• This military contractor has a lot of explaining to do


    A known defense and military contractor has a lot of explaining to do before the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) tax fraud investigators once they get hold of her individual income tax returns from 1999 to the present.

    Jocelyn “Jo” Magcale reportedly declared in her ITR that she was just an ordinary employee from 1999 up to 2013, when in reality she has been cornering huge government contracts supplying the defense and military establishments with weapons, ammunitions, and equipment.

    Then in 2013, Magcale, according to BIR records, declared she is unemployed and has no business or income despite her continuous business dealings with the Department of Defense and the Armed Forces of the Philippines through her company, the Stone of David Tactical Equipment Corp.

    But her problems with the authorities do not end there. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) officials might want to ask Magcale about the inconsistencies in her company’s registration, the Stone of David.

    One of the incorporators or founders of her company, a certain Ronald Dacia, listed his address in Makati but lives in a shanty in Barangay Bankal. His family swears he does not own a company much more supply arms to the government.

    His mother said Ronald is a lowly company employee and is not associated at all with Stone of David Tactical Equipment of Magcale.

    Efforts to reach Jo Magcale for comment through her friend “Twink” proved futile as Jo reportedly turned her phone off.

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    Noy’s rating much lower than polls indicate
    These poll surveys on President Noynoy’s satisfaction ratings are misleading.

    They do not truthfully indicate the lowest possible drop in Noynoy’s satisfaction rating, and suspiciously keep it at a “manageable level” such that his “recovery” in a latter survey might be more believable.

    “Ganyan lang maglaro ang Malakanyang, it’s all epal,” one insider said. “Mas gusto pa nilang bumagyo para makapag-relief ops kuno, photo ops pala!”

    He meant, from start to finish, it will have been all PR (public relations) that were accomplished in Noynoy’s six-year term.

    Why, he maliciously would not even appoint a permanent Philippine National Police (PNP) chief to replace his incompetent protégé Alan Purisima.

    And, what economic gains are they talking about? Those in which rich people got richer while more people became impoverished?

    The electronic social media sites are now more reliable indicators of people’s valuation of Noynoy’s masterful performance, instead of an opinion poll of 1,000 people or so.

    Some see that these surveys are becoming obsolete, though useful for Malacañang propaganda.

    Racket lang yan!



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    1. Mr. Tulfo baseless as alway mga tirada, basta Tulfo nga naman. Bagong biktima na naman na peperahan. ACDC : Attack Collect Defend Collect.

    2. Another article in a row going agaist Jo M, i wonder what comes next about her? Is she the only defense contractor? Why is she the target only? Is there any other motive behind it (easy money?)?

      I am curious who the next targets of Tulfo are.

    3. Johnny Ramos on

      Your right in saying that Pnoy achievement only is in propaganda manipulation. Until now Ricky Carandang controls more than 10 thousand social media accounts in Facebook and Twitter which is being used for trend setting. The problem with these even Pnoy is being fooled into believing that these are the true sentiments of our people. Gumagastos sila para lokohin ang sarili nila. Nobody like Pnoy and more on Mar in any place in our country right now. Ipunin na Lang ang pera sa pagta tago nila next year.

    4. It’s about time, ALL those who contract with the government should be scrutinized. I bet, most of them are corrupt, bilking the government at the expense of the people. And, the problem is, these government officials they deal with forget that it’s the people’s money they “steal”.

      Whoever is doing the PR for Pres. B.S. Aquino is doing a “lousy” job; a big disservice to the client. Unless, the client is stubbornly persistent on doing what he wants, irrespective of sound advice. Paying this PR man/firm is a waste of money.