Threat of uprising under Duterte real


Two Philippine Military Academy alumni expressed concerns that the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) will take advantage of a Duterte presidency.

Rodolfo Mendoza, former chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group of the Philippine National Police, said the “looming” victory of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will boost the underground struggles of the CPP.

“The CPP tactics is two pronged. One is through electoral struggle via Mayor Duterte and two is through urban armed uprising cum armed insurrection. [The] CPP [is]now smelling victory according to my information,” Mendoza told The Manila Times.

Retired Marine Colonel Ariel Querubin also expressed concern that the CPP is taking advantage of the coming elections by either supporting or fielding its own candidates.

“I also heard of that plan. I think Duterte’s campaign is not to win but to create chaos and anarchy [that]the CPP can exploit [towards]their ends,” Querubin said.
“The threat of coup d’ etats is real under a Duterte presidency,” he added.

Mendoza stressed that he is not supporting any particular candidate and that his position is to boycott the elections.

The latest presidential surveys showed Duterte leading his contenders.

A group of military and police officers earlier warned of a possible communist takeover if Duterte wins.

Calling itself the Network of Officers to Defend the Republic (NODTR), the group claimed that Duterte is a “puppet” of communists.

“As men in uniform, we are duty-bound to defend our flag and the Constitution against forces foreign or local inimical to our democratic ideals and institutions,” an unidentified officer in digitized military uniform said in a 13-minute video uploaded on YouTube.

“Today we are issuing this urgent appeal to our countrymen, to fellow officers and brothers in arms in the AFP and Philippine National Police [PNP] to defend our democracy and the republic against an imminent takeover of our government by the communists,” he added.

“By his word and actions past and present, Rodrigo Duterte is a certified hard core dyed-in-the-wool puppet of local as well as foreign communists,” the officer said in the video.

He claimed that Duterte’s campaign machinery is driven by high-ranking communist cadres such as Leoncio Evasco Jr., the mayor’s campaign manager, and Pete Lavina, his spokesman.

Duterte’s campaign, the officer said, is being closely supervised by Jorge Madlos alias “Ka Oris,” the highest ranking official of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) in Mindanao and a member of the party’s Central Committee.


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  1. then let us be watchful. If he makes that move to let the communists come in to the government and start advancing the communistic ideology, then you can start your agenda. But please, can’t we try to let this do his worth in at least 3 years? maybe, he cannot eradicate the drug menace, but at least, as early as now, drug pushers are dying left and right. Hopefully, by the time Pres. Duterte takes over the realm of government, the big-time drug lords will start to fall six feet under the ground. Let us all join our forces and energies to help stop these drug pushers and the corrupt government officials become useless.

    • Ur definitely right, du30 is not a communist, im sure hes not. LP members Mongering to create chaos under du30 admin

  2. noel barcenas on

    Duterte’s Wheel of Justice..
    Crooks and Hooligans days may be numbered FINALLY! Undoubtedly, the people believe that Digong would deliver the long awaited justice that has long been denied from them. Heads will be rolling which may probably include those of the likes of the ones who wrote this news article..

  3. Larry Sarte on

    Another group of Military Adventurist backed by coward politicians!! Leave the AFP and PNP, dont use our hardearned taxes to pursue your gains. Dont pretend to know everything good for the country. Let the people decide for the leaders of our beloved country. Respect the peoples rights and decision.

  4. Angelito Mateo on

    Yes, it’s real . Especially if this is coming from Ariel Querubin, who is vocal supporter of Grace Poe and is currently a special assistant to RSA of San Miguel Corp.

  5. walang pinag iba sa troll yang querobin, puro hear-say.. putik tong mga retired military na to mga chismoso

  6. ang daming keyboard warriors ni duterte haha. ma konsensya naman kayo. pera ba muna sa bulsa bago bayan? hindi niyo kami maloloko. black propaganda you say? kototohanan WE say. Elitista kamo? eh buti na yun kaysa magpanggap na mahirap tapos may billiones naman pala nakatago.

  7. arnel rollan on

    yeah i heard it before that the threat of uprising under duterte is real. yeah, i really believe it.
    Their group is composed of drug lords, corrupt military officials, corrupt government officials and that one special group that sold one or three philippines island to china without the knowledge of the filipino people. what a group. fuckshit, this group did nothing when the criminals are killing civilians in our streets. this group did nothing when drugs are flourishing in the philippines. this group did nothing when politicians were stealing the peoples money. this group did nothing when the illegal mining was destroying teh place and killing the people.
    the truth is, your days are numbered. and the option is vertical or horizontal, if you know what it means.

  8. bounceback on

    Whatever happens the people will stand by their decision.we tried voting for the intellectiluals, the elite , the militaryv, the popular in the past but our needs were never addressed if ever delivery of goods and services was in trickle .

  9. If Duterte wins by clean election, although, I am for Miriam Santiago, I will support him. But we must also make sure that BBM wins because the strategy of PNoy is to make Leni win by cheating so that they can impeach Digong. Let us fail their dirty tricks. It is time to get revenge and take back our country this elite yellows have so deprived us. Still go for Miriam Santiago-Marcos. But I would like to reteirate that if Digong wins by way of clean election and this PNoy and yellow fanatics back by their greedy elite financiers, I will join the REVOLUTION! Enough is enough!

  10. Here comes the corrupt men in uniform of the Aquino regime. This is the time for our NATION to unite against this corrupt Aquinoi government and yet chaos is what they are spreading just to neglect Mayor Duterte’s call for CHANGE!

  11. Braincleaner on

    People hate mercenaries. Whether of the Magdalo kind led by gangsters Trillanes, Acedillo, Alejano or Ariel Querubin, or a Rodolfo Mendoza.

  12. These two jokers would like the military and the rebels to fight till infinity, or until they finish killing each others until no one is left.

    They had their time during their stint in the military but they failed miserably in finishing off the rebels. Now, whats wrong with bringing these rebels back to society? Are they scared that they people will vote them to office? These communist bogey is passe. Communists, leftists, or socialists have long been participating in mainstream politics throughout europe. In russian and china, communism is dead.

    Move on, get a life.

  13. The statements made by these ex-military officers are six years too late, that communist will get into Malacanang and be part of the government – why?

    Because they are already in the government of BS Cojuangco-Aquino III, just look at Llamas, Deles, Ferrer, Colmenares, Bello (just a few of the more popular names), To say that the victory of Duterte in this election will herald the rise of communism in Philippine government, is way off tangent and only speaks of their weakness as military men who were not able to eradicate communism during their time – so, just what good did these ex-military men do while they were active in their service?

    How about them not raising their concerns about BBL? MILF, ASG, MNFL and BIFF, whose rebel fighters are more heavily armed, and are more than capable of seceding from the republic, they seem not to mind, nor worry of the chances that if a president who might win besides Duterte, will allow the passage of BBL, leaving the flag of country with just two stars. These ex-military men should better see a worst case scenario besides scaring a candidate’s voters, and to dissuade them from voting their chosen candidate, because the constitution allows them that right and privilege.

  14. Folks let me say this, and let you ponder which is more applicable to current situation and or system. Communism is a political ideology, as is Democracy. Communism is based on common ownership, mainly concerned with equality and fairness, and the power is vested in a group of people who decide the course of action. Democracy is governed by a group of elected people and are bound to fulfill the wishes of the society. Now the difference is in the term of economic systems. In communism the government has complete control over the production and distribution of goods and all resources shared in the society equally.. But in democracy free enterprising is allowed which means that people or groups can have their own businesses, can lead to rich and poor. So this is just some basic differences. Now we can look further between Socialism as an economic system co-exist with Democracy–socialist democracy or democratic socialist. Some experts say the best combination of economic system and political ideology it the one that fully recognizes and balances the ideals of individual freedom and right on one end and social cooperation on the other end. I think it depends upon the leaders of our country which really genuinely works.

  15. Evangeline R. Apolonio on

    Aw ! Really ? Kahit naman kayo mag coup d etet kung walang suporta ng taong bayan eh wala rin di ba? Yung sundalo na kumandidato after a failed coup eh wala namang silbi rin sa bayan Malakas pang umubos ng pondo ng bayan sa dami ng consultants. Don’t fool us by saying you are democracy’s savior . Mauulit ang kasaysayan kapag umaabuso ang presidente. Lumalaban ang mamayan sa katiwalian ! Ngayon na ang kapangyarihan gamitin ang boto para sa pagbabago . Nananakot kayo para ang iboto ng tao eh yung magpapatuloy ng bulok at tiwarik na daan? Hindi bobo ang lahat ng botante para hindi magsuri at iwaksi ang mga incompetent , mga walang tunay na solusyon sa kahirapan , katiwalian , incompetence in goverance , at higit sa lahat ang kamanhiran sa paghihirap at pagdurusa ng ating mga kababayan. Hindi naman nyo gusto talagang magkaroon ng tunay na kapayapaan sa kalunsuran kasi sayang ang mga nakukurakot sa defense budget . War mongering ba yan ginagawa nyo ? Ganyan naman lagi ang panakot ninyo kapag ayaw ng ng tao sa masisiba at tiwaling politiko.

  16. ala e, communist bogey na naman ang peg nyong mga tauhan ni benito boy sisi. takutan blues na naman. e si trilyones nga ang nagbabalang mag gagawa uli ng coup d’etat, hindi ba?? kung baga kumita na yan nung araw at baguhin nyo naman ang threat kuno. sabihin nyo naman na papasukin tayo ng china dahil gusto ni du30 na makipagusap kesa makigyera sa china.

  17. Peter Gonzales on

    Filipinos used to look up to graduates of PMA. They are models for integrity, discipline and honesty in public service. But over time the luster has significantly gone down the drain on account of peope like Mendoza, Querubin, Gazmin Irribiri, Purisima and so many others who have corrupted the military. They became slaves of their corrupt ideas and disposition of racking up millions to secure their financial freedom after their stint in the service and their transition to civilian positions in government. They forgot those military knowledge and tactics they learned that they can not even subdue a small band of rebels like the Abu Sayaf up to this time and instead wasting the lives of ordinary soldiers rendering so many wives widows and children orphans because of their sheer incompetence.

  18. Alexander Kagahastian on

    The real treat would be towards massive cheating on the National Election and the peace and order. Pinoy and his cohorts have failed in their desperate bid to ruin Duterte. They shall use all their machineries in order to protect the elitists. This is the real treat.

  19. Mar and Mirian- experienced, veteran and stable decision
    Poe- youth ,creative foresight but lack experience

    Binay and Du30- Angas lang, Walang laman, Walanf foresight and Presidente ay hindi barangay Captain or Mayor.

    Mag-isip kayo. Kung ayaw nyong mag-isip Du3o or Binay, but dont blame when you continously suffer from poverty, lalo na yung next generation nyo.

    Mag-isip mga kababayan, huwag angas lang hindi dapat kanto boy and pag-iisip, hindi usapan barberya itong halalan. mag-isip at manalangin.

  20. I guess Mar is the only option we got, Du30 has tainted past and so with the military.
    Kung bobo kayo, boto nyo si Duterte, kung mahal nyo and Pilipinas, bot nyo is Mar.
    Maraming dahilan ng kahirapan ng Pilipinas, mga tao na nagpapabayand ng kanilang boto at hindi nag-iisp, mga nag-iisip pero short term naman. Akala ng maraming mayroong magic na lalabas sa pwet ni Du30 kapag siya and naboto sa.

    Sa totoo lang, pwede si Du30 sao tondo bilang mayor, kapitan or barangay tanod. Sa tingin ko maraming boboto kay Mar or Poe sa kadahilanang nag-iisip na ang mga Pilipino. Sa mga youth, Mirian is the battle-cry, mas marami sila na boboto kay Miriam kesa kay Du30. INC endorse Du30, but Catholic endorse Mar, kasi binaboy ni Du30 si Pope- sya ba yung iboboto nyo.

    Reklamo tayo, bakit walang pagkain sa hapag kainan, tanong nagtatrabaho ba kayo? nag-aral ba kayo para sa kinabukasan. Hindi naman rocket science para hindi maintindihan na kailangan ng education for a globalized job. And problema ay tamad, and lahat ng bobot ka Du30 at sa lahat ng mang corrupts officials and tamad. Dapat sila ang unang kastiguhin. Inuuna pa ang inuman, tsismisan instead mahanap ng trabaho. Napakaraming trabaho na kailangan sa Pilipinas, pero and mga tao ay hindi handa sa ganoong level and karunungan. Kahit is Du30 and mahalal na President , marami pa rin na walang trabaho kasi una tamad mag-aral, and kapasidad na gampanan ang mga bagong uri ng trabaho ay hindia kasi nga hindi nag-aral, kasi nga mga tamad.

    Sa tingin ko magaling nga si Du30, pero ano ba and level ng economy ng davao compared to Cebu City, or Palawan, and sagot any mababa nd level anf economy. Therefore, it is not Du30 toughness to lift the livelihood of a city of nation. It is the knowledge and the managerial skills and kailangan para ma-improve and economy. I agree to peace and order, madali lang iyan, hindi kailangan yung angas ni Du30 kasi and solusyon nya and dead on the spot. agree din ako dun, It has to be clean. But after cleaning the nation, what’s next. Ang major worry kay Du30 ay yung kanyang foreign policy towards US and China. mas pabors sya s China, walang bayag, bahag and buntot, supot para labanan ang tsina using international, Sorry mga kapwa Pilipino, bobo si Du30.Kawawa and Pilipinas kapag sya ang naging President. Sa ako Mar, Poe or Mirian, wag na si Du30 and Binay, they are on the same page pagdating asa corruption, foreign policy on China and US, at wala din sila foresight to lead the nation.

    Pasensya na po, sa aking analysis ang past debate, Bobo si Du30, Binay, kaya bobbo din yung boboto sa kanila. Pag-isipan nyo and kinabukasan ng inyong mga anak.

  21. tony de leon on

    this will be our few options to succeed as a nation to vote for Duterte. all this black propaganda should be trashed and not listen to. the elites want to maintain the status quo and continue ransacking the national treasury and live comfortably while the poor lives in the garbage and sidewalk of Manila. even worst in the rural areas, many have no running water and electricity that’s why the 2 oldest insurgencies in the world are well and alive. I say vote for Duterte. If you want a light in the tunnel because that light will never come if Duterte lose. think about it.

    • Elpidio Montebon, Jr. on

      I suspect that win or loss for duterte will spell chaos for the country!

    • Duterte is not the only viable option in this election. Digonng would agree that Miriam Santiago is also a good option. Santiago-Marcos for the win!

    • the reality is that Duterte has NPA friends, and communist ties (aka Joma Sison). unless you label that black propaganda, too. kahit nabalita na nga.

  22. asus.
    what is real is the money that flows into
    the hands of these fear-mongerers to sow
    fear in the minds of the people;
    tactic employed by losers;
    remember, querubin is a danding $ucker;
    the same kind as suni the 5-star white flag putschist.

    du30 on monday.
    if you can’t beat him, pray for him, that’s the christian way!

    • Christian you say? Lahat ng negative publicity lumalabas kay Duterte is because of his own doing: rape remark, cursing the Pope, admitting to killings, skyping with a communist…

  23. This is just another black propaganda coming from the people who are afraid of true change. They are trembling for an imminent duterte victory.?

    • Ching Rabino on

      they are intillegence officers of the arm forces of the philippines, they are in authority to advice the citecenry in what is happining to our nation security as to compare to you who does not know exceot for your own and selfish purposes.

  24. Mon Dragon on

    Mendoza and Querubin are like Trillanes employing scare tactics..Dapat binasa nyo muna ang comment the FVR about Du30. Kung wala naman kayong magandang masasabi, wag na lng kayo mag sasalita..Ang kulay nyo dilaw..

    • Ching Rabino on

      They are officers of AFP/PNP, they knows everything especially in our nations security, as to compare to you who has know nothing except for you own and selfish interest..

    • Fidel has a lot to account for when he gave Ms. Wary at least PP37 Billion. Where was the COA report on this?

  25. Mga utak pulbura! Mag kudeta kayo hanggang gusto nyo at ipapasa ni President Duterte ang Death Penalty at una kayo isasalang dyan. Kamay Na bakal nga talaga kailangan Sa atin bansa at ang daming matatalinong failed coup plotters. Hamunin nyo si President Duterte at Meron kayong paglagyan. President Duterte will change our present corrupt form of govt to a federal system form of govt. like the US. Still a democratic Country and not a communist country!

  26. ngayon baka mga taga AFP na ang mgaging rebelde.

    sana lang ayusin ni duterte palakad nya. wag sana siya bumigay sa mga rebelde. nasa kanya na ang AFP. he no longer needs to kowtow to those terrorists.

    also, i hope the AFP does not exploit this to create chaos. the fear similarly applies to them. ithey may also be the ones to start chaos to express their disgust for a president who boldly claims close ties with the NPA and MILF.

  27. Rosby Teopaco on

    Can the military inform the Filipino people how strong is the NPA i.e. how many are they? How are they armed? Aside from claims that they are in the mountains where are they situated? Why is the Philippine military so alarmed ? Are they OUTNUMBERED by the NPA? This is black propaganda perpetuated by the Filipino elite to maintain status quo so they can continue oppresing and subjugating the poor…the “masa” !!!

  28. Those who do not want complete change are those who gained lots during the PNoy administration are the same people who wants to maintain the status quo, meaning these people do not want the government to interfere in them raping the country and stealing as much as they can.Those who suffered the most wants the needed change ang revamp of the useless government.

  29. bontong hininga on

    Si Ariel Querubin ay chief of security ng san miguel corporation syempre bias siya and iboboto niya ay si grace poe na kandidato ni ang, ramon at cojuangco ng san miguel

  30. Col Queruben and Mendoza , people will not believe on you guys why it’s a clear fear mongering, Kumita na yan Sirs, Hindi na mabili yan sa MARINES.

  31. The communists have been toothless for many years. They only surfaced again when Aquino began curtailing the rights of the poor peasants in the provinces. The selective justice of Noynoy is a big contributor to the unrest of the oppressed. A Duterte win will silence the protest as Noynoy’s mistakes would be corrected. These military men, who probably flourished under Noynoy do not want change and want people to get scared for their own ulterior motives.

  32. Dr. Jose Mercado on

    To Mr. Mendoza and Mr. Querubin, seriously? trying a coup-pal Trillianes? then run for public office? this is a message from 54 million filipinos who wants genuine change – SHUT THE HELL UP! we were ruled by a lunatic that resulted many deaths for our men in uniform AND YOU DID NOTHING to remove this mental fool.

    • Ching Rabino on

      to mr jose mercado,

      Dont ever use the name of other filipino just for your selfishness, all you know is to advance your own interest while officers and men in AFP always endanger thier lives for depends of our mother land, so they are very concern in our security as for you is just to have favors in he candidate you blindly supports but did not know the motive

    • Right! And whoever said “today we are issuing this urgent appeal to our countrymen, to fellow officers and brothers in arms in the AFP and Philippine National Police [PNP] to defend our democracy and the republic against an imminent takeover of our government by the communists,” IS REALLY OUT OF HIS MIND.

      Communism did not even grow in its native soil, how can it grow here, among people who have historically valued their freedom, independence and faith in God. God has always blessed us. There is nothing to fear.

  33. The Rodrigo Duterte win will results to a Military coup data, simply because the Communist Party of the Philippine other known as the (CPP) is behind Duterte to take over the Government and the Philippine Military is not letting that to happen and if that so happens, the CPP will start liquidating and mass murdering the Military personnels from the highest to lowest level. If that happens, great chaos, fighting and killings will proceed. This is total war in the country not coming from outside the country but war within the country. Filipinos against fellow Filipinos and you all be prepared to run for your life. These catastrophy will reduce the 100 Million people population to half (50 Million people) by the time peace will come into rest. Filipinos has created its own Monster. This is the coming of SODOM & GOMORRAH to the Philippines which will cleanse the Philippines of it’s evil and corrupt peoples. May those who will not make to survive rest in peace.

  34. An intelligence source has issued a travel advisory against traveling to the Philippines…. They have also issued a warning to all investors and bank depositors to withdraw immediately or risk loss of same….
    There are a lot better and much safer places to go and to invest than the Philippines at this point stated one source. Their troubled waters are at the boiling point & the risk has far outweighed the reward.

  35. tony de leon on

    why are they afraid of communist takeover? look at China, a communist capitalist combined and now a regional economic and military power. then look at Vietnam following china’s footstep and direction. maybe we need combination of both the commies and democracy with capitalism. call it whatever. but democracy never worked for the Philippines as it still suffering from poverty and lawlessness.

  36. This election is a battle between good and evil. A known NPA sympathizer, womanizer and a cold blooded killer is about to win. The voters too young to be under a dictator are the voters voting for this hoodlum. I believe he will win and chaos and bloodshed will follow. To those voters voting for this thug, you are solely responsible for people who will die in an armed struggle . Do not hide under the pillow and say that you are not responsible. This hoodlum will not be the president without your vote.

    • agree. an armed confrontation will be in manila w/in 18 mos of may 9 marked my words. pray hard while we have a little time. most of the masses are hoodwinked of this empty rhetoric of fighting for crime, drugs and corruption. by golly even this exist we are not in crisis yet.poverty do exist but we filipinos are a patient lot thus we believed thru hard work we can overcome our trials rich elite exist but at this point they are not the enemies our real enemies are our selves and THUS WHO SCAM THE MASSES TO BELIEVE TO VOTE FOR THIS CRAP

  37. George F Guillermo on

    Cory Aquino was the first Phil President who alledgely had closed linked with the CPP NPA, who directed the release of all political prisoners including Jose M. Sison during her incumbency as President of the Phil. Her Husband Ninoy Aquino who allegedly plotted, assisted the NPA in the Plaza Miranda Bombing to instigate a bloody fight against the government, sow fear, confusion, etc among the people that will benefit the CPP NPA struggle (according to the writings of Ambassador R. Tiglao)

    Mayor Duterte is the best hope of the country among the candidates as he do and practice what he preach/says. The nation should be grateful as He is the best solution to the problem of peace & order, insurgency & criminality as well as widespread poverty. He is also a unifying leader, a compassionate government servant of the NPA, Muslim rebels and other armed groups. He has been successful in orchestrating a friendly environment and a sustainable development effort where all sectors of society in Davao work together sustainably in “peace”- Though, in any endeavor there is always risk, but a Duterte Presidency, the benefits and/or advantages are very much higher and encouraging which make the risks, if there are any, negligible.

  38. There will be anarchy if Noynoy, LP and the Yellow Oligarch insist in staying in power by cheating the Filipino people of their votes. Cheating by way of manipulating the HOKOS PCOS machines will start the real revolution. So I hope Noynoy, LP and the Yellow Oligarch will think it again. Because there will be blood on the streets. And that will be the blood of the Oligarch, Corrupt politicians, and Noynoy families and friends (KKK).

  39. George F Guillermo on

    Cory Aquino was the first Phil President who alledgely had closed linked with the CPP NPA, who directed the release of all political prisoners including Jose M. Sison during her incumbency as President of the Phil. Her Husband Ninoy Aquino who allegedly plotted, assisted the NPA in the Plaza Miranda Bombing to instigate a bloody fight against the government, sow fear, confusion, etc among the people that will benefit the CPP NPA struggle (according to the writings of Ambassador R. Tiglao)

  40. Komunista? O makakalkal lang mga baho nyo! Hoy kerubin ang ganda pa nmn ng apelyido mo pero isa ka sa mga iimbestigahan sa Droga.. lagot ka…