• This country is a nuthouse and the citizens don’t know it


    “How many years must a mountain exist,
    “Before it is washed to the sea?
    “How many years can some people exist,
    “Before they’re allowed to be free?
    “How many times can a man turn his head?
    “Pretending he just doesn’t see.
    “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.
    “The answer is blowing in the wind.”
    – Blowin’ In the Wind” sung by The Brothers Four

    One of the greatest tragedies of our time in this country is that the citizens don’t know that they live in a nuthouse. Why? Because as a rule, they are nuts! Of course, there are exceptions. Probably, about forty-nine percent of the population!

    That is not encouraging. That is disturbing.

    Why, oh why, Juan?
    It is evident that since 1949 the electoral process has been a criminal and failed exercise. The birds and the bees of Mindanao elected a President of the Philippines, with the help of the dead and generations yet unborn.

    Nobody dared contest the massive electoral cheating – the beginnings of the famous words, dagdag bawas (add and subtract) – except one brave man, a Batangueño, by the name of Medrano. He mounted a short-lived rebellion in Batangas; very understandable because the man who got cheated was one by the name of Jose Laurel, Sr., another Batangueño.

    Maybe, the rebellion failed because he had not read Sun Tzu’s Art of War or Edward Luttwak’s Coup d’etat: A Manual, or a book by Grigor Ferguson of the same title. Success or defeat is always a guessing game. It is always a case of what might have been.

    When Senator Gerry Roxas, the father of Mar Roxas, ran for Vice-President of the Philippines, Philippine media proclaimed him elected by a thin majority of more than a hundred thousand votes. After seeing the media results, I flew to Manila to congratulate him. On the plane, I was seated beside the Provincial Fiscal of Lanao. Since I knew him, I asked him why he was going to Manila. His answer was short and simple he was bringing the certificate of canvass (COC) of election results of his province to Manila. I asked him what was so important with the election results that he had to go to Manila, instead of just sending a lower echelon employee of his office. He replied that the COC would decide the result of the vice-presidential election. I countered that Roxas was already proclaimed by media that he was elected Vice-President based on the official count in Congress, the body entrusted with the canvassing of the results. He just smiled and said: “Pañero, that’s media but I have the documents that will prove that Fernando Lopez is the duly elected Vice-President.”

    The rest is history. Lopez became Vice-President.

    From Marcos to Noynoy
    President Marcos was proclaimed elected President by the Parliament despite my spirited lonely fight for the country and the people, well-remembered for the famous historical word – ”Asterisk!” The people of Metro Manila, with the orchestration of the oligarchs who were outsiders during the Marcos regime, the formidable help of the Opposition in Parliament, and Enrile and Ramos who were fighting for their lives, the proclamation was undone by EDSA I. It was not a revolution it was just a game of musical chairs.

    Fidel Ramos followed Cory. But the knowledgeable insist that Miriam Defensor Santiago was cheated of the presidency. President ERAP won the election by a landslide but he was unseated by General Angie Reyes, the patriot of a friend, resulting in EDSA 2.

    The validity and constitutionality of the 2010 election is disputed in the Supreme Court. Five years have passed but the case remains undecided. Many believe that the case will become moot and academic considering that the 2016 election is just around the corner, just like the petition questioning the validity of the Corona impeachment which became moot and academic.

    The biggest scam in this country is election
    Nobody in this country can creditably run for any elective office unless one has money to finance his campaign – to buy votes and criminally manipulate election results. So it is a money game! It is a criminal exercise!

    But do the candidates and the voters care? They don’t. The rest of the population also doesn’t! Is this not insane? I use the word insane not stupid because insanity is curable, stupidity is not. So, I’m giving the voters, the candidates and the people the benefit of the doubt.

    Every election, candidates give grandmother-hood statements to the delight of the majority of the insane. The insane candidates promise heaven and earth. They become self-proclaimed saints and astronauts. You know that we are just being fooled. We allow ourselves to be fooled over and over again.

    An Arab once told me: “Fool me once, shame on you,

    Fool me twice, shame on me.” How many times have we been fooled by candidates? Not once, not twice, but we have been fooled since 1949 up to this day? We should be ashamed of ourselves. More so, because the biggest fool is one who fools himself. And the biggest fools in this country are the voters and those who think that elections solve our problems. They have not solved them since 1949. They will not be solved even if we have clean elections in 2016.

    The problems will remain because the system is insane!

    A glance at the presidential candidates
    Mayor Rodrigo Duterte confesses to killing criminals. He should not be running for President, he should be in jail for being a self-confessed murderer. But he is running for president and the people are wild in anticipation of his presidency, jumping with glee. Thanks to the incompetence of Asperger Malacañang and an equally incompetent Department of Justice, Duterte is running for president. Is this not insane?

    Vice-President Jojo Binay is swimming in a lake of

    charges involving graft and corruption, including members of his family. He reminds me of the Arabian Nights story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The strategic members of the band led by Vice-Mayor Mercado confesses to massive graft and corruption orchestrated by the leader of the band pointing to Jojo Binay. Don’t tell me Binay is a saint. Only a fool will believe that and I’m no fool. But somebody tells me that Binay is the Robin Hood of Makati because he shares whatever he has with the people. A friend of mine countered: “He may be Robin Hood but he is more Hood than Robin.” Considering all these, in my dictionary, Binay should not be running for president he should be in jail. But he is running for president. Is this not insane?

    Secretary Mar Roxas is known as the biggest wimp in this country. Many believe that he does not have a mind of his own. He has the genius of being as docile as a sheep showing complete docility to Noynoy, his mother Judy Araneta, and his wife Korina Sanchez. Assuming a complete impossibility that Mar will be elected president, he will have a quadruple presidency with Noynoy at the head of the pack with Mar at the tail. Poor Mar, in his statement in Tacloban after Yolanda, he even divided the country between the Aquinos and Romualdez-Marcos. What an oligarchic mind! But probably I am unkind when I say that it is impossible for Mar to become president. He will be elected if the PCOS machine will cheat for him or if all the leading candidates would die after twelve o’clock of Election Day since there will be no more substitution after that. Mar should not run for president, he should just withdraw and do something more fruitful because the scenarios of a Roxas presidency are just insane.

    And now Grace Poe! Never mind her citizenship – all presidents in this country have all been beholden to America. Many are plain and simple stooges. Some are proclaiming their independence outside but really servants of America in the inside. The girl is not just prepared for the presidency. She is light years away from her adoptive father, Fernando Poe, Jr. (FPJ). Grace is just a bud, FPJ was in full bloom. I should know. I was hired by him as his lawyer in the canvassing of the results in Congress but four of his senators and one city mayor objected to me and the rest is history. Grace, you need a bunch of brilliant advisers to give you a seminar on how to be president. I read in the papers and I saw in television that you will change the Philippines, with the help of the people. You must be joking because not you, a very traditional politician, together with the people can change this country because you just don’t have the intellectual equipment and the vision to change this country. Not in a thousand years. Because of these, you cannot beat the system!

    Senator Santiago? She is too sick and so down in the totem pole that she need not be discussed. The rest of the presidential candidates of more than a hundred make the electoral exercise more insane.

    Emerging puzzle
    There is a rumor going around that Binay who is a reserved colonel in the Marines is planning a coup with some people in the Marines and the PNP. How true, I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe the ISAFP or the NISA or both should inform the people whether there is any grain of truth to this rumor.

    Duterte who is careful now about curses and prohibited expletives committed a slip during the ambush interview at the Comelec saying that he does not have to run for president because the presidency is a matter of destiny. Independent of anything else this statement means nothing but with the rumor that he rejected an offer of some officers of the AFP and PNP that they will pull a coup and turn over the presidency to him, the slip takes an entirely different meaning. Is this true or false? NISA and ISAFP should provide answers. Whatever is their answer, it is perfectly logical to say that there is a pervading insanity in this country.

    It takes a shock treatment given by the right leader to cure it.


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    1. Dear Atty H Adaza: I am a friend of the late Ka Mario Papa, but I have not gotten the chance yet to meet you personally. You always excite us with explosive revelations that reminded me of your comments during your GNN TV appearance awhile ago which you said: “Between now and February 28th 2016, nothing unusual happened, election will proceed as scheduled.” Indeed this may lend credence to these rumors in twin scenario. The first being borne from the VP Binay Camp could be a very feasible option for ‘many birds in one stone’ scheme. The second where to involve the Duterte option right away could be a powerful assertion for the purported changes to occur. By and large, our politics, eversince is being influenced by and put under the radar of the Committee of 300-Illuminati, owing to their business interests in the country such as Multinational Companies, and Central Banking to name a few. As to their choice for 2016 Presidential Election, having enjoyed the performance of their chosen “lap dog” of Pnoy (for having passed the RH Bill to Law, increase of Central Bank Capitalization and possibly the PPP), may resort to Pnoy’s endorsement as well to be the anointed one and their lesser evil choice. As they always in an elections around the globe Mr. PCOS could play a major part in forcibg thd issue.

    2. Read with awe bono adaza’s journalistic piece. Bravo! Yet all those finely woven rhetorics of mr adaza are for the dreamers of this beloved country the philippines. So i say now to bono: Continue dreaming,but Filipinos are not living in a dreamland. We are living in fantasyland!

    3. Anselmo B. Mercado on

      We talk too much. We criticize too much. There is nothing new about the negatives we read herein. I would like to see a different perspective — more positive, more hopeful, more focusing on our assets, more motivating and more forward-looking. And then follow-up with more action, than mere talks and negatives.

    4. I wonder if bono still keep his kbl laban jacket. People like you made this country a nuthouse

    5. so what do u have in mind to make this nation worth living for? any suggestion? maybe the next president would buy ur idea sir ….

    6. If I were to program the following job applicants based on their past public statements and education; not necessarily on previous job performances as the basis of what their valuation is and what jobs they are qualified for and what they should be:

      Present post: Should be:

      Santiago, M – Senator Teacher
      Duterte, R – City Mayor Janitor
      Binay, J – Vice Pres Php Office Clerk
      Poe, G – Senator Talent Agent
      Roxas, M – Citizen (private) Corp. CEO
      Marcos, B – Senator Insurance Agent
      Escudero, C – Senator Govt. Agent
      Revilla, B – Senator Stage/Studio Props
      Estrada, J – Senator Stage/Studio Props

      These are what the people are looking up to as leaders, but in my book they are not worth anything but the above.

    7. The country is not exactly what Homobono Adaza describes it to be, a nuthouse. It is the “pervasive ignorance” that the majority of the people are suffering from and that includes even those with sufficient education. A great majority seem to be helplessly stupid with zero ability to think wise. There is a sense of a “Eat Bulaga” mentality that hovers over like a dark cloud that controls peoples brain.

      The country is churning out more morons by the day and we are witnessing the results: Poe, Duterte, Binay, Alma Moreno, Pacquiao and all these other clowns who are stepping in to fill the void left by the Tanada’s, the Recto’s, the Manglapus’ and the Aquino’s. This is tragic, but times have changed and the country needs to move forward and accept what is on the plate. We can not romanticize about the past but accept what is going to be.

    8. Yeah, this country is a nuthouse and nut case politicians are running around. This is a reminiscent of the movie of several years ago, two nut cases escaped from a nut house because these two thought they were not crazy.

    9. Revolution is the way for stupid and idiots who are self-seeking and self-centered and guest what? They will turn to each other later on. Wait for election mr. Adaza be patient, educate people to vote wisely.

    10. The bottom line…. we do not have the fervent sense of patriotism… we love America, we love Japan, we love Canada, we love most any developed country.. but we do not say we love the Philippines and the Filipino people, we do not respect each other… despite singing the National Anthem almost everyday.. Learn from the Koreans, the Japanese,the Taiwanese, the Singaporeans, etc… they all love their country and are very proud to be a citizen of their country… they are willing to sacrifice in order to gain… while we do not want to sacrifice but we want to gain instantly… so many would rather receive the P500 or P1,000 bill and sell their vote for one good hearty meal…

    11. Alfred S Tingabngab on

      Totally agree. We have fooled ourselves for so long that we become immune to our insanity and treat such insanity as normal. What a shame. We have candidates for a high position in office that have questionable character and are as stated, self-confessed murderer…implicated by corruption… afflicted by a critical ailment… a questionable citizen… a traditional dummy of a politician…. And we all have no choice but to vote any of these devils or just select the lesser evil of drowning in our own insanity while sentencing the future Filipinos towards unending downward spiral. Yeah…. We fool ourselves… We are truly Insane.

    12. And yet we claim to be one the few countries with more people educated than most. Forget politics Mr. Adaza. Filipinos will always vote the likes of Pacquiao, Jinggoy, Erap, Bong, Lapid even though the educated voters know it is wrong. A close relative of mind with a doctorate think Pacquiao should be a senator instead of Gordon or Kapunan. How is that for a teacher with a doctorate.

    13. I am writing on behave of the person listed above. She is in the midst of battling for the survival of her candidacy. She will prevail and Philippines will have a brighter future, her comments . . . ‘Blowing’ in the wind’ is too passive 60’s US hippy melodrama. Our country is a mess but it is not a ‘nut house’. We may be governed by neocolonialist charlatans and carpetbaggers, but our people and our society is healthy and sound. We can solve the political issues in one generation, but how many generations would it take to fix a decaying society like the United States.

      Please get to know her via the following link. She will soon be in need of her 15 wise men.

    14. “God bless the Philippines, land that I love.
      Stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above.
      From the mountain, through the prairies, to the oceans white with foam.
      God bless the Philippines, my home sweet home.
      God bless the Philippines, my home sweet home.”

      my prayer

      • You copied the most beloved anthem of the Americans, but you incorporate “Philippines” in the the place of “America”. As you and I may know that Philippines is several decades or may be a century behind the United States in wealth, political integrity, ambition to honestly move forward to name a few. However I’m of the Filipinos although I’m not residing in the Philippines I”m still a Filipino in my heart and I am offended and grieving because the Philippines is still in this predicament. I follow the news about this coming election hoping there will be a right candidate who lead the Philippines to a bright future, no corruption, criminals are persecuted and sentenced for the crimes they committed and robbing the government by the politicians is non-existent. I still have dreams as you may have hopes for the bright future of the Philippines.

    15. Crazies? Yes and many! And may I say that this is not unique to the Philippine politics. Just look how many of these crazies are running for the U.S. Presidency. And yes Trump, their front runner is the craziest. So now we have an American named Llamanzares wanting to run for the Philippine presidency. How crazy is that? She does not have the necessary experience for the job, never been a CEO of any company, does not have the intellectual equipment and the vision to change this country (to quote you Atty Adasa), managed to charm her way into Philippine Senate fraudulently, and has the audacity to trash and trample the supreme law of the land by using the foundling sympathy card therefore any law should not matter anymore! Very crazy indeed! Wake up my beloved country and stop these craziness!

    16. The song is written by Robert Allen Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan in 1962 and released on his album “The Freewillin’ Bob Dylan in 1963.
      The refrain “the answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind” has been described as impenetrably ambiguous: either the answer is so obvious it is right in your face or the answer is intangible as the wind.

      • There many others out there that knows how messed up our country is.

        But still outnumbered by sheer number of uneducated, low-moral, and insane people, even in terms of power and influence.

    17. You said (in which you are totally correct),
      1. For Binay:
      “A friend of mine countered: “He may be Robin Hood but he is more Hood than Robin.” Considering all these, in my dictionary, Binay should not be running for president he should be in jail. But he is running for president. Is this not insane?”
      2. For Llamanzares (the overambitious because of the surveys and using the name of FPJ)
      “I read in the papers and I saw in television that you will change the Philippines, with the help of the people. You must be joking because not you, a very traditional politician, together with the people can change this country because you just don’t have the intellectual equipment and the vision to change this country. Not in a thousand years. Because of these, you cannot beat the system!”

      I just don’t understand why Filipinos are so STUPID to vote for corrupt Binay – with the findings of the independent ALMC on his ill-gotten wealth and the overambitious Llamanzares who had a few years of baby sitting experience in a pre-school.

      • In my opinion Binay made the mistake of putting the wife and the not so bright son as mayors of makati. On the other side… he needed money for his political ambitions, he was not a billionaire like b.s. or Roxas –
        Said that, Philippinos are not necessarily stupid. Binay, ok is corrupt – allegedly – but all the rest are they saints ? So I’d rather vote for a corrupt leader, smart, that DELIVERS – instead for an idiot and incompetent who were born with the proverbial silver spoon in theyr mouth. The poor know that with Binay, they will be marginally, better than with most of the rest, surely Roxas can forget the presidency.

    18. At the end of the day, the Filipino voter will make their decision. Intelligent or nuts, votes counts. Our heroes died so that right to vote is upheld. As you have listed the incapable presidential candidates, I refuse to acknowledge that all of them are nuts. I pray to almighty God that He will help and guide our electorate chose the right president.

      • aside from the so called bobotantes who idolize their candidates despite everything unpalatable said against them, which in all cases are true, the thing the we should look out for is the comelec of andoy bote and the smartmatic hocus pcos machines. these machines can and have thwarted the will of the people in the last 2 elections.

    19. You failed to mention the elections in 1965 where Ferdinand Marcos Sr. won unequivocally over his opponent. Were the people insane that time too? To most of your statements I agree and I feel ashamed as a Filipino that the present crop of presidentiables are a tad too weak, meek and sick. If these people are the best that can be offered, then we know what to expect from the country 5 to 10 years from now.

      Oligarchy has robbed the country of great leaders. The present crop of politicians belong to the Phil political family tree that dates back to the 19th century. These same politicians perpetuate the insanity of the people just in the same way as the Phil media entertains the pinoys to keep them placid and er, stupid. You know what I mean. Seriously, any real change in our political system should start with the removal of almost all these oligarchs in congress and those appointed in the government bureaucrazy. Lock them away, and put them somewhere else for all I care.

      • Lock them away and then let them run again like erap? Craziness! The problem with our government is that actors and actresses are running it now. That is why puro dramatics nalang ang nangyayari sa ating bansa. Now we have an American foundling who thinks she can correct all these problems when she herself is another problem. A naku po(e), talaga naman ang tapang nang apug! Inumpisahan daw nang daddy niya kaya tatapusin naman niya. Ay yay yay yay… nakakasuka!

      • I hope Susan Roces don’t die any soon – otherwise the “foundling” surely Susan Roces knows perfectly who are the real parents, Lamanzares POE, “foundling” would become also orphan – and will win hands down.
        That this “orphans” are adults, privileged and rich – doesn’t matter.