• Thousands hold vigil vs drugs, corruption


    Supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte showed that they were also a force to reckon with when they held a vigil at Rizal Park on Saturday to prove that they are behind the government’s campaign against illegal drugs which suffered a snag with the recent involvement of some police officers in the abduction and killing of a Korean businessman.

    Organizers of the event had hoped that a million people would show up, but the police estimated the crowd at 200,000. Organizers however put the number at 400,000.

    SHOW OF FORCE Thousands of supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte gather at the Luneta grandstand. PHOTO BY RUSSELL PALMA

    Members of various groups and sectors from various regions held the prayer rally to prove that Filipinos are one with the President in his desire to stamp out the drug menace, criminality and corruption.

    Organized by the Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte National Executive Coordinating Committee (MRRD-NECC), PDP-Laban, Kilusan Pagbabago, Friends of Rody Duterte (FORD) and Hugpong Federalismo, the prayer vigil and rock concert started at around 5 p.m. and will end Sunday morning.

    Supporters of the President arrive at the Luneta. PHOTO BY BOB DUNGO JR.

    MRRD-NECC chairman Gene Mamondiong said corruption must be stopped from the smallest government unit to national government agencies.

    Bobby Brillante, a member of the group, said the Luneta vigil “complementes” the commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the EDSA people power revolt.

    “We want to make sure that freedom and democracy will continue to stay,” he said.

    Undersecretary John Castriciones of the Department of the Interior and Local Government said the public should support the President’s initiatives and advocacies, particularly the campaign against illegal drugs and corruption.

    “These advocacies must be supported by everyone. This is not colored by any political affiliations, but rather it is an advocacy that can be supported even by ordinary citizens,” Castriciones said.

    Top government officials who are members of the MRRD-NECC had defended the chief executive from a supposed ouster plot and urged the people to support the president’s advocacies.

    The group, which claims to have convinced Duterte to run for President, launched the ‘People’s Support on Duterte’s War Against Illegal Drugs, Corruption, Criminality and Poverty’.

    Participants lighted candles and listened to the stories and testimonies of victims of illegal drugs.
    Castriciones earlier said the vigil does not aim to counter the 31st anniversary celebration of the EDSA Revolution.

    “This is not a political activity. We also believe in the advocacy of the EDSA revolution. The EDSA revolution caused for change, and this time change we would like to advocate to fight the evils of the community – the evils that are destroying the fabric of our society, families that had been destroyed because of the illegal drugs, and those people who had been victimized by heinous crimes being committed by the so-called drug users. That is our purpose: the corruption, the poverty, which is the bottom line of all these problems,” he said.

    “We are not competing with everyone. What we are trying to do is we would like to unite with them, unite with everyone that there must be a genuine effort from all Filipino citizens to really advocate for change so that we will be able to promote good. What we want is genuine peace, we want people to be united, and we want people to really coordinate to show for our love of our country,” the government official added.



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    1. I saw what the author did there. Although Manila Times, is one of the few major dailies, if not the only one, which reported about the rally, there was some snideness in this article. Supporters of the President proved “that they were also a force to reckon with”? As if the other side is many or more than the supporters of the President. Then you commented that the organizers hoped to have 1M but only gathered 200,000? Don’t you know that until the last minute, some Duterte supporters didn’t know if there was a rally and some who knew were not sure if they will go because they were thinking there was no need for it?

    2. Abnoy PNoy doesn’t have anymore credibility and honor. He should no longer be going public because he’s a toatl disgrace to the Filipino people. Bongbong has more credibiloty than PNoy because he should be the VP now had he not be cheated by the PNoy yellowtards in the Comelec. Hope the SK court makes a decison to get rid of Rob – re – do. Go D30 & Bongbong !

    3. I was in EDSA during the movement to oust Marcos and his authoritarian rule. I was there because I’m clamoring for a change, for a democratic country. The fight by DU30 to bring about peace and prosperity to the country is
      something that all Filipinos should embrace. And this should start by fighting criminality and corruption. More
      power to our president Rodrigo Roa Duterte !!!!! God bless the Philippines !!!!

    4. dondontaganas@gmail.com on

      how could u believe these bunch of yellowtards. thay are disillusioned extremists coniving with the communists. pinoy & cory had 12 years in power yet they were not able to solve or even just expose the killers of ninoy. kc mga walang bayag with no resolve to gamble to extract justice to their nearest kin. how could u expect them to defend the interest of our nation w/c are far greater in magnitude than theirs? and they have the gut to label the 8 month rule of du30 as failure? magising sana kayo sa katotohanan.

    5. As I have said in the other column, the yellow dogs together with their left allies are still chasing the bones they have left in the past administration.
      The yellow dogs still could not admit that they are in the plot of ousting the present dispensation which the people will not allow.
      Drugs, criminality, corruption and poverty as a whole are the emblem of the yellow dog connected to their tail bone forever. And they will be judge by history for that.

    6. the real people power and force to reckon with….400k vs 10k, foreign eyes must open their eyes wide….numbers don’t lie folks!

    7. That sounds great! How will you do that? Duterte is being friendly to the same people who are smuggling drugs into the Philippines.

      • To tell you frankly , you have a great issue cut out—being friendly to the enemy is something everybody is missing out in Christ.
        It is mind-boggling that Christ is admonishing his followers to befriend and love the enemy.

        His actual mission why he manifested himself to the world is to “destroy the enemy”. How come he was teaching everybody to love his enemy?

        If the Devil , the adversary is wise , Christ is even wiser. He made the devil believe , that friendship is real so the wily Devil becomes complacent. And never thinking that Christ is actually undermining him to destroy him in the end.

        If the enemy is too big and powerful—you cannot show him a fighting stance. Destroy him by befriending him. That’s a new lesson from Christ on how to destroy the enemy , the unconventional way.
        Our enemy is a conventional warrior , so destroy him unconventionally.


      you can trace the modern aguinaldo, padre damaso and aquinos in history who betrayed their countrymen and served their own.. gayahin natin ang mga tunay na Pilipinong Bayani. sinabi ni General Antonio Luna ” NEGOSYO O KALAYAAN? BAYAN O SARILI? PUMILI KA!!!!” we must educate the youth to the Truth that will set the Philippines free.

    9. This is my personal tribute to the President.

      Observing the president in all the days that he has been in power—I observe one peculiar thing in what he is doing , he is a master insinuator.
      The great success that he had achieved in his own city of Davao is mainly due to the clever use of “insinuation”.

      This particular term might sound and look evil in the eyes of the undiscerning , contrariwise it could be put to good use. Actually , it can be used for good or for evil depending on the motive of the person involved. So it is the person who defines the meaning and usage of insinuation.

      Now Duterte had use it to thwart the onslaught of drugs and other crimes in Davao —insinuating the criminals to kill their own peers by pretending to be a “murderer” himself. So his basic pronouncement , “let criminals kill criminals” has been the underlying platform.

      And when he becomes president , he uses the same method and strategy in undermining the wicked ones. Several months ago , only a few days into office he declared , “let criminals kill criminals”. What he had learned and accomplished in Davao , he has elevated to the national level.
      Just to what extent he could go , this he has determined through a simple test—he embarked to test the waters.

      He immersed himself in the thing he does best , he has made the whole country divided in their opinions by declaring that God had conversed with him. And the rest is history everybody was fooled most especially the adversaries. It turned out he was only joking! What a compleat insinuator that he is!

      Biblical history proved the potency of insinuation. In truth , God is the author of this and it is contained in His own words that said—EVIL SHALL SLAY THE WICKED , AND THEY THAT HATE THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL BE DESOLATE.
      God destroys the wicked by insinuating the other part of evil to slay their equal.

      So no need to participate in the actual carnage of wicked people , all you have to do is insinuate and instantly you have the most powerful weapon against the evil , courtesy of The Lord. It is The Lord who destroys the evil ones by mutual slaughter. Mutual slaughter is created and designed solely for the wicked. This is the secret of much of Israel’s triumph in all the wars that they have participated.

      Duterte is no murderer as he is just simulating murder so as to fool the evil criminals into believing that he is a ruthless killer. So the criminals are insinuated into doing the thing they love and do best—to murder , just like their father , the Devil who is a murderer and a liar from the beginning.

      In our daily lives , we kind of insinuate things though we are unaware of it. It is biblical so everyone is actually into it everyday of his life becoming so commonplace that it escapes notice.

      Relevant to this , it can be used for evil intent like what senator de Lima did to Jaybee Sebastian. She insinuated the attempt on the life of that inmate by saying publicly that the man is a “government asset”. Then the other prisoners obliged with murder in their minds!
      They hate the word so much because they were enemies of the government , and anything that connotes government , they hate to the utmost.

      You see how powerful insinuation is. It can be utilized for good or for evil.
      The president use it for the good of the people in order to destroy those who are destroying the nation.
      However , there are people who are so blind as to see the hidden truth behind all the mess. To them the president is a real killer in real life without giving much of a second coming the wholeness of wisdom.

      By so doing they themselves are committing the greatest blunder. They jump on the gun very quickly. They make haste in their conclusion.
      “They are quick to shed blood” as The Lord testified against them. Blood-thirsty men behave like that!

      As a consequence , they expose themselves as the true murderers for they murder an innocent man whose only commitment , consciously or unconsciously , is to fulfill the words of The Lord in Psalms 34:21 to save his beloved nation from the fangs of social vipers!

    10. The days of drugs and corruption are over. DU30 is leading this fight but he is supported by 90% of the people. The yellows should not make the mistake of believing that this is about getting rid of DU30 and taking over power again. The people will never let that happen.

    11. For the yellow elitist robbers “change” means to oust Duterte and install their own so they can continue their looting of government money, dealing in drugs and looting the natural resources of the country. They did this when they ousted Marcos and installed the unelected Cory. For the rest of the Filipino people “change” means to clean up corruption in government and uplift the living conditions, wages, peace and order, housing, livelihood, health care, and education of the masses. These are two very contrasting meanings of “change”.

    12. I see a scary scenario if the Yellow Mob and its co-conspirators attempt to oust a legitimate president again. Unlike the previous two, it would be bloody this time.

      • Lingling Salilig on

        Korek, it would really be bloody because they can no longer fool the Filipinos. The people will fight for their right.

      • Latest been documented News from top sources..February 26,2017..Marks the death of the oligarch and the yellow mob after 31 years in power…The vast majority now see the real change.

      • If PRRD will defend and fight bloodily for his mandate but if he will do what the two former legit presidents did, tapos na ang laban.