Thoughts on turning ‘18


2018 is now just waiting in the wings, ready to rid us of the smoke and smell of the fireworks of the 31st to finally declare it a New Year for all.

So, what are you planning to do?

You’ve probably got all the traditions lined up as a listicle in your head. So, let’s not go there.

Instead, how about zooming out a bit?

Phonebook not Facebook
Our lives today seem almost subordinate to the notifications and features of our smartphones, but scroll down your avatars of friends and follows for a minute: how many of them have you lately actually spent time with in a conversation—and not just hit with a generic “like,” “love” or “send-to-all?”

Reach out and talk to your family and friends.

Because for the next several days, most of us still have two excuses for that long-overdue catch-up conversation; they’re called “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year.” Don’t worry, they’re among the easiest conversation starters, guaranteed.

So, ditch the posts, and get into real-voice conversations. Or better yet meet up. Reconnect. Rediscover what you like and love — in the real world. It’s what we humans are wired to do.

Get along with people who matter most in you life.

Communities and causes
Today’s marketing-driven world often calls like-minded folks, communities; and shared activities and aspirations, causes.

The jargon may be heavy, but their idea—and more importantly,their calls to action—are just right: let’s step out of ourselves and our circumstances, work with others, and do something helpful.

During downtime in the next few days, think of work you can do with others, to make the world a wee bit better. Doesn’t have to be dramatic. Just workable.

Embrace generosity; joyfully help local organizations do their work.

Sign up for the choir, and lend your voice to the singing. Join an outreach program and spend time with the orphans. Volunteer, and offer your services to a non-profit.

There are lots of people—and causes — that need your help. Will you give your time, in the coming year?

Life happens. And when it does, we tend to get carried away with the needs of the moment, the demands of everyday.

The eve of New Year is an opportune occasion to think about being better versions of ourselves.

About being healthier.
Or learning a new skill.
Perhaps speaking a new language.
Or maybe traveling to a place we’ve never been.
If not, revisiting a childhood dream.
Or just rethinking our way of life.

Set aside some quiet time before the fireworks, and reflect: how can you be better for yourself, for others, and for the world around you in 2018?

The answers may not come right away, but the best part is that you got started thinking.

Happy New Year!
And cheers to 2018!
Bring it on.


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