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A ward-winning actress Therese Malvar is already 16 years old, but sometimes people still think of her a child actress by mistake. It’s probably because of her lean frame that makes her look much younger for her for age; but one thing’s for sure—the roles she plays are hardly kid’s stuff.

Therese was only 13 when she won the Cine Filipino Best Actress award for Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita, beating seasoned actress Nora Aunor. She was also Cinema One Original’s Best Actress for Ralston Jover’s Hamog for 2015. The same movie also won for her the Moscow International Film Festival Best Actress award as well as the Screen International Rising Star Award from the New York Asian Film Festival.

Does she feel the pressure of being a multi-awarded actress as she continues to pursue her showbiz career?

“I am very thankful to my directors for choosing me for their projects but I must admit I am feeling the pressure. People look up to me as someone who is good in what I do, but if I make a mistake, they might look at me differently. I must say I feel so much pressure and that makes me feel insecure at times,” said Therese at the press conference of her latest movie Ilawod where she plays the water elemental spirit Isla.

Under the helm of box-office director Dan Villegas, Ilawod is also Therese’s first horror film and where she gets to play a sensual role.

Therese Malvar

“My objective is to seduce Ben (played by Harvey Bautista). Every touch I make on him should mean something. Isla’s confidence is strong, which is very far from reality because I am not that confident. I am also not a touchy kind of person,” she related.

Therese said the get-together or bonding session that Villegas organized for the cast was very helpful in her performance. “I became more comfortable with Harvey, although I nust admit I was somewhat uneasy with the scenes where I had to touch him. Nahirapan talaga ako. Direk Dan even guided me with my manner of walking because I needed to be graceful.”

Ilawod marks Therese’ transition from a child actress into a mature performer, yet she says, “Okay lang naman po sa akin if they think child star pa ako. I admit I look young pero naiinggit ako kay Harvey kasi he is tall for his age at 13,” she added giggling.

As for other projects, Therese recently signed an exclusive contract with GMA Network, and was part of the cast of Oh My Mama with Yna De Belen and Jhake Vargas.

“I like what I am doing and I would like to take things as they come. Maybe the Lord wants the blessings to come one by one. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the way things are turning out but I am very grateful for everything,” she ended.


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