Threat of jailing Arroyo anew ‘cruel’

KEEP gloria FREE Topnotch lawyer Estelito Mendoza, a former solicitor general, talks to reporters in a news conference in Makati on Friday.  photo by rene dilan

KEEP Gloria FREE Topnotch lawyer Estelito Mendoza, a former solicitor general, talks to reporters in a news conference in Makati on Friday. Photo by Rene Dilan

PLACING former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo back in detention over new plunder charges would be “oppressive” if not “cruel,” her lawyer Estelito Mendoza said, a day after the now Pampanga representative regained her freedom.

Mendoza told reporters in a news conference it was “shocking” that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, who just lost her plunder case against Arroyo at the Supreme Court, was mulling new charges to put the former President in jail anew.

“What the Ombudsman wants to do is that when she (Arroyo) is acquitted and walks free, she will immediately handcuff her, put her to jail again. I do not think there can be anything more oppressive than that, if not cruel,” Mendoza said.

Arroyo was released from hospital arrest on Thursday after the Supreme Court acquitted her from a plunder case over the alleged misuse of P366 million in Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) funds covering the years 2008 to 2010.

But there is a pending complaint against Arroyo at the office of the Ombudsman in connection with PCSO intelligence funds covering the earlier period of 2004 to 2007.
Morales said in a press briefing on Wednesday that the complaint was under preliminary investigation.

Laurence Arroyo (not related), who is one of the former President’s legal counsels, said they have filed their counter-affidavit to the complaint.

Plunder, an offense punishable by life imprisonment, is not bailable as a matter of right but bailable in the court’s discretion when evidence of guilt is not strong.

When asked if Arroyo plans to file countercharges as a result of her acquittal, Mendoza said: “I do not know, you have to ask [her]. But I don’t think she has gotten to think even about this. She has been preoccupied about her release.”

Arroyo had been detained at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) since 2012 over the plunder case.

Executive check-up

Arroyo went straight home to her La Vista Subdivision residence in Quezon City from the VMMC on Thursday, and then stayed overnight at St. Luke’s Medical Center for an executive check-up.

The lawyer Arroyo clarified that the medical examination was not specifically regarding the former President’s cervical spondylosis, a condition of wear and tear affecting spinal disks in the neck.

“Not yet, just routine executive check-ups for now because she has been detained here for four years so it’s about time that she underwent an executive check-up,” he said.
The tests included a chest x-ray and 2D echo.

One of the former leader’s lawyers, former Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera, described Arroyo’s cholesterol as “remarkably high” and said that it “bears watching.”


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  1. Why not every Filipino start considering of forgetting sins of the past…let those mistakes be forgiven so everything can have new beginnings…Arroyo have suffered a lot being detained while she is that sick…I’m sure she have realized what she have wronged to the country and it’s people…I’m sure her punishments was good enough for her…hwag naman tayong sobrang sadista…maging human naman tayo…tama ba yon…hwag na siyang ikulong pa muli…consider also hindi naman puro kasamaan ang kanyang mga nagawa, mas marami pa rin naman siyang magagandang na contribute para sa sambayanang Pilipinas…Morales tama na…

    • Maybe you are not keeping up on current events, Arroyo was found innocent and released.

      She was a trophy that Aquino held under arrest for 5 years by charges made up by Aquino, De Lima and Morales.

  2. To Atty E. Mendoza:

    What Gloria M. Arroyo did to the Philippines and the Filipino people is ‘ cruel’ while threat of jailing her anew is ‘just’!

    • Under arrest for 5 years only to found innocent of the charges, what’s that ?

      Never went to trial, the accuser’s knew there was no evidence so they kept her under arrest without a trial.

      Aquino, De Lima and Morales should be held accountable.

  3. Senile old woman obsessed with the past administration should be suspended for abuse of power, vindictiveness, pride. She must explain her actions, acting the role of Judge, jury and persecutor..

  4. Why did the Ombudsman not prosecuted all the charges against President Arroyo at the same time?

    President Aquino destroyed the reputation of the Office of the President during his 6 year term.

    How? By prostituting his office to greed of power over the 2 other branches of governance – Judiciary & Legislative.

    He orchestrated the impeachment of Supreme Court Chief Justice based on a SALN.

    He deserted his own 44 SAF men during their time of need for help.

    He wanted to give away a patrimony of the Philippines.

    He is in contempt of court by scoring the Supreme Court’s final decision to free President Arroyo.

    He was an inutile and incompetent leader of the nation.

    He made The Philippines a vassal of the USA.

  5. Allen Llamar on

    Mr. Pres. DU30,please It is high time for Morales to be impeached, after her impeachment, investigate for corruption on this lady and her beholden to Noynoy Aquino and the yellows. Then jail her in Iwahig ,Palawan with out bail or in Abuyog, leyte penal colony. This colony is in the middle of know where, in the mountain of Abuyog, leyte. No chance of scaping on this place. Then don`t let her family visit her….

    Vendetta she wants ,then Vendetta she will get…

  6. The Philippines is such a poor country & a huge part of that is from its elite, its leaders & its businessmen that has caused this. Now if any of those have been corrupt, or have stolen money or helped others steal money from this country do you not think they should pay. Its not cruel to go after a crook.
    Just take janet lym napoles, should she be released because jail is harsh, well probably not for her, then ex chief justice corona, how many times do people say he didnt do anything wrong, i ask well where did that P180,000,000 come from. He couldnt explain it & he should have been in jail.
    let justice be done though the heavens fall

  7. Most Filipinos knew that President Arroyo government was full of corruption. Ombudsman investigating her involvement should be able to present objective evidences that the SC is looking for. Estelito Mendoza is from Pampanga and some of the SC justices were remnants of CJ Corona. Definitely there is politics in the judgment of GMA case. GMA and family should subject themselves to lifestyle check. Instead of attacking Morales and the entire ombudsman who has performed very well to investigate the case of GMA should be appreciated for the effort. There is nothing wrong with ombudsman to pursue the case against GMA if there are still cases with strong evidences. By the way, Defense Chief Angelo Reyes will not commit suicide of there were no corruption and no single investigation was done on Bureau of Bilibid Prison during GMA’s term. Find out about the expenses her cabinet members spent when they are abroad. Are there excesses in the expenses of government officials? Are there reg flags of a government that’s corrupt. Most of the entourage during foreign visits are from Pampanga looking for opportunities for businesses. Is this bad? Yes. Because there will be conflict of interest.

    • Ernie sarmiento on

      What about UNCHR also swayed by politics. Trouble is that you have here a majority decision by the SC and still you doubt it.

  8. Morales is so biased in her judgment! She is so obsessed with pgma’s coruption (with no solid evidences) but turned a blind eye towards the corruption of the liberal party members. Until now I have not heard drillon,abad,alcala,abaya,soliman,all dap recipient being charged in her office. Morales you need to retire bcoz you don’t know what you are doing now.

  9. noel salaysay on

    It ‘s time for Ombudsman Conchita to retire and abolish the Office of Ombudsman. She has allowed herself to be used as political tool by the previous administration. The filing of the graft case against former VP Binay is another anomaly. VP Binay was running for the Presidence and lost, the people did not vote for him because of these allegation.The rejection of the voters is more than enough punishment for him.
    President Duterte should tell to retire now.

    • Why questioned Ombudsman which Tanod ng Bayan? The agency is in-charge of investigating complaints filed on government officials. The agency is independent and do not take orders from President regardless of party affiliations. So far Ombudsman has done its duty in accordance to what is expected of the agency. It is unfair to charge Ombudsman to be lapdogs of the present administration. I trusted the agency and people in the ombudsman and expect the agency to be the final victor in the case filed against GMA to serve as lesson for other leaders in our country. I can understand the supporters of GMA to be sour gripes and would like revenge to people who are doing their jobs and any attempt by GMA supporters to tarnish the image of ombudsman will be looking “funny beggar” , futile and will sink GMA further.

  10. Morales has retired as assoc SC justice at age 75 , and receiving pension from the gov’t . why is she allowed to work again for the gov’t at that age 75 Yrs To the writer of this article pls find out if there is a law prohibiting or limiting any retiree from gov’t to be employed again at age 75?

    • Well how old is juan ponce enrile, yet he was ( im not sure if he still is a senator )

  11. Going to have to remove old lady Morales if the Philippines wants to clean up the country.

    Morales had years to charge hundreds of liberal party members with graft and plunder but refused to investigate any Aquino allies.

    Morales is a subservient lapdog still obeying Aquino in his vendetta against Arroyo.

    Not exactly honorable conduct for a Ombudsman

  12. Before compassion she should first return the money she stole. Besides, compassion is not a just justice system. Think of the starving homeless children in the streets of manila. That is compassion.

    • She does not need your compassion ! She was acquitted of plunder! Do you have a first hand account of how much she stole if any?

    • If you are a member of the oppressive and vindictive yellow cult, may I remind you that your time is up. It is about time the rule of law reign all over the land. 11 of the 15 justices including some of Pinoy’s appointees voted to acquit her and still you are insisting that she is guilty. What a travesty of justice.

  13. Daniel B Laurente on

    Put the jailers into the jail instead. A form of terrorism in civilian uniforn is being imflicted on someone who suffered so much. Personally what she had done to everyone of you?

  14. Integrated Bar of the Phl must look into the Carpio- Morales excessive abuse of power as an Ombudsman of the Phl. She. displays vindictiveness towards Filipinos most esp political opposition to favor Ex- Pres BSA without legal due process first,