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    In a city awash with kids picking up several colors of Anti–social Social Club and Feel Like Pablo T-shirts from Divisoria, it’s easy to see streetwear as a fashion statement for the masses. And at its core, it is—streetwear is about comfortable, everyday clothes fused with an unique neo-Asian aesthetic. It’s usually characterized by simple yet striking pieces: a hoodie emblazoned with a logo, all-black pieces accentuated by a multicolor pair of Nikes, or oversized sweaters over skirts.

    However, streetwear is so much more than the DIY-ripped jeans and class-A Yeezys, and Oxygen is setting out to bring affordable and en pointe streetwear to the Philippines and Vietnam. Breaking out with their brand new holiday collection filled with easy-fit tees, graphic hoodies, selvedge denim and active-inspired coordinates, Oxygen is shaping itself up to be a streetwear-centric brand at a price point that everyone can afford.

    To this end, Oxygen is collaborating with three local streetwear icons: VJ Donny Pangilinan, fashion designer and musician Kiana Valenciano, and up-and-coming model Mauri Loosli. Each of these “cool kids” have been streetwear icons in their own right. Even before being tapped by Oxygen as endorsers, Donny, Kiana, and Mauri have been rocking their own laid-back but thought-out styles, leading them to gain thousands of followers on their social networks for their style alone and becoming “streetwear inspo” icons.

    Denims, T-shirt and a leather jacket
    Even with all the flashy pieces in their wardrobes, all three agree there are just some things your wardrobe should never lack. Kiana, who hopes to collaborate with Oxygen in future pieces, keeps on hand a few key pieces that always find their way to her wardrobe. She relates that since her teenage years, her mainstays have been her denims, an army of white t-shirts, and a leather jacket.

    Donny on the other hand prefers the lazy-cozy feels of a few nice hoodies. Comfort is of the essence during long hours in the studio. As such, he keeps his wardrobe stocked with the necessities like plain button downs and printed t-shirts, pairing them with his huge collection of sneakers.

    Mauri, discovered randomly by an Oxygen representative while he was walking around wearing all-Oxygen gear, swears by his collection of plain black shirts and jeans, an effortless combination that just needs the perfect pair of sneakers to pull off. His key pieces that he cannot leave home without are his shades, his Louis Vuitton coin purse, and his smartwatch.

    Though simple, these kids are the perfect muses to Oxygen’s works of art. With their current focus on streetwear, the three need only to be themselves instead of the typical full wardrobe conversion you might see from most influencers today. They will also be touring Oxygen branches across the Philippines to promote the holiday line, giving the country a chance to see how streetwear will work from them.

    Never again will Pinoy kids settle for expensive overseas brands as these cool pieces will be priced appropriately for the Philippine market. Tees and accessories start at P299, bottoms at P799, and jackets for P999. Additionally, Oxygen will be releasing a line of performer-branded clothes and accessories, featuring RUN DMC, David Bowie, and the Rolling Stones. These will be given the same streetwear treatment that they are pushing for, and are sure to be a hit with the cool kids in the coming months.


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