• Thousands march against Trump at Sundance festival


    PARK CITY, United States: Thousands braved the snow at the Sundance Film Festival Saturday to march for women’s rights and in protest against the election of President Donald Trump.

    It was billed as a “women’s march,” but a crowd made up of roughly half men led by comedian Chelsea Handler waved banners decrying the new head of state.

    They called out “Love Trumps Hate” and waved banners with slogans including “Make America Compassionate Again” and “Keep Your Tiny Hands Off My Human Rights.”

    Charlize Theron was emotional as she joined the women’s march, coinciding with the Sundance Festival AFP PHOTO

    Many of the banners and slogans supported defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as causes seen as being under threat under the new administration, such as Planned Parenthood.

    The protest in the ski resort of Park City, Utah, was part of a day of action across the world centered on a demonstration in Washington, which drew hundreds of thousands.

    Among the speakers at Sundance were Salt Lake City mayor Jackie Biskupski and actors Benjamin Bratt and Maria Bello.

    Handler was joined by a snugly wrapped up Charlize Theron while fellow Hollywood A-listers Kristen Stewart, John Legend, Laura Dern and Chris O’Dowd were spotted in the crowd.

    “Hello all you pussies,” Bello shouted, referring to Trump’s remarks caught on the now notorious 2005 Access Hollywood tape boasting about where women can be grabbed by powerful celebrities.

    “When they punch you in the pussy, punch ‘em back with your pussy power.”

    She told the protesters she had struggled to get out of bed since the election but was spurred into action by Meryl Steep’s speech — which savaged Trump without naming him — at the Golden Globes.

    “Today we are all standing together in solidarity,” Handler added, jokingly describing the movement against Trump as “the new Tea Party.”

    “If you’re feeling hopeless, if you’re feeling dejected, take a look around,” Handler concluded, fighting back tears.

    “You’re not alone. You’re not alone. Don’t lose hope. I’ll give you hope. Let’s all give each other hope and stick together,” she said.

    The festival had no official association with the protest, but several high-profile organizers, including director John Cooper, joined the demonstrators.

    Local officials estimated the crowd to number more than 4,000.



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