• Those streets in Singapore


    A glimpse of the Lion City’s everyday fashion

    This multi-cultural country does not stop at only one fashion trend. Singapore is made up of different races and cultures, and this is reflected in fashion choices of the citizens as well—ranging from older generations who wear religious garb to youths who clothe themselves to stand out in the crowd.

    We used to follow strict fashion guidelines. But now, people are more inclined to break the rules to express their own personal style and creativity. Said rules, in the traditional sense, seem to have been discarded from the fashion industry’s lexicon. Brands and the celebrities who wear them work hand-in-hand to introduce new and unexpected trends, such as using contrasting colors and patterns, serving as updated guidelines for the fashion-consuming youth to follow and make their own.

    Current Singaporean street style is comprised of minimalistic pieces and basic colors. Favorite brands in the city state include Off-White, Gucci and Supreme. Others such as Stussy, Champion and Vans are also staples of most teens’ wardrobe. The ‘90s are also making a comeback. It’s not uncommon to see folks in wide, flared jeans, denim-on-denim ensembles and hoop earrings, which are decidedly old-school and nostalgic in nature.

    Considering that Singapore is such an affluent country, shopping for clothes without breaking the bank could be tough. Aside from that, racial diversity and traditional conservativeness in clothing prevents one from being too adventurous. Yet somehow, fashionable individuals manage to express their style without being offensive by still being reasonably covered up.

    Orchard Road, the shopping epicenter of Singapore, always sees massive crowds flocking its numerous shopping malls. Casually spending a day in town, you will be able to catch a glimpse of what people are wearing and differentiate if they are dressed for comfort or dressed to make a statement. (Chances are, it’s a little bit of both.)

    The way we dress reveals our creativity, mood and character. It states who we are and for Singaporeans, fashion is proof that ethnicity is not the only thing that is diverse. Local street style is not about trends but rather, it is about being comfortable while being effortlessly fashionable and still respecting customs and culture.


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