• This country needs a Hall of Shame


    Because of the lengthening list of public officials who have dishonored and endangered our public life, I am proposing that the country should establish a Hall of Shame to remind our people of certain personages who deserve a corner in the nation’s collective memory for acts of disservice and dishonor to people and country.

    This can be a project of civil society — of people and groups who have demonstrated outstanding service in our public life, and a media organization like The Manila Times. It will be supported mainly by citizen donations and volunteers. The hall will be the satiric opposite of the more conventional and familiar Hall of Fame that is popular in Western countries.

    Since we are now in the Age of the Internet and the Digital Revolution, the hall can be established and maintained on the Web. There will be no need for a physical hall, only a website. People can visit any time and submit their comments and suggestions.

    I thought about the Hall of Shame as I contemplated a future in which the nine justices of the Supreme Court,  who sent the Constitution into exile and suspended the rule of law in the case of Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares, will become a kind of permanent majority in the court. Imagine, I told myself, these nine justices will adjudicate major questions of our national life for some time, because each of them will stay put until they are ready for retirement. Having betrayed the nation, they will do so again. The future of the High Court is bleak.

    The nine should be enrolled in the hall lest our people and the media forget their singular acts of cowardice and betrayal. They are:

    1.Maria Lourdes Sereno, chief justice
    2.Presbitero Velasco, associate justice
    3. Diosdado Peralta, associate justice
    4. Lucas Bersamin, associatre justice
    5. Jose Perez, associate justice
    6. Jose Mendoza, associate justice
    7. Marvic Leonen, associate justice
    8. Francis Jardeleza, associate justice
    9. Benjamin Caguioa, associate justice

    In contrast to these nine, let us commend the six who have dissented from the majority opinion. They are each veritable profiles in courage, for insisting on upholding the Constitution, and resisting all inducements to join the majority. They are:

    1. Antonio Carpio, associate justice
    2. Arturo Brion, associate justice
    Teresita Leonardo de Castro, associate justice
    4. Mariano del Castillo, associate justice
    5. Estela Perlas-Bernabe, assocate justice
    6. Bienvenido Reyes, associate justice

    The central figure in this drama of temptation and betrayal in the Supreme Court – Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares –deserves a place in the Hall of Shame because of her obsessive ambition to become the president of the Philippines.

    She can file for exclusion from the hall on the grounds that she is not a Filipino citizen.
    This should be easy for her to prove, but methinks she should confess her misdeeds and disclose the names of all those who funded her grand scheme to lie and buy her way to the presidency.

    Worthy also of a place in the Hall of Shame are the 20 senators who voted to convict former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona in his impeachment trial, in exchange for P50 million-P100 million of funds from the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and from President Aquino.

    Ironically, in the DAP decision handed down by the Sereno court, these senators are listed one by one by the infamous and also hall-worthy Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, along with the sums that they received.

    On pages 113-114 of the SC decision, they are listed as follows (time of receipt of funds and amount, in parenthesis):

    Sen. Antonio Trillanes (October 2012-P50M),
    Sen. Manuel Villar (October 2012-P50M),
    Sen. Ramon Revilla (October 2012-P50M),
    Sen. Francis Pangilinan (October 2012-P30M),
    Sen. Loren Legarda (October 2012-P50M),
    Sen. Lito Lapid (October 2012-P50M),
    Sen. Jinggoy Estrada (October 2012-P50M),
    Sen. Alan Cayetano (October 2012-P50M),
    Sen. Edgardo Angara (October 2012-P50M),
    Sen. Ralph Recto (October 2012-P23M; December 2012-P27M),
    Sen. Koko Pimentel (October 2012-P25.5M; November 2012 -P5M; December 2012-P15M),
    Sen. Tito Sotto (October 2012-Pl lM; November 2012-P39M),
    Sen. Teofisto Guingona (October 2012-P35M; December 2012-P9M),
    Sen. Serge Osmeña (December 2012-P50M),
    Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile (October 2012-P92M)
    Sen. Frank Drilon (October 2012-P100M).
    Sen. Greg Honasan (August 2012, P50M)
    Sen. Francis Escudero (August 2012, P99M).
    Sen. Pia Cayetano (January 2013, 50M)

    No DAP releases were made to Senators Joker Arroyo, Bongbong Marcos and Miram Defensor-Santiago, who all voted to acquit CJ Corona.

    Sen. Panfilo Lacson, who also voted to convict Corona, got his reward later in the form of a Cabinet post. He was appointed rehabilitation czar of the Yolands disaster, and then he presided over the administration’s massive failure in the recovery and rehabilitation challenge.

    Including this list in the Hall of Shame has become a matter of urgency because many of these lawmakers are bidding to be elevated to higher office, or to be reelected to the Senate.

    Those seeking higher office
    Francis Escudero, candidate for vice-president
    Alan Peter Cayetano, candidate for vice- president
    Antonio Trillanes, candidate for vice-president
    Gregorio Honasan, candidate for vice-president.
    Those seeking reelection to the Senate:
    Sen. Vicente Sotto
    Sen. Ralph Recto
    Sen. Francis Pangilinan
    Sen. Franklin Drilon
    Sen. Teofisto Guingona
    Sen. Serge Osmeña

    Senators Miriam Santiago and Bongbong Maros are also running for higher office, the former for president and the latter for vice-president. They certainly have nothing to be ashamed of, and have much to be proud of in not taking part in the lynching of Corona and refusing to take the DAP bribe.

    Senator Lacson, whose term has expired, is seeking a return to the Senate.

    It stands to reason that when the time comes for Filipino voters to make their choice in the polling booth, they should think twice about voting for anyone listed in this hall of shame.

    When the curtain falls on the Aquino presidency on June 30, top officials, from BS Aquino, to Butch Abad, to Joseph Emilio Abaya, will be evaluated for inclusion in the hall.
    I plan to ask the chairman, president and publisher of The Manila Times to involve the paper in organizing the Hall of Shame project.

    I believe that as the oldest living newspaper in the Philippines (it was founded at the birth of the Philippine republic in 1898), the Times has the gravitas and confidence to sustain and defend such a public record.

    Personages will be considered for inclusion in the Hall of Shame by a selection committee that will review the record and fitness of each nominee.

    A colleague has suggested that members of the Hyatt 10 should be considered for election to the hall.

    One possible rule to consider: Personages entered in the Hall of Shame can get their names removed, if they perform an exceptional deed for people and country, like say dying heroically in battle for a national cause, writing a redemptive and landmark ponencia for the high court, or writing and sponsoring landmark legislation that makes a difference in people’s lives.

    Getting a medal in sports or being awarded the Nobel prize would also earn immunity. But personages who earn these illustrious honors, are more likely to find their place in a Hall of Fame or the National Museum.



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    1. Federico Lojo on

      With the sc’s decision on poe, the hoodlums in robes have finally bared their true colors. The court of last resort is now a protector of vested interest rather than the constitution. What a mess pnoy has brought upon the Filipino people. We have a president who knows nothing about leadership, a supreme court who bends the constitution, and a legislature who does nothing but to investigate and waste taxpayers money.

    2. Dont worry, all these people where already posted viral and globally thru FB netizens THRU BBMLI throughtpout the world and at the four corners of the Philippines.In this coming elections they will receive zero vote to all filipinos.. next will be the Justices who sells the integrity of Supreme court. You will see their face at netizens to be remember always by our people…TAMA LANG NA MAGKAROON HALL OF SHAME.. SA FB MAGANDA IYONG KANILANG MGA PLAQUE NG KAHIHIYAN….IT WILL SHARE AND MAKE IT VIRAL…

    3. Frank A. Tucker on

      Ken, it surely looks like you present a winner here. CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD LUCK !

    4. Jojo Ventura on

      Great idea. But before embarking on such a very ambitious project, it would be better to do some research on the legal aspect as it might create a negative legal repercussions once their names are published. “Hall Of Shame” at that. Just my 2 cents.

    5. taga palm springs on

      Truly an idea whose time whose come! Let’s publish this Hall of Shame! We’ll vote for Santiago and Marcos! They are the Saviors of our Filipinos who are desperately longing for the better life!

    6. in my list for “Hall of Shame” are DAP senaTong candidates.Ninakawan ka na, iboboto mo ba? Hall of Shame” ay Laban Pinoy sa mga Walang

    7. renato irlanda on

      a very good idea though a little late in coming
      had you thought of this idea a day after penoy aquino the abnoy was sworn in by the equally abnormal morales ( if you were normal would you have accepted swearing in a president in lieu of a standing Chief Justice who traditionally does this time honored practice ?), the philippines would not have gone into 6 years of the worst of everything !!

    8. A HALL OF SHAME, a Novel idea. I love it, Mr, Makabenta, let us start now and may I suggest for guys to group together by our names and we can start to suggest additional names to be part of the list. Also proposing to Mr. Makabenta, thru the Manila Times to make a website for a Philippine Hall of Shame. One name I suggest to be in the list is Joseph Ejercito Estrada, (ERAP) for obvious reasons.

    9. mikhail hieronymus on

      A great idea! I hope this Hall Of Shame will prosper for posterity. Good Luck, Yen Makabenta.

    10. This Hall of Shame should also include their overall ranking per peoples choice. PNoy will be on my top list…

    11. Agree 100% Please start now. Pls include the good x-sen j. salonga (sayang-principle was eaten by money). Remember the attache case? Nene Pimentel, all appointments were for a sum of money but exluding binay?

    12. A most excellent idea, Yen! Let’s get on it! And better yet, in addition, the country has to initiate a campaign to get the Legislative body to start the impeachment proceedings against the nine SC justices. We, the people, cannot just sit around and swallow every crap and cow dung that they will impose upon us in support of this arrogant American foundling who is clearly not qualified for the position she has been dreaming of.

      The rule of law must prevail! And one way to make this happen is to shame those that desecrate, disregard, and disrespect the Supreme Law of the land. This process will highlight shameless individuals so that the public will be reminded of their lawless and shameless act each time they try to run for higher office.

    13. Douglas Rosete on

      I concur.
      let us start the list from day one after the edsa episode .

      this should be very educational.

    14. An idea long overdue. The lists should go on to include not only corrupt, but also stupid and dumb politicos; and include Congressmen, Governors and Vice, Provincial Board Members, Mayors and Vice and Councilmen, down to the Brgy level. Also include scalawags in uniform both in the PNP and AFP, and all public servants in different agencies of government. So the people would know.

      There are only two issues here. Will TMT accede to it? And who will write it, so the not guilty ones would not get their innocent names besmirched?

    15. I fully support the nominees and and their achievements were truly disgraceful to our beloved country. For monetary donations, you can count on me. For trophy, I would suggest man or woman standing up and trying to cover his/her face with piece of cardboard or bills spread like fan.

    16. Mr. Yen Makabenta, once your name is listed in the Shame of Fame not even a heroic or perform an exceptional deed for the country, their name should not be removed. And most of all that those who will be placed in the Hall of Shame should NEVER RECEIVE ANY PENSION FROM THE TAXPAYERS ( can you investigate how much those 9 justices of the SC will receive as pension when they retire, Mr Makabenta .).

    17. Why not put it right on this paper as a header with links to the pertaining stories and opinions for each entry?

    18. I will never be surprised if the adverse effects of the recent SC decision on Poe-Llamanzares will be far and wide to the extent that there will be Constitutional crisis.The country has really gone to the dogs. Sad.

    19. You will need a bigger board for the hall of shame. Aside from those 9 justices and those greedy lawmakers who got a taste of DAP, try including those SSS administrators who takes millions and millions of undeserved pay and bonuses from their members contributions. Or those cabinet officials who was with Aquino during that fateful morning on Jan 25, 2015 pretending to not knowing anything while those SAF were being massacred. Or Abaya who still heads DOTC and making life miserable for all of us.

    20. ricardo reyes on

      we can just pray that God will help us!it is just too much that Poenoy and their cohorts will get away with this again!pls anybody help!!!!

    21. Yen, I propose Francis Pangilinan to the number 1 position in the Hall of Shame. He did nothing as a senator. His being a senator is just a job, a bread and butter kind of thing. Previously, Pangilinan was a staunch supporter of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and he was derisively called “Mr. Noted” for doing so. BS Aquino assigned Pangilinan as agriculture and food security czar and he had nothing to show as substantial accomplishments except to increase poverty and rice importation. This Pangilinan was a political lame duck in Quezon City but has metamorphosed into a senator, a do-nothing kind, after he married a much older woman, like his fellow Senator Rector, for which he earned another monicker, “Mr. Cuneta”.

    22. That’s good idea whose time has come. Let it start rolling. It’s time to engrave in stone government officials who have betrayed people’s trust and confidence. I think we should include businessmen who also bleed the people dry and try to influence politics to protect their business interest.

    23. The names and faces of the nine justices should be posted everywhere: in blogs, in hallways, in newspapers, etc. so that concerned citizens will know who they are and what they look like. They should be remembered for their betrayal of the Constitution and the process to remove them from office should be started as soon as possible no matter how long it would take to accomplish this goal.

      It is too bad that tarring and feathering that became commonplace in France for traitors who connived and consorted with the enemy during the German occupation of the city is no longer practiced. The Hall of Shame idea is an excellent substitute for this kind of justice. Mr. Makabenta, for starters, how about publishing the names and photos of these nine justices who just dumped the Constitution into the toilet?

      Meanwhile, to readers of this column who disagree with the nine justices’ decision, let us do what we can to ensure that Lying Grace and her American family will not occupy Malacanang Palace. Let us inform our friends, relatives, and acquaintances about her background and history, especially her penchant for lying, her natural inclination to tell untruths and even her theft of a deceased person’s identity in the USA. There is still time to ensure that the Philippines will have a Government “run like hell by a Filipino than one run like heaven by an American”. Even though the various surveys keep showing Lying Grace is either tied or ahead of other candidates, remember these are push-polls generated by biased and self-interested parties. Don’t forget what happened to Senator Manny Villar in the last presidential election. He always topped the surveys, but lost to PNoy in the end.

    24. Dennis Fernandez on

      What a novel idea, Mr. Makabenta! May I add, though, that readers should be able to participate by having the choice to say they agree or disagree to the personalities named in the “Hall of Shame”

    25. Hay naku problema ng pilipinas grabe. Wala na talaga tayong pag-asa. Lahat ng sulok ng bansa may problema.

    26. This would be another extra judicial political action. A breakthrough in journalistic arrogance where government officials will be judged by publicity blackmail. True the idea would be really effective, but will it be good to resort to the device of the dreaded Japanese time Makapili? The proposed Hall of Shame will be a shame in itself. Who will administer it? A muckraking newspaper columnist? A new frontier for blackmail journalism.

    27. This is a VERY GOOD PROJECT.
      Yen, do it soon and we who agree
      will share our views or register our
      names that these people are not
      only SHAMEFUL BUT A disGRACE

    28. I agree with your proposal wholeheartedly. Let’s get this Hall of Shame project going. This should be the supreme act of a nation betrayed many times over.

    29. I fully support this Hall of Shame. Count me in. Plus let us start the impeachment of these paid supreme court justices initially singling out the GANG OF FOUR whose credentials are so questionable and their claim to fame and name is mainly because they are appointees of this good for nothing president.

    30. Nice idea and must be started soon! This way all those “honorables” will be ashamed of their accusations.

    31. Natalia Salvacion on

      Tanggapin nalang po natin ang naging desisyon ng korte suprema, instead na manira ay suportahan nalang natin yung nararapat maging pangulo, at para sa akin nag-iisa lang yun, kasi si sen poe lang ang may malasakit sa damdamin ng iba.

      • Not at my expense, Natalia Salvacion. Why don’t you take your own medicine and shut up. This is a venue for discourse and you do not have the right to tell anyone to stop voicing their opinion.