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 Rocco Nacino

Rocco Nacino

Award-winning actor Rocco Nacino and multitalented actress Lauren Young take on more challenging roles in GMA Network’s upcoming primetime series, Hiram na Alaala, a psychological-drama, whose lead stars are Dennis Trillo and Kris Bernal.

On Thursday night, the pair of actors graced a pocket interview with entertainment editors, and showed how a deeper understanding of one’s role can make all the difference for the cameras.

Rocco, who completed a Nursing degree before joining show business, expressed his eagerness in being part of an original concept that tackles the little known yet prevalent psychological condition of soldiers called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

“I play a soldier just like Dennis in Hiram na Alaala, and we become good friends on the field, exchanging stories about our girlfriends—his is Lauren’s character, while Kris’ is mine,” he established. “After a traumatic encounter, Dennis wakes up in a hospital believing that he is me, with all my memories, and even my feelings for my girlfriend. Eventually, I come back as well, shocked and angered when I find him with Kris.”

While his role as Joseph Corpuz, an ideal soldier who thrives in routine and discipline, is not as scarred as Dennis’ character, Rocco background in Nursing compelled him to look deeper into PTSD.

Lauren Young

Lauren Young

“Inintidi ko siya kasi talagang nangyayari ang ganitong condition sa mga soldiers natin,” he confirmed. “Usually, sa America lang ito napag-uusapan, which is why most studies come from there, pero during my time training for the role with the PMA [Philippine Military Academy] in Baguio, marami ako mga narinig na istorya ng mga sundalo na nagdaan dito. ‘Yung akala nila ibang tao sila pag balik nila from war, or ibang manifestations.”

According to Rocco, it is important to shed light on this topic so that families of soldiers who cannot understand why they come home a different person can help them through their ordeal. He also assures the public that what the show will present to raise awareness on PTSD is accurate as a team of psychologists serve as consultants to the story line.

“Support system ang pinaka-importanteng ibigay sa mga taong may ganitong condition,” he stressed. “And makikita nila ito sa programa.”

Meanwhile, Lauren, who also read up on PTSD, is happy to have been given the role of Bethany—Dennis’ character’s girlfriend—who despite being a strong willed woman, espouses the value of fighting for love in one’s life.

“Bethany is very unlike Kris’ character who is the ideal and supportive girlfriend,” she introduced her role. “She loves Dennis’ character very much but because she doesn’t approve that he joined the army, she stands her ground. As an actress, I like portraying roles like this that encourages women to have an opinion. And yet, when Dennis comes home believing he is another person and therefore in love with someone else, I don’t let the pride of a strong woman get in the way and fight for the man I love.”

Under the helm of celebrated director Dominic Zapata (Temptation of Wife and My Husband’s Lover), Hiram Na Alaala seems to hold much promise in delivering another series that will draw attention to a neglected reality affecting Filipino families. Given how Rocco and Lauren discussed their roles within the premise of the story—alongside the tried and tested acting abilities of Dennis and Kris—this unknown plight of many members of the military may just receive the response it needs.




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    I just wish she would transfer to Abs-Cbn so she’ll be given her well deserved exposure and be given big projects. She is so talented.