Their vows for the labor sector:


BINAY20160502Binay: 2M jobs a year
Vice President Jejomar Binay promised to create two million jobs a year or 12 million jobs for the duration of his term if he wins on May 9.

The standard-bearer of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) said this can be done by setting aside seven percent of the annual gross domestic product (GDP) for infrastructure development, opening the country to more investors and stopping the government’s under-spending.

“We will spend at least P950 billion to P1 trillion every year for infrastructure projects. Government spending will not only spur economic activity, it will also create jobs. Government will be one of the biggest employers in the country,” he said in a statement issued on Sunday.

The Vice President added that P1 trillion will be used to build roads, bridges, airports, railways, seaports and other necessary infrastructure.

“Maraming sira at masikip na mga kalye, ganun din ang mga tulay, airports at seaports na nakakapigil sa mabilis na daloy ng kalakalan at paghahatid ng mga serbisyo sa mga kanayunan [There are many damaged and narrow roads, it is the same for bridges, airports and seaports that prevent the speedy flow of trade and delivery of services to the countryside],” Binay said.

He added that there will be more foreign investors if the economic restrictions in the Constitution are eased.

Citing data from the Commission on Audit (COA), Binay’s camp said the government had at least P2.1 trillion savings from 2011 to 2014.

“Dahil sa under-spending, maraming Pilipino ang naghihirap, panahon na po upang wakasan ito [Because of under-spending, many Filipinos are suffering, it is time to put an end to this],” Binay said.


* * *

poe20160502Poe: 1.7M jobs, end contractualization
THE labor sector will indeed benefit under a Grace Poe administration if the senator delivers on her promise to produce 1.7 million jobs and end contractualization.

Poe promised to generate more than a million jobs every year for six years as a step in fighting criminality.

She said this is doable because she plans to develop the manufacturing and tourism sectors, along with the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The senator added that her administration will give MSMEs easier access to financial assistance so that more Filipinos will be encouraged to venture into business.

“I will eliminate, if not minimize poverty because I will provide every Filipino enough opportunity, jobs and earnings for their family,” she said.

Her administration, according to the senator, will also provide genuine support to the manufacturing sector, which comprises more than half of the Philippines’ industrial sector and accounts for almost a quarter of the country’s GDP.

Poe also vowed support to infrastructure projects to strengthen the tourism industry, which contributes one of every 10 jobs in the country.

“If I am elected President, I will not be contented with the rise in GDP and other statistics, which to most Filipinos are only numbers. What I want to see is the lives of the poor people improving because that is the true indication of progress,” she said.

Poe also vowed to end contractualization or “endo” (end of contract) but without sacrificing the viability of businesses.

“I will not allow ‘endo’ to continue because you cannot plan your future if you are not certain if you still have a job tomorrow, that is why I understand the position of the workers,” she said.


* * *

roxas20160502Roxas: More jobs, better lives
Just like his rivals, administration presidential bet Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd promised more jobs and better living conditions and termination of the practice of contractualization within three to six months if he wins the presidency.

He said he plans to advance job creation by developing various sectors particularly the manufacturing and tourism industries and boost agricultural productivity to spur jobs creation.

Part of his platform of government is the expansion of infrastructure and the inter-connectivity of different sectors of the economy to improve access to and encourage the creation of employment opportunities.

Roxas said there will be more investments in technology to provide Internet connectivity to all communities, particularly those in far-flung or relatively rural areas. Labor market information will be devolved to each barangay or village (for workers) and to each city and municipality (for employers) to facilitate skills-job matching.

In his platform of government, Roxas also plans to foster the study and development of flexible and lawful work arrangements to adapt to the needs of employees and employers, thereby securing humane working conditions and encouraging the creation of jobs.

Youth employment will also be encouraged, with the government providing assistance by exempting first-time jobseekers from government licensing, clearance and permit fees, as well as by giving jobseekers counseling in every barangay to facilitate efficient skills-jobs matching among the youth.

Roxas would also want to encourage entrepreneurship by providing entrepreneurial and livelihood opportunities.


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  1. ronto caniada on

    Wake Up Philippines, do not let Binay rules the Philippines he is biggest crooks.

  2. Nog-Nog Binay has his eyes focus toward the PHILIPPINES Treasury savings amounting to P2.1 Trillion. That’s a gigantic amount of money if all it falls into Nog-Nog treasury and banks accounts overseas, he will be the riches Filipino alive in the 21th Century! It all start in Makati.

  3. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Binay’s plan is well researched and the most realistic plan, comparing to Poe’s and Roxas’. However, none of these candidates are willing to restructure labor laws, such as allowing UNIONIZED labor force. This is the strongest bargaining tool for laborers and this will protect them as well. Job security, retirements, damage compensations (such as death while doing their job) just to name the few benefits that UNIONS can fight on behalf of the laborers.

    Back to “Binay’s Plan”, pumping huge amount of money into the economy by building infrastructures will stimulate growth and progress. During the Great Depression in the 1930’s, the U.S. Government has built lots of roads, buildings, bridges across the nation, such as the Golden Gate Bridge in California, Hoover Dam in Nevada, everywhere in between, all the way up to the Empire State Building in New York. There were so many jobs, people made a lot of money, and stimulated the economy as well. Word War II started, the whole U.S. labor force participated in what they call then as WAR EFFORT, and the U.S. Forces were able to defeat enemies in two major fronts, EUROPE and PACIFIC.

    Here is the bottom line; If Binay’s Plan is implemented, we will see the progress in economy, progress in people’s lives, and this should be the beginning of a new tomorrow for the Filipino People. I would also add to increase the budget of COA, so they can hire more auditors, and a 100% compliance with acquisition law, such as public bidding. Hopefully, Congress will create a legislation for President Binay, his family, and cohorts to stay OUT on all of these projects, to avoid conflict of interests.

  4. 2 Million more CORRUPTION Binay Nog-Nog is to incur Philippines if he is elected President and Two more Family DYSNASTTIES will he begin to institute and create. One for him and his Son and the other is for his wife and daughter’s. Keep a very close watch of Nog – Nog political activities, but watch more closely about the rocket growth of his wealth and financials holdings which were acquired through skillful CORRUPTION Performance! Wow to Binay achievements.