• There is indeed a God


    (By Erwin Tulfo, Opinion, October 11, 2013)
    I truly believe that God was with you to protect you most specially if you pray to Him, got goosebumps reading your experience and thank you for sharing cuz you just shared an experience that only God can help and protect us.
    Lou Ellen, Louellen.14@gmail.com

    Thank you and God bless you Sir for sharing this. Our Blessed Mother took care of her most precious Son Jesus. She would take care of us too.
    Romeo K. Escuyos Jr., romeoescuyos@gmail.com

    For those who survived the calamity, there is indeed a god and to thank him, and for those who losts their loved ones, god don’t exist.

    Why thanked god for something he sent which resulted to thousands of death? is god benevolent for some and malevolent for others? if he is indeed both at the same time, then he is not a good god.
    Andrei Mendoza, andreimendoza@mail.com

    Thank you Erwin for your inspirational story. God is truly great. All glory to Him. Thanks to Jesus our Savior. Thanks to our Mother Mary, the help of Christians.
    Francis Rey Apo, francis_rey_apo@yahoo.com


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    1. What happened to us is history repeating itself. Remember how Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed due to rampant sinful acts by unrighteous people.Only 3 righteous people were saved by God. We are still lucky and thankful for many survived.
      The series of natural calamities reflected how we took care of nature and how we treated our fellowmen. If we denuded our forest covers and wind breakers, we technically removed our natural shields and exposed ourselves to imminent dangers of typhoons and floods.The way we worshipped and follow the commandments of God may not be in accordance with how the bible or Jesus guided us. We invented lots of non-biblical rituals, worshipped money, commercialized wooden/concrete idols prohibited by God, we asked a lot but remain ungratefull and unmindful for all God’s blessings . At worst, some people even doubt and blame God for all the catastrophes. If we analyze how we behaved as country and people,we can easily understand if we deserve rewards or punishments. What is needed today are national prayers for God’s intervention and we must sincerely repent and ask for forgiveness for all our sinful acts. Our political, religious and civic leaders must come together to lead these national prayers with humility and repentance as we ask for God’s forgiveness, be grateful for all God’s bountiful blessings. But before we seek for God’s forgiveness, we must forgive our brothers and sisters for their transgressions. While we need natural shields, we need Spiritual cover and Divine protection.