The Year of the (Scape)Goat


THE Chinese lunar year may consider this the Year of the Goat, but for the Aquino administration this might as well be the Year of the Scapegoat. Any attempt to lay the blame on President BS Aquino The Last will certainly get his goat, and nobody in his inner core wants that.

On second thought, it should be Years of the Scapegoat for since June 30, 2010, the administration has always pinned the responsibility on persons other than the President or his cohorts. Former Presidents Marcos and Arroyo, the weather, world economy and now, canned Special Action Force chief Gen. Getulio Napenas are Exhibits “A” of this propensity to point fingers at others, to find scapegoats for anything amiss during the current administration.

The followers of President BS Aquino The Last may consider him lily white (or is it “as pure as the vestal virgins?”) who could do nothing wrong. Or, if they do believe that he had committed a big blunder, they go to any extent just so the wrong things won’t be attributed to him.

During their days as cadets, the present top military officers were the epitome of honesty.

Now, they’re most willing to lie, to lose their credibility, just to keep their commander-in-chief from getting any flak from the Mamasapano Massacre. Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll confess that they killed Andres Bonifacio should BS Aquino The Last order them to say so.

The House of Representatives decided to conduct an inquiry to know the truth about the Mamasapano Massacre, only to stop it when there were attempts by the Makabayan bloc led by Rep. Neri Colmenares to call the president. Oh yes, a friend said that during the congressional hearing, he heard the chairman say that the purpose of the inquiry (sic) “is to know what is really happened.”

The defenders of the faith still have to say something coherent on why the President has refused to give full details on his involvement in and knowledge of the Mamasapano incident. They decry “rumors” about the truth but ignore the fact that the truth could have been bared if only the President hasn’t been reluctant to dwell into details.

I must concede the apologists of Malacañang are quite creative at making a spin on any issue against their idol. They brand those who want stronger action against the MILF as “pro-war” or “anti-Muslim.” To their mind, one can’t seek justice and still be pro-peace. They criticize those who shout against the atrocity for being “emotional,” as if to be against ghastly deeds were a sin. They say those who seek a review of the Bangsamoro Basic Law are against peace in Mindanao, as if one can’t be against the BBL and for peace at the same time.

The followers of the Malacañang tenant are even turning the tables on the family of the massacre victims who accuse him of doing nothing to help the SAF heroes. These Yellowtards are saying the family members shouldn’t feel so bad because they know their kin were soldiers who could die any moment in performing their duties. These Aquino diehards even accuse the relatives of trying to gain media mileage by airing their complaints.

To Malacañang, their friends in the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) are not to blame for the massacre. The SAF commandos asked for it–deserved to die and treated brutally– for invading MILF “territory” without coordination in trying to arrest Marwan. But hey, hasn’t the MILF kept saying that Marwan wasn’t in their territory?

The President is not lily-white. He’s not a saint just because he refuses to accept any blame.

Filipinos would respect a sinner who admits his errors, accepts his accountability, begs for forgiveness and vows never to commit the same sins again. I guess the President, a serial sinner, cannot do any of these things so this gives more reason for Filipinos to flock to EDSA tomorrow to seek his resignation.


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  1. I hate to say this but I had entertained the idea that because Ninoy (the father) died and probably killed by someone from then PNP Avsecom alluding the same to Galman, he (Noynoy, the son)) secretly nurtured hatred for the men in uniform, hence when the PNP SAF were placed in such a predicament of a life and death situation he just allowed the carnage to happen. . .But I may be wrong, I tell you. Pero di ba sinabihan niya mga naulilang pamilya ng PNP SAF 44, ” napatay din ang tatay niya, KAYA PATAS NA TAYO”

  2. I really love the humor in this article in spite of the bluntness of the author. Good journalism and straight to the point. BSAquino has no feelings. remember when he told the families of the fallen soldiers, “nasaktan din daw sia ng pinatay ang tatay nia kaya parepareho n alang daw sila”, Improper words at improper times, words coming from a child not from an adult much more the president. whatever hurt he had before does not mean that others should also feel his hurt. why he became president is beyond me. His posture when he stands up has his hand pointing somewhere else, because he will never be at fault. He could never admit his mistakes. Does he have BPD that everything good centers around himself alone and anything and everything bad is other people’s fault?

  3. iamwell bungari on

    Edsa? No longer the best place for people to assemble and express their grievance. The place is the residences. If indeed majority of the Filipinos desire a regime change all they have to do is to stay at home for three straight days. But they should first have a food supply that can last for 72 hours. Imagine if nobody goes to work or to anywhere,and does no business including on line in three days, that would be a big big noise in expressing the people’s grievance in the silence of our homes.

  4. Now that PNoy exposed himself on his real self, we can now judge Aling Gloria when she asked for apology from the citizens for calling the Comelec Commissioner TO FIND OUT HOW HER TEAM STOOD IN THE ELECTION AND TO ASSURE THAT HER VOTES BE PROTECTED. Yet if one recalls, the yellow spinners and those who resented her feasted on her apology and concluded that she cheated in the election. Now, since it is PNoy who is exposing himself as the biggest liar of a “president” we ever had, the same Arroyo accusers are the first ones to make excuses and protect this liar. Wow, how times changed people.

  5. Abnoy-noyingski on

    Yehey! Sama kami sa EDSA at kung saan pa, dapat ng matigil itong kasisinungaling nitong mga Yellow (Hepa) Group na ito…sobra na, tama na!

  6. PNP- SAF’s if I am not mistaken, were sacrificial lambs of Noy, Allan and the U.S., explains why DILG and Acting PNP Chief bosses were not informed to get the cash?, (hope not)) and credit for themselves but in an ironical twist of fate and unexpectedly the 44 SAF’s were butchered as a result , obviously a conspiracy was hatched with the MILF, as the latter was alluded to have given information as to the whereabouts of the terrorists Marwan and Usman as proven by order to stand down despite their (SAF’s) plea for help. There was evident reluctance to retaliate and rescue the hapless policemen. Can this be considered circumstantial evidence to support a case of consummated ‘treason’? ? ? Any lawyer please explain. . .

    • I share with your thoughts about Masasapano massacre! It’s true there was a cover up to save Pnoy. The fallen SAF44 are heroes and they were made as a sacrificial lamb to escape Pnoy’s accountability and responsibility of his crime against his men! What a pathetic, heartless, incompetent president we have! Time to go Mr. President, now is the accepted time, time to leave. You have a bad legacy to leave behind!

    • Brod Fernando Dagohoy, in my observation Cadet Cudia wasted his only one chance to commit the blunder of lying, in common lingo a (white lie) as a PMA’er one should prepare to commit it so all Filipinos may be convinced to believe it, whether they like it or not, for them truth is not the priority, it comes secondary. Si Cudia small time liar, sila (you know who they are) big time. They reverse the truth even would imply the SAF commandos were to blame for not coordinating (with terrorists? ? ?) Hence their deaths, do we agree with them with implied exoneration of their butchering the government troops, and heartfelt thanked them for returning the firearms of the slain policemen? ? ? OMG, only in the Philippines, such Hitlerite mind whitewashing that lies repeatedly told, will ultimately be regarded as true. He- he- he. . .