tactics team led by Drilon of the Liberal Party. Stage -managed with Luy, B. as the gay star whistle blower of the Senate probe. When will the Filipino public ever learn to distinguish the acting jobs of Conchita Carpio Morales, during Corona’s impeachment and Ms. Gray -Ocampo during Erap’s trials? Sucker- punched twice/thrice, enough of being gullible! Do not ever believe the mainstream broadcast media and PDI.

    7. I dont mind if Corona be impeached for his wrongdoing. What I dont like is the dirty tactics used by Pnoy to impeached him. If he can do it to a Chief Justice, then he can do it to anyone among us. Its creepy and the the more creepier is the apathy attitude of the public toward Pnoy crimes (DAP/PDAP/Mamasapano/BBL).

    8. Dapat palang ihabla ang Metro Manila Film Festival noong 2012 dahil sa maling choice nila ng best actors and actresses. Dapat ang mga nasa listahan at yung mga implicated na kadawit sa proceedings ang dapat tumanggap ng mga tropeo. At si PNoy ang dapat tumanggap ng MegaBestActor award.

    9. After this administration Heidi will have her day in court as well as Morales.

      I wrote my last piece on Corona when he was impeached at PDI. tThere i poured out my heartfelt sadness at the outcome. i could still remember Legarda using the excuse of a government employee misdeclaring her SALN who was indicted but that was not the real reason which Lgarda capitalized on to make palusot of her receiving the bribe from Pnoy. i knew she knew the real score what with her vast power and fully manned office to search fo the truth on that case. But she turned a blind eye because 30 pieces of gold is tempting. All the senators then,with the exception of Marcos, Lacson, Santiago and Joker were exposed nakedly as corrupt. The greatest disppointment was Enrile,. Now he is paying bitterly so much more with the publication of his book singing Halleluyah to his accomplishments. I do not wonder if those who bought i copes burned or threw them in the garbge in disgust.

      There is a likelihood is ttht he same thing is being done to the Binays.

    10. Would that we had titans such as Tiglao in the senate now rather than the current shoal of minnows swimming together from one free meal to another without an ounce of intellect or integrity.

    11. The entire affair should be compiled and put together into one documentary and replayed for public re-viewing.

    12. Samuel Santos on

      Mr. Tiglao’s column for today, ought to be included in the nation’s history books.

    13. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

      Sana magdemanda si CJ Corona and family. $1 Trillion lawsuit EACH against the DESPICABLE president, ConCHEATa MORAL-Less, LIE-LA delimaw, lahat ng Tongressmen at Senatong, Inquirer at lahat ng nagpagamit kay DESPICABLE president.

    14. Let us show our objections to all what Pnoy did to us by not voting for his annointed one in the next election. Let us share and spread these information to other people and friends till the election time. Dakal salamat queng Ambassador Bobi.

      • Maybe within your circle but the best president this country has ever had is still PNoy.

        Many Filipinos will easily say that.

    15. Carlo L. Adan on

      Proof that he and his collaborators are the agents of Satan [except DepEd Secretary Brother Armin Luistro] is that the BOUGHT and YELLOW MEDIA of the Philippines and their friends amonmg the foreign correspondents stationed in the Philippines and the stupid heads of international bodies in the Philippines and abroad are PRETENDING that PNoy’s administration has started anti-corruption reforms. They are all, like BS Aquino himself, LYING.
      The only true reforms and accomplishments that have happened during these last five years that BS Aquino has been president, thanks to the corrupt Smartmatic PCOS machines, are those of Brother Luistro and his key people in Dep Ed. For fve years the Kto12 system has been gradually and properly implemented. Leftwing and Right wing critics of the DepEd achievements are all talking nonsense!

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Sometimes we are jolted by surprises and making exceptions would numbed our senses. DepEd head should not have been mentioned because he is in the midst of corrupt and inept officials. That alone could make him corrupt. Note the purchase of textbooks which are now made references to justify its purchase. One who is in his right senses would flee from evil company otherwise he and his organization would be suspects. The government now is represented by a head/chief executive who was voted not intelligently but emotionally and popularly . God bless the Philippines.

    16. This is very alarming considering that in Philippines, the most popular with sufficient fund on elections mostly wins. I just hope that whoever will be the next president will not continue these bad examples of DM (Daang Matuwid).

    17. The worst President and with Abad, the worst tandem. Even the “riding in tandem” assassins are probably better in the eyes of Heaven.

    18. Lahat ng mga kasamaang ginawa ni Aquino ay
      may nakalaang kabayaran kailan o paano ang
      Tadhana lang ang magpapasya
      Vindictive,arrogant,incompetent and the most
      dangerous crazy president the Philippines ever had

    19. I feel like throwing up after reading all these anomalies and crimes of PNOY and the subservience of the lawmakers in exchange for money. The prosecutors and the judges in the impeachment are dirtier and more corrupt than the person they are accusing.

      Is there any hope for the country? All the wannabee candidates for the presidency have not addressed the problems of the country – they are for their own self-aggrandizement.

      God help us.

    20. Allen LLamr on

      Had anyone or anybody either alone or organization may it be a political group or NGO`s should start researching in order to file a case against Noynoy and his cabals once he steps down from malacanang…I just hope they are doing it already because it`s going to be tedious knowing that all branches of Phili. govt and some media people included are laced with his KKK`s and c…suckers.

    21. P.Akialamiro on

      I followed the hearing of the impeachment of former CJ Corona, and I always believed from the very beginning that it was a very bad precedent. Its overall result have more damaging effect on the goernment than benefit. First of all, the motive was ‘personal’, but the force and resources of the government were utilized. Secondly, the rules of court and Anti-Money Laundering Law were stretched to justify the position of the government against Corona, claiming that the senate has the power to do so in the interest of the public.Thirdly, the senators finding the CJ guilty were bribed. Yet, it’s a case was claimed as ‘eradicating corruption’ when it was quite clear that it was a case of vendetta” because of Luisita!

      The bribery alone, which was confirmed by Sen. J. Ejercito, should exonerate Corona. I cannot imagine how these senators who convicted him can withstand their feeling of guilt through all these years. I am not talking about those who are really ‘elephant-skinned’ and still have the audacity to be addressed as “gentleman”.

      Considering all accounts of events, acts and decisions on this sitting president’s administration, it the the worst by far. But, what is really surprising is the fact that despite all of his vindictiveness, ineptitude, insensitivity and ‘abnormality’ to govern, the members congress are still subservient to him. Ah, it’s because of the PDAF/DAP monies!

      All of these circumstances are blatant disregard of the rights of the people and malversation of the peoples’ money. Is there anyone who should stand for the people, especially the poor? Or, is the current situation in the counry a case of “us” (masses) against “you” (rich and politicians)? I hope it will not reach that point when these two groups are literally at odds.

      May God bless the Philippines.

    22. sonny dela cruz on

      It has come to a point that the Filipinos should start overhauling the government, first by exposing all the CORRUPTS & DEAD BITS people, especially those members of the CONGRESS and all the CABINET MEMBERS of the President. The Philippines should abandoned the UNITARY SYSTEM of government and shift to FEDERALISM to reduce the power of the Executive Branch which was always been abused for PERSONAL AGENDA by the president. The Filipinos are always left alone to suffer from UNEMPLOYMENT, POVERTY, UNEDUCATED CHILDREN and neglect of OPPORTUNITIES to achieved a better life. Filipinos have to be a DOMESTIC HELPER abroad to be abused physically and mentally just to survived. Most of this DOMESTIC HELPER are educated that the country can benefit from their knowledge and hard work if the government will only creates employment in the country. How much TRILLION PESOS have been stolen by these CORRUPT PEOPLE in the government instead of providing DECENT EMPLOYMENT to the Filipino people and FEEDS THE HUNGRY. The government can afford to have FREE EDUCATION from grades school through high school, NO QUESTION ABOUT IT. The government has enough MONEY to feed the hungry people, provide LOW COST HOUSING for the HOMELESS Instead of living under the bridges and polluted canals of the cities, enough water for farm irrigation for the farmers. This are few of the country’s problems to mentioned and there are more of people’s sufferings because of CORRUPTIONS and government’s neglect to provide the right public service. Many are just waiting for 2016 elections, perhaps a change for the better in the government but the question is, HAVE THE FILIPINO MENTALITY HAS CHANGE TOO? to elect the right people to serve them? That answer comes 2016. If the Filipino people hasn’t change their way of selecting the right people to serve them.” PLEASE DON’T EVER COMPLAINED, YOU DESERVED IT”. Filipinos should be tired of being left alone and always fighting LIFE JUST TO SURVIVED. I always mentioned RICHARD J. GORDON to be the next president because his credentials shows he is the answer to many of the country’s problems. I DON’T KNOW HIM PERSONALLY AND I HAVE NO BENEFIT TO GAIN IF HE BECOMES YOUR PRESIDENT, THE ONLY CONSOLATIONS I WILL ACHIEVED IS I SEE A BETTER PHILIPPINES TO LIVE AND MY KABABAYAN ARE BETTER IN LIFE.

    23. The 5 pillars of the pnoy aquino administration

      Self-interest/vested interests
      Lies & propaganda

      All resulting in missed opportunities, protection of the status quo, a divided nation, and greater inequality.

      Whilst other members of ASEAN are focussing on infrastructure and innovation, pnoy aquino concerns himself with beauty queens and ribbon cutting, and abusing his power to compensate for his low self-esteem, anger issues, and personal inadequacies.

      A poor excuse for a man, and an abomination as a president.

    24. Mr. Tiglao sir, this is well written, factual and authoritative one. Mabuhay ka Sir we encourage you to do more of this kind of your article. Thank you sir.

    25. Johnny Ramos on

      Pnoy got away with it but his luck is about to expire next June 30, 2016, unless he can do massive cheating for his friend Mar Roxas. At this point Pnoy and Mar Roxas might do a Corona style of impeachment on VP Binay. These is doable in lower house since the majority of members believe in the basic power of the pork. Their problem is after the impeachment another presidential timber might come out better than Mar in the survey and disposing him could be more fatal with the party. One of the problem of Mar political attitude, malalim ang bulsa niya at sanay sa bunutan pag nalalapitan. I bet that Mar can not even win even in Cubao area alone.

      • P.Akialamiro on

        Mar Roxas, the Boy Driver, is a typical “oligarch” and has no ‘balls’. He’s a “yes man” as exemplified with his “numbness” even when he was bypassed on matters that should be within his authority in the DILG. He doesn’t know what “delicadeza” means. He is only good as ‘second fiddle’ and, as such, like his current boss, he cannot lead the country. When he is elected President, we have a president named Korina Sanchez!

        He should remain as Mr. Palengke and Boy Driver; doing errands for others!

    26. Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III, THE WORST EVER PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES fit PNoy to the T. There have never been any much worst than him.

    27. Roldan Guerrero on

      He is not just the WORST but also THE MOST STUPID this country ever had. He should never be called Pnoy he must be called “PIGNOY” sobrang pambababoy ang ginagawa nya sa Pinas at Filipinos mula noong 2010.

      • felicity monfelize on

        We have a stupid president because people who are more stupid voted for him. Come 2016, these same stupid people will vote for whomever PIGNOY will endorse.

    28. I Remember... on

      This is a country of “0” brain… just running after the money. Now that the money has been stolen, maybe the “0” brain should go after the thieves and do justice themselves! The French showed the best way to change things!

    29. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      The question here is, How can Corona explain his 12M dollars deposit and different properties and for the Binays, the independent AMLC finding of 16Billion pesos accumulated deposits (Binay used to be ordinary teacher (with no car) to being VP? Binay and Corona should explain their amassed wealth so that the Filipino people should and must know. I spoke recently to an OFW and he said that whenever they hear the LIES (non explanation of Binays wealth) of Binays, majority/all of the OFW (in the U.S.) said “kumukulo ang dugo ko pag naririnig namin ang kasinungalingan ng mga Binays.

      • Ogold Azures on

        Sorry to say it’s not 12M dollars, it’s only 2M. Please read the article again. Do you really believe AMLC is independent? C’mon! This is about politics. Open your eyes or maybe you are in a deep trance. This Abnoy administration can do everything to tarnish whoever they chose.

      • hewhoshouldnotbenamed on

        Ma’am, did you read the article very well and did you even follow the impeachment hearing? No need to explain that $12M wealth because they add up the “TOTAL TRANSACTIONS” for the past 9 years and not the “BALANCE”.