• This soldier is a pretender


    Dear Sir:
    I read a small news item texted by a so-called soldier attacking MGen Rey Ardo, Chief, Westmincom and P/CS Juanito Vaño on how they supposedly bungled their operation in the Zamboanga crisis. The soldier-texter said that these officers did not take seriously intelligence reports that the MNLF planned to take over Zamboanga. I may not be a soldier, but my relatives are. I know that soldiers, much more of Commanders, always follow the chain of command. They would never act on their own because they only do so under instructions from their higher-ups.

    The concerned soldier, if he was really concerned should have upped the moral of his fellow soldiers, thanking them, encouraging them while the conflict was happening. Why didn’t he speak up before? And why only now?

    A soldier’s life is never a life of ease and luxury, and this is what I see in my relatives who are officers and soldiers. Commanders like MGen Rey Ardo, Westmincom Chief and P/CS Juanito Vaño did their job well. As a soldier, whoever you are, must know the sacrifices of each of your fellow soldiers, you commanders whose responsibility is the lives of his men, and to subdue the enemy. They can never be blamed for not doing their job because this not true. I hope that this soldier will be enlightened and to quit on attacking these officers. By the way, where were you then?

    Evine S. Amarillo
    Zambonga City


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    1. Evine Amarillo; it’s like a cancer! Prevention is better than cure! Clearly it’s a FAILURE of INTELLIGENCE! This must be investigated and those responsible must be held accountable and be jailed.

    2. Evine Amarillo: As area commanders like Gen ARDO and Vano they must not wait for instruction on higher ups in gathering intelligence information within their AOR or Area of Operations for them to act immediately and prevent any untoward incident that might be done by the MNLF. It is their duty to collect intelligence informations to process and submit it yo higher Hqs but to prevent any group to stage an attack it is the authority of area commanders like ARDO and Vano to act quickly and suppress any uprising but they have failed! It was A FAILURE OF INTELLIGENCE! Sana Hindi nangyari yan Kung Hindi sila pumalpak at wala sana evacuees ngayon. Don’t glorify them cause they know they failed to act before such attack would happen. They must be pro active and not reactive!!! Lazy generals!!!