• This steel company should be shut down


    A resident of San Simon, Pampanga, sent me an email over the weekend complaining about the inaction of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) on the black smoke that SKK Steel Corp., owned by a certain Sy Ka King, has been emitting for several years now.

    Campampangan Cu, the email sender, alleges that they have called the attention of the DENR since 2012 about the air pollution in their town caused by SKK Steel. Unfortunately, their plea for help fell on deaf ears since DENR Secretary Ramon Paje took no action against the steel company.

    The email sender also claims that children and elderly people in their town have been complaining of difficulty in breathing and have developed skin rashes that they believe is due to the polluted air.

    Aside from a possible violation of the Clean Air Act, the steel plant may be violating immigration laws because some of its employees are Chinese who may not have work permits. The complaint said the Bureau of Immigration (BI) should investigate the company.

    Employees of SKK Steel such Jackson Sy, Lian Ly, and Jacky Sy, who are said to be the plant supervisors, should be summoned by the BI and check their credentials if they are allowed to work in the country, Capampangun Cu suggested.

    Paging DENR Secretary Paje and Immigration Commissioner Mison!!!

    * * *

    Us pinoys disatisfied with pNoy’s perfomrance

    As I was sitting at the departure lounge of the San Francisco International Airport on Monday night, I overheard two elderly balikbayans talking about President Aquino’s inefficiency in running the country and the government’s bias in the investigation of certain officials, particularly members of the opposition.

    Upon seeing me, Tatay Delfin, who eventually asked me to hide his true name, said he is disgusted over the misuse of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds by Pnoy and Budget Secretary Butch Abad. “E, malinaw na nagsabwatan sila ni Abad para gastusin yung bilyon-bilyong DAP na ginamit lang pala nilang dalawa sa kalokohan [It’s clear that the President and Abad connived in spending DAP funds recklessly],” he said.

    Tatay Jun, his companion, was more subtle saying, “Sana man lang, kinunsulta muna nila yung mga mambabatas sa pagpapalabas ng pera na yan. Lumalabas tuloy iligal daw yung ginawa nila [They should have consulted lawmakers about the release of the funds. It is turning out that what Aquino and Abad did was illegal].”

    Tatay Delfin and Tatay Jun share the opinion of the thousands of Pinoys now living in the United States over the misuse of the DAP funds.

    Filipinos living in California want Pnoy investigated and charged together with Secretary Abad, if found guilty of abusing his power and misusing the people’s money.



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