The worst possible invasion is upon us


We should be afraid. We should be very  afraid.

If the news is true, and there is no reason to believe otherwise coming as it does from such diverse sources as the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, the Philippine National Police, and even the Bureau of Immigration, then the dreaded Mexican drug cartels may be trying to muscle their way into Philippine territory.

For the past several decades, the presence of Chinese drug gangs has been known, and every so often their drug manufacturing dens are raided and the operators caught.

The Chinese drug cartels cannot hold a candle to the Mexican and other South American drug cartels in terms of sheer capacity for violence.

The Mexican cartels have fought US authorities to a near standstill. They employ all kinds of tactics to make sure that the drugs they push reach their target markets.

Along the way, they will kill anyone who gets in their way, be they federal or state officials. They have no qualms about killing the families of drug enforcers, women and children included.

Often, they do not resort to a simple bullet in the head. They can go as far as beheading their targets, an act that only the most vicious terrorists are capable of doing without blinking an eye.

The Mexican cartel is said to be partnering with other Asian drug dealers, be they Japanese, Chinese or Korean. Quite naturally, they will have Filipino partners, as well.

The threat they pose is beyond serious.

If the Mexican cartel can muscle their way into Philippine operations, we can expect them to do so in ways that our law enforcement agencies may not be able to handle. Not for them the easy path of paying bribes to local officials and police or military authorities.

If this problem is not handled properly at this early stage, it will not take long before the Philippines is virtually ruled by the foreign drug lords.

Such as possibility has always been raised by the PDEA as well as the Philippine National Police. They have raised the spectre of narcopolitics resulting in numerous local government officials under the thumbs of the drug lords. Before long, they will have national officials in their pockets, as well.

The Aquino administration should not hesitate to seek the help of Western countries which have successfully neutralized the drug menace.

Beginning with traditional ally the United States, our law enforcers should be trained as early as possible on the steps to take to minimize the damage the cartels can inflict.

The country can even learn a lesson from such neighbors as China, Indonesia and Malaysia, which executes drug lords.

Let there be no doubt about it. The arrival of the Mexican drug cartels is the worst possible invasion that our beloved country can ever face. They exist for the sole purpose of destroying our youth and earning billions from their evil trade.

The government must give no quarters to the invaders. Nothing less than their absolute destruction is called for.

To be brutal about it, they can ply their trade elsewhere, but not this country of ours.


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  1. Johann Dagupan on

    Bring back death penalty if you want to drive them away. Without death penalty, everything under the law has no teeth with it.