This is the way the world ends, not from a nuke but from a court ruling


In the race for global dominance, the world is being drawn closer every day to the brink of war. The rivalry casts Russia and China on the one side, and the United States, Japan and the NATO members on the other. War could start in Europe or in Asia either by design or by mistake.

But wherever it starts, should it ever start, it could be an unlimited war. With nuclear weapons sufficient to kill the entire human race 20 times over, perhaps not even the denizens on the deepest ocean floor would survive.

It could be a war to end all wars. Civilization, and the world itself as we know it, would end. Such therefore is the need for all men and all nations to work together to prevent it.

Yet without exploding a single nuclear device on any nation, the United States, through its Supreme Court, has sought to render meaningless the most important element that had held human society together from the very beginning of time–the natural family founded on the permanent and exclusive union of one man and one woman for the purpose of propagating the human race. This is matrimony or marriage.

In legalizing “homosexual marriage” all over the United States, regardless of any American state law prohibiting it, Justice Anthony Kennedy and four others of the nine SC justices air-brushed the truth first revealed in Genesis, that God created man and woman–male and female He created them–so that from the marital bond of one man and one woman may spring forth children.

The justices based their ruling on the so-called “right to marry,” but they failed to examine the issue at depth. Without question, this is a sacred and inviolable right. But the right to marry exists only in relation to marriage, properly understood. Marriage is a natural human institution, created at the beginning of time, for the preservation and propagation of human life. “Same-sex union” totally excludes new life .

To the various faiths, matrimony is a sacred rite; to the Catholic Church, it is one of the seven sacraments. No Congress or court of law has the right or authority to fiddle with it. Although nothing and no one can prevent a male from being sexually attracted to another male, or a female from being sexually attracted to another female, or prevent any two males or any two females from living together as same-sex “partners,” neither the State nor the Church can call that partnership a marriage, just because a male who has the “right to marry” wants to “marry” another male, and a female wants to “marry” another female.

Were we to accept the ruling as morally and legally valid, what would prevent the next fellow from insisting that he be allowed to marry his own brother or sister or widowed mother or aunt, or even his own pussy cat, dog, python or parrot? “Same-sex marriage” means a formal approval of disordered sex, which sodomy is. For a very long time, sodomy was criminally punishable in many places. Now the crime has been abolished, and the only punishable crime now is to talk irreverently about sodomy and sodomists. This is the sexual revolution, and as in all revolutions, what begins as a crime soon dictates the rules as soon as it believes it has prevailed. Apparently,the dictatorship of relativism believes it has.

HOW WILL “same-sex marriage” affect the whole fabric of American society? How will it affect those who follow the lead of the US? How will it affect what the Church teaches? In Chapter 18 of Leviticus, the third book of the Pentateuch, which contains ritual laws for the priests of the tribe of Levi, built around the central command, “You shall be holy because I, the Lord, am holy,” the Lord says the following to Moses, in continuation of their conversation on Mount Sinai:

“6 None of you shall approach a close relative to have sexual intercourse with her… 7 You shall not disgrace your father by having sexual intercourse with your mother… 8 You shall not have sexual intercourse with your father’s wife, for that would be a disgrace to your father. 9 You shall not have sexual intercourse with your sister, your father’s daughter or your mother’s daughter, for that would be a disgrace to your own family… 10 You shall not have intercourse with your son’s daughter or your daughter’s daughter, for that would be a disgrace to your family. …12 You shall not have intercourse with your father’s sister, since she is your father’s relative. 13 You shall not have intercourse with your mother’s sister, since she is your mother’s relative. 14 You shall not disgrace your father’s brother by being intimate with his wife, since she, too, is your aunt. 15 You should not have intercourse with your daughter-in-law; she is your son’s wife, and therefore you shall not disgrace her. 16 You shall not have intercourse with your brother’s wife, for that would be a disgrace to your brother. 17 You shall not have intercourse with a woman and also with her daughter, nor shall you marry and have intercourse with her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter; this would be shameful because they are related to her. 18 While your wife is still living you shall not marry her sister as her rival; for thus you would disgrace your first wife… 20 You shall not have carnal relations with your neighbor’s wife, defiling yourself with her…22 YOU SHALL NOT LIE WITH A MALE AS WITH A WOMAN, SUCH A THING IS AN ABOMINATION. 23 You shall not have carnal relations with an animal, defiling yourself with it; nor shall a woman set herself in front of an animal to mate with it; such things are abhorrent.

How much of this, after the same-sex ruling, could still withstand the justices’ appreciation of an individual’s “human and constitutional right” to satisfy his disordered sexual appetite?

With the US judicial “legislation” on same-sex “marriage,” are we now seeing the same corrupted sexual morality which, in a distant age, had foreshadowed the decline and fall of the Roman empire? Are we? While remaining the lone political and military superpower in the world, have America’s morals not sunk to the level of its troubled economy?

In its declaration of independence on July 4, 1776, America proclaimed its loyalty and allegiance to a Creator who has endowed its people with certain inalienable rights, among which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. So impressed was the Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville, the author of “Democracy in America,” with the depth and fervor of its religious vocation that he described religion as America’s “first political institution.” Until the US banned public prayer and every sign of religious practice and expression outside the churches, America was proud to proclaim as its national motto, “In God We Trust.”

What happened to all that? Does same-sex “marriage” make America “a more perfect union,” as Barack Obama claims it does, or does it make it simply a more dangerous place? Some of my best friends are Americans. I have young grandchildren who are Americans. And Filipinos, according to a Pew Research study, are more pro-American than any other nationality. I am not ready to give up on the US as a lost paradise. But, as in my own country, I grieve over the kind of moral, political and judicial leadership that is in charge.

During the Cold War, we identified moral and political goodness with America and the West and moral and political evil with the Soviet Union and the communist bloc. The first Cold War is over, and the second may have already begun. Has the paradigm shifted? In 1821, Connecticut became the first state to pass an anti-abortion law to supersede the inherited English Common Law, which had forbidden abortion, as my dear friends Dr. John and Barbara Willke of happy memory record in their excellent book, “Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement.” On the other hand, Russia under Lenin became the first country to legalize abortion in November 1920, three years after the Russian revolution. This was temporarily forbidden during World War II, then legalized again in 1955.

But today the once officially atheist Russia has turned pro-life, pro-family and pro-God while the once strongly Christian and Protestant USA has officially turned anti-life, anti-family and apostate. In 1965, in Griswold v. Connecticut, the US Supreme Court struck down America’s first state law against contraceptives, by invoking an unwritten “right to marital privacy.” A US Family Research Council paper quotes Justice William O. Douglas, who wrote the decision, as saying he had discovered the right to privacy in “penumbras formed by emanations” of a panoply of Bill of Rights guarantees under the Constitution.

In 1973, in Roe v. Wade, the court invoked the same right to privacy to legalize the destruction of the unborn fetus inside the mother’s womb. Since then America has killed more innocent and unborn babies in their mothers’ wombs than all the men and women it had lost in all its wars. And now, this same-sex ruling promises to remove children completely and forever from the vocabulary of “same-sex” couples.

Thus even Vladimir Putin has found the courage to wonder why the Obama government has forsaken God and the family while the rest of humanity is trying to embrace them. Such a reversal of roles.

Russia knows whereof it speaks. For it has paid the price for its folly as far as its population policies are concerned. Its birthrates have been the lowest in the nation’s history, and as Steven Mosher says in his book, “Population Control,” its population has been decreasing by three-quarters of a million people each year; Ukraine’s by a quarter million. The country’s population is projected to decrease from 143 million in 2005 to 112 million in 2050.

So while stupid Filipino policymakers and lawmakers break their bones trying to implement the discredited directives of the foreign population controllers, the whole of Russian society, beginning with Putin, is trying to reenergize family life everywhere. Since 2011, I have been invited to Moscow, first to participate in the world demographic summit that sought to address the global demographic winter that has spread ageing and dying without new life in all of Europe as well as in some parts of Asia, like Singapore and Japan.

The year after, I helped to launch the Russia Parents Association, a coalition of parents’ organizations across the Russian Federation, to encourage families to beget more children. In September last year, I was a plenary speaker at a huge family conference at the Kremlin, which looked to “large families” as a key to the future. My participation at the Humanum colloquium in Rome in November prevented me from attending the Stavropol Family Forum of the Russian People’s Assembly that same month, but one topic that caught my eye in that proposed forum was “Training Boys to Become Men.” This telegraphed Russia’s position on the same-sex question.

My heart goes out to the American people. I do not believe they are marked for destruction like Sodom, just because of the same-sex ruling. But like the Filipinos, they are victims of a Godless regime. We must find common cause with them.


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  1. Amado Aguila on

    Gone are the days of Abraham Lincoln who said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” It wasn’t the whole USA that approved the same-sex marriage. It was five against four which shows us how closely divided America is. There were times when God was in America’s daily lives from school, work, and every acativities we envoked the blessing of God. The same-sex event was just another prevailing cultural attempt to get rid of God in our daily lives. But most Christians have not given up yet. There is still one more revival in us. Follow the lead of Pope Francis and Rick Warren, who happen to be in the Philippines visiting one of Saddleback’s new churches. It would be nice if you could interview Pastor Rick. Saddleback church probably has done more than any organizations in spreading the good news.

  2. not so long ago i’ve read an article about how russia defeated us without firing a single bullet. he even cited that he was one of the covert kgb operators in the us during the cold war. he was even surprised how fast the transisition have made america in less than a couple of decades. their target time frame then was it would take at east one generation to complete. now the usa is totally transformed the way those operators want them to be.
    now, russia has embraced different God! of course us has hollywood, and it has special way to show the world different light. guess what people believe..especially pinoys..

  3. christinetan on

    In my own understanding and humble opinion on the US Supreme Court decision in favor of same-sex marriage or union, it basically recognizes the right of same-sex couple to “marry” each other or for the US govt to sanction their union. But their marriage or union will never be the same as the marriage or union in the concept as biblically, tradionally and normally known and understood. The govt’s recogntion of their union will not lead them to procreate their own children. Of course they can adopt a child but whoever they will adopt is a procreation of/by a man and a woman NEVER by same-sex couple who will NEVER HAVE A CHILD OF THEIR OWN. NEVER, NEVER AND NEVER. Well, maybe same-sex couple would not give a damn about NOT raising own children and still call themselves a family. Let us let them be.

    (1) History clearly tells the story of what happens next when courts decide the fate of your child and the generations to come. –www(DOT)worldcongressoffamilies(DOT)org
    (2) No Court Can Change What Marriage Is –Jim Daly of www(DOT)focusonthefamily(DOT)org
    (3) “Homosexuality Is Not Hardwired,” Concludes Dr. Francis S. Collins, Head Of The Human Genome Project
    (4) We are committed to helping ex-gays and parents and friends of gays who want help, hope and community.
    (5) We are a coalition of ministries serving those who desire to overcome sinful relational and sexual issues in their lives and those impacted by such behavior, particularly homosexuality.

  5. This article is a very timely reminder once again that human cannot change laws given by God and nature He created. Same sex marriage, abortions, contraceptives, divorce and other laws tend to weaken family relations are all against God’s Plan for humanity.
    They are coming from selfishness and greed. Those advocating population control only want to enjoy wealth given by God for themselves to the exclusion of new generations.

  6. Amnata Pundit on

    Since a lot of churches have been coming here, including the would you believe racist Mormons, maybe the Orthodox Church should follow their example and build a presence here too.The Orthodox Church will serve as the best antidote to the excessive meddling of the Catholic Church here. After all they are the pure original Christian Church because they descended from the Byzantine side of the Roman Empire, while the Catholic Church belonged to the Western side, Rome, which was taken over by the barbarian pagans who then proceeded to act like Romans and tainted the Empire including the Church with their pagan influence. As far as I know, the Orthodox Church focuses more on spiritual matters instead of politics, which is just the kind of church that we need, especially now that our people are experiencing severe spiritual thirst.

    • Justaskingseriously on

      Jesus was born during the “pax romana” when Rome was ruled by Emperor Caesar Augustus. He was born in Bethlehem. He was crucified in Jerusalem. Christianity started to grow soon after He rose from the dead. The story of the growth is recorded in the Acts of the Apostles by Luke, the physician, as a sequel to the gospel according to Luke. Followers of Christianity spoke Hebrew and Greek. Rome became a natural center for Christianity in the Western part of the Roman Empire. In the Eastern part of the Empire, Byzantium was the natural center. Seeing how the various Latin (Western part) and Greek (Eastern part) local churches had the same beliefs and practices, a greek word “catholic” began to describe Christianity. Pause: Where was the Greek Orthodox Church while Christianity was growing?

      In 324 A.D., Roman Emperor Constantine moved the center of the Roman Empire to the East. He liked the city of Byzantium. He renamed it “Constantinople”. The christian churches there were magnificent. Amidst the magnificence of the catholic churches in Constantinople, royalty was a natural. The local clergy were also attracted to royalty naturally. Bickering among the clerics was the natural occurrence. They spoke Greek. Greek began to define and refine christian doctrines which were constantly discussed among the clerics. Emperor Constantine provided the clerics with opportunities to settle their religious disputes. Various Ecumenical Councils were held at Nicea, Ephesus, and Constantinople — cities in the Eastern part of the Roman Empire. The Pope who was in Rome sent his representatives to these Ecumenical Councils. The Pope was their acknowledged arbiter who had the last word. They had no reservations about the successor of Peter as the Supreme Pontiff. But they had the Roman Emperor in their “dominion”. The royalty-obsessed clerics began to entertain superiority in their Greek minds. Politics, in other words, crept into the Catholic or Universal Church.

      Then as today, Greek Orthodox clergy are allies of the State. As in real life, not everything is black and white. So there are at present Greek Orthodox Churches that remain Catholic.

  7. Vic Penetrante on

    Population control has become necessary because hell is overflowing with souls. Satan has outdone himself of greediness.

  8. genesisbughaw on

    Russia is fated to become center of Christian world – priest

    Moscow, July 1, Interfax – Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplain, chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations, said Russia is moving towards maximum self-reliance and must become the center of global Christianity.

    “It is not accidental that many see Russia as a defender of Christian ideals and traditional moral values, as a country that provides a real alternative to the cult of the golden calf and to a suicidal understanding of what freedom is,” Father Vsevolod writes in an article, published in the Rus Derzhavnaya newspaper on Monday.

    Russia must start feeling it is the center of the Christian world, he writes. Only if it does will it become an accomplished nation. The rest is “first, petty and, second, self-destructive for it,” the priest said.

    “Russia has told the world in clipped terms that it can definitely speak its own language, the language of a self-sufficient and strong nation, whose traditions and experience give it the right to walk its own way, to defend its own ideas of how society should be set up, and also to offer it to the world,” Fr. Vsevolod said.

    However hard one tried to influence the state into following the opinions of narrow groups that link themselves to foreign trends and position themselves as the mouthpiece of “would-be Russia”, or “other Russia,” or “real Russia, nothing worked, he said.

    “It is not accidental that we said in clear terms despite pressure coming from the West that we do want to protect children from early sexualization and from the propaganda of homosexuality. And we also said that support for foreign adoptions of Russian children is an extremely irrational step. We do not want these children, adopted by perverts, to lose the hope in which many of them were baptised, and to lose a normal life,” Fr. Vsevolod said.

  9. With one more vote, five justices favored same-sex marriage. If let alone, America will soon disappear from the face of the earth. Let us see who has the last laugh! Ha, ha. Or, appoint more conservative justices to SCOTUS and reverse the decision next time around. Then help preserve the human race.

  10. Sa batas ng dios ito ay mali!ito ang paniniwala ng lahat na naniniwala sa utos ng dios! Isang bagay lang ang dapat itanong sa lahat na nagtuturo ng religion!
    Bakit nagkaganito ang isipan ng marami at bakit binabaliwala ng tao ang kautusan noon pa man ay ipinaalam na! Bigo ba ang mga nagtuturo kaya nagkaganito!
    Kung pagbabasehan sa batas ng tao,ito ay makatarungan lamang at bigyan ng karapatan ang lahat na mamili kung ano ang mabuti sa kanila!
    Hindi na dapat pang pagtalunan ang bagay na ito! Sapagkat alam na ng lahat ang totoong batas ng dios!
    Nakasulat na lahat ito bago pa lang mangyari! Mamimili nalamang ang bawat isa,kung ano ang tama para sa kanya! Nakakalungkot,
    Bigo ang mga nagtuturo ng religion, bakit ayaw sumunod sa kanila ang mga tao! Sana mamulat ang mata ng marami!!

  11. I cannot help but find it amusing that Mr. Tatad equates the legalization of same sex marriage to the end of the world. As someone who used to be a legislator I suppose, I at least expected Mr. Tatad to believe in the separation of Church and State, but seeing as he used passages of scripture as the very foundation of his arguments against the US supreme court’s ruling on the said topic he just made a very disappointed reader, that, and the fallacies committed on this article.

    All in all, I think that this article is fear mongering, plain and simple.

    • Justaskingseriously on

      Separation of church and state as a principle cannot but invoke scripture (Matthew 22:21) “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” The doctrine is, of course, not found in any state document. The context is the payment of taxes. The extension of the principle to everything religious is absurd. Why? People are created in the image of God. Money bears the image of the state. Extension of the principle would leave the state only with its own printed money or minted coins, and all the people in the image of God would not belong to the state. Theoretically, people could claim not to be created in God’s image and therefore they are the state. In practice, people of faith are all citizens of “two cities”, the earthly state and the heavenly city. As dual citizens, people of faith are affected by whatever the earthly state promulgates. As citizens of the earthly state, people of faith are also entitled to “equal protection of the law”.

      RFRA or Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 protects people of faith. RFRA would not be a law if separation of church and state excluded people of faith from participating in the enactment of laws. That is how even businesses run by people of faith in the U.S.A. are able to assert their freedom to follow their faith in the way their business is run.

      The world of people of faith is at odds with the world of people of no faith. People of no faith are determined to make the world of people of faith disappear on their own terms. People of faith are made to believe that such and such a law does not really affect them, because it is only for those who want to use the law, anyway. That is obvious until business establishments face the wrath of people who demand their services or else….Didn’t Kit Tatad mention “violence” in his previous column?
      The Supreme Court sets the tone. If “interpretation” of the law which is the court’s proper function becomes “making” laws, that in itself is violence.