Things I am thankful for



The last, but definitely not the least, set of things I am thankful for as I turn 30.

24. I thank God for making me sick yet again this year as this called my attention on overworking and my self-sufficient tendencies. This time I had difficulty breathing–my asthma’s resurrection—a physical ailment that made me pause and reflect on my mental, emotional and spiritual state.

I realized that I was working too hard – already sacrificing my health because I was depending on my own strength and abilities to fend for our family. The Lord spoke to me mightily through Matthew 16:25 “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”

How could God demonstrate His Divine Provision if I was doing all the work and leaving Him no space to bless? And the work I was doing was not primarily to serve Him anymore but to serve my pride and needs. God had to call my attention and realign me. Thank you Lord!

25. I am thankful for God’s Grace and Generosity; His good plans for us. A month after my 3-year stint on “Idol Sa Kusina” ended, Gummy and I were blessed with our very first TV commercial endorsement for a food brand. We shot the commercial out of the country and we flew on business class, also an answered prayer, for the first time. Everything was not only paid for but we were also blessed with a daily per diem for the duration of our shoot. Truly, every good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:17).

26. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet, for the second time, the baker I look up to in my business and family life, “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro. And it was not just for a short meet and greet but for hosting the three Masterclasses he had when he visited the country for TLC Festival 2017. In the four hours or so that I spent with him on and off the stage, I learned so much about business and life principles, which I consider a rare privilege.

‘Most thankful for the gift of family’

27. I am thankful for God’s supernatural favor. Last year, I was blessed to become the first-ever ambassador of Avon Home. But that endorsement was endangered when I lost my job at the cooking show. Come to think of it, how can you be an ambassador of cooking when you are not visibly cooking on TV? But I surrendered the matter to the Lord. It was Him who gave me the project the year prior and it is up to Him to give it still or take it away, whenever He pleases, for a good purpose.

And He supernaturally allowed me to be renewed even without a cooking show! I am blessed to say that I am still the Mombassador of Avon Home this 2018. Praise God for bestowing undeserved favor!

28. I thank God for giving me the desire and commitment to finish reading the Bible in 362 days. In my almost 7-year walk with the Lord, I never read the Bible from cover to cover. And so I tick that off of my 2017 spiritual goals. This year, I pray to be able to take Bible classes to study God’s Word more in depth.

29. I thank God for freeing me from debt, which I know is ultimately rooted in materialism. It was one of my three birthday prayers—that I will receive a cheque big enough to pay off my credit card debt, incurred from paying for things which I do not have the money for yet. Freedom from debt took place on December 13. Thank you Jesus! I have learned my painful lesson. It is not that credit card ownership and usage are bad because it is not—it is how I mishandled having it.

30. Thank you Lord for allowing our home furniture to be complete before Christmas—the day I turned 30. Some good things really take time. And when you wait patiently and faithfully, you see everything as a blessing—yes, even delays. Next to freedom from debt, it is really the completion of His Dwelling Place that is my bigger prayer because I know during the holidays, family would want to come over and be together.

And this home was blessed to us as a “meeting place,” where people will feel peace, love and ultimately God’s Presence (Ezekiel 37:27). I praise God because everything in our humble home was carefully decided and prayerfully acted on after God’s prompting, to be made exactly how He purposed it to become. I praise God for the suppliers that came my way and extended such favorable arrangements for our home. Thank you Mabel of Gree, Ria Ngo-Zamora of Hi-lites and Bonibelle Siy, owner of Best Wall Paper for being a blessing to us!

Thank you Lord for the 30years of my life—for how You have been working mightily through it.

These 30 things comprise only 30 percent of the total listed blessings on my Book of Blessings! And its only for the year that was!

I can only pray that You use me more so that others will desire to get to know You as their Lord and Savior, Friend and Father, Protector and Provider, Companion and Comforter. All I have is because of You. All Glory to You Alone!


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