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    Becky Garcia

    Becky Garcia

    Happy new year to all our readers! May the year 2017 bring us more success in our business, continued perfect health, peace and harmony in the world, and best of all, love for everyone.

    I am privileged that I have featured some of the significant events in my column like the 20th anniversary show of the Dancesport Council of the Philippines; the Club Bulakeno Ascot Ball, The Grand Red Cross Charity Ball, Don Ado Celebrates Life, Concert for Friendship, A Celebration of Time and Ehtos—Kay and Rey, Hotel Jen Manila Launches Windows By the Bay, The Art of Re-Interring A President, When Art Meet Fashion 2 and Dante Alighiere Award and several restaurant and shop opening from January to December.

    Hi! Society and George Sarakinis

    Hi! Society and George Sarakinis

    But before the year officially ends, I have been privileged to witness one more event for a good cause. The Philippine Missionari Della Fondazione Di Carita Inc. was organized to understand the essentiality of helping the community. They have extended a monumental amount of charitable works for the past twenty years and initiated life-long programs on feeding, learning, health care, social care, livelihood, safe environment, shelter and community building.

    Founded by Charled Pointer and Judith Jacala-Tan, the Philippine Missionari Della Fondazione Di Carita Inc. was born out of the desire to constitute a general well-being of underprivileged children and care for the aged. Their vision is to “alleviate poverty and help the needy”.

    The foundation’s mission, on the other hand, is to build programs and infrastructure that will be sustainable and help primarily the sick and the homeless achieve a better life and provide support in the poorest communities in the world.

    To be able to give the best for the destitute, the foundation has put a lot of effort into raising funds and finding additional resources to help support programs.

    “Oneness in Diversity of Philippine Art—A Charity Ball Fashion & Sculpture Art Auction,” was the highlight of the foundation’s launching night.

    The launching of the Philippine Missionari Della Fondazione Di Carita Inc.

    The launching of the Philippine Missionari Della Fondazione Di Carita Inc.

    The special events was hosted by the debonair Johnny Litton, with unveiling of the symbol of the foundation led by the CEO and co-founder Pontier and fashion propped up by the world’s prominent designer, Danilo Franco. As expected, the event was graced by the women of power and style, namely: Elma Leonardo, Corporate Executive, mother and wife; Grace Gobing, Cancer Survivor, mother of three and wife; Ann Ong, entrepreneur and award winning jewelry designer; Imelda Pechera, entrepreneur, mother and co-founder and president of “I ship Logi Pack Incorporated;” Lorelei Dallaz Ilagan-Eure, active member of foundation and wife; Kitty Doll; mother and wife; Marcott Almeda, philanthropist, businesswoman, an epitome of fashion and style; Salome Uy, CPA, Businesswoman, mother and wife; Joshlyn Louie Jacala, aspiring surgeon; Nida Unas, real estate broker, mother and wife; Mylene Yabut, businesswoman in advertising and mother; Aureen Dela Paz, Doctor of Medicine; and Alta Redor-Lyttle, businesswoman, wife and mother.


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