• Think before you open your mouth, Mr. President


    ONCE again, the President has shown how irresponsible some of his statements are. They clearly manifest lack of proper thinking or, shall we say, common sense.

    In Brussels last week, PNoy was asked about human rights violation in our country. He immediately cited as an example the killing of journalists, which made the country the third most dangerous place in the world for media men and women.

    “Were they exercising their profession in a responsible manner? Or did they perish because they are doing something else”? PNoy asked.

    Observers believe the President was almost saying that it’s the deceased journalists fault for being killed.

    Were the 29 journalists killed in the Ampatuan massacre doing something else other than their duty to cover the newsworthy filing of the certificate of candidacy of the challenger to the Ampatuan dynasty?

    How easy can PNoy forget what had happened to his father?

    Sen. Benigno Aquino was killed because he was very vocal against the former regime. The question now is, did Ninoy do it in a responsible manner, knowing that the regime at that time was very vindictive?

    And could someone drill this common sense into PNoy’s thick skull… whether journalists were killed in line of duty or not, it is the prime responsibility of the state to protect them and all of its citizens.

    Killing people for vengeance or to seek redress should have no place in a civilized world, Mr. President.

    * * *

    CIDG to seek BIR help vs. unscrupulous contractors

    After filing charges of violation of the procurement act against seven contractors of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) before the Office of the Ombudsman, the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) will ask the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) help to go after these group of businessmen.

    An official of the CIDG, who asked for anonymity since he is not authorized to speak about the case, told this writer their unit will submit to BIR Commissioner Kim Henares within the week the names of the contractors who were involved in the P1.2 billion construction of an irrigation system in Caraga region in 2012 but left it unfinished.

    The CIDG would like to find out if these contractors paid the government the right amount of taxes from the P1.2 billion they made among themselves in 2012, the police official said.

    My police informant said, “dapat milyon-milyon din ang binayad nilang buwis na magre-reflect sa kanilang income tax statements noong 2013 sa laki ng kinita ng bawat isa sa kanila.”

    The CIDG official, however, clarified that it will be up to the BIR to file charges of tax evasion against these contractors if they failed to pay the right amount of taxes that time.

    The contractors earlier charged by the CIDG were Corazon Jimenez, of Dungan Construction; Leo De Guzman, of LMG Construction; Rolando Juachon, of Wiro Construction Co.; Christina Zamora of MC Zamora Construction; Ernesto Salazar, of MG Salazar Builders; Palmea Construction in Pampanga, and Ruiz Construction of Butuan City.

    I do hope these people paid the right dues to the BIR. Otherwise, Comm. Henares, a no-nonsense official, will surely go after every centavo these contractors have.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.


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    1. BS Aquino does not know how to respond to anything except how does bribery work. He can talk hours about that. It is the only subject he knows. But has also been instructed not to talk about that in public.

    2. The pronouncements of this president in Brussels regarding the murdered journalists and, in Boston, on getting back at the Marcoses, show what kind of person this president is. At best, he has no tact and finesse but, ‘confirmed’ what others have been saying about him.