Three Beats One Terrain Mercedes Benz GLC, GLE and GLE Coupe join SUV lineup


D2---Mbenz20151208Auto Nation Group Inc., the official distributor of Mercedes Benz automobiles in the Philippines, recently launched the new GLC Class, GLE and GLE Coupe in Rockwell Tent Makati Monday, joining the GLA Class and G Class, bolstering the brand’s new campaign “Making the best in every terrain.”

The GLC will replace the GLK Class for the mid-sized sport utility vehicle (SUV) class, followed by the GLE, which will replace the ML Class later in the year. A swoopy coupe version of the GLE has been showcased as well. The SUV nomenclatures now use the letters GL to easily identify it as an SUV. The last letters will signify the size, as with the sedan counterparts.

Auto Nation president Rene Nuñez said that the new SUVs are tailored to each type of lifestyle.

“The GLC Class is for people who wanted to enjoy the brand as an entry level SUV. The GLE is for the one who wants an adventure and driving it around mountainous terrain. Compared to the GLC, the GLC is more suited in urban areas. The GLE Coupe is the one for the performance drivers like Lewis Hamilton,” he said.

While Nuñez added that the higher grade GLS is also showcased, there are plans to release it early next year. The GLC, GLE and the GLE Coupe will be made available late this year.

“The luxury market is always wanting. They want something new, they want something refreshed, and with the launch tonight, we are offering that option, to be able to live that certain lifestyle like they do,” Auto Nation Group Vice President for Sales and Marketing Robert Shaw said.

Mercedes Benz GLC 250 4Matic
The smaller GLC utilizes much of Mercedes Benz’s current design language while maintaining its classic off-road look, accented with an aggressive front fascia and broad shoulders at the rear.

Careful observers will notice that the car is slightly longer than the GLK that contributes to increased luggage space at the rear.

The GLC 250 utilizes Mercedes Benz’s 4Matic 4 wheel drive system as standard in all its SUVs, and comes standard with a nine-speed automatic gearbox with a torque converter.

The GLC 250 will cost P4.090 million without any options added. Mercedes Benz said that it will also offer an off road pack and an AMG version.

Mercedes Benz GLE and GLE Coupe
The GLE Class replaces the ML class being a class larger than the GLC. While the GLE favors space as they would a conventional SUV, the GLE Coupe delivers a streamlined, sportier look at the expense of rear boot space.

Characteristic of the GLE Class is the intergrated rear window and the C pillar at the rear, with bigger front bumper grille that accents the aggressive nature of the vehicle. The Coupe features design elements that are first featured in the S Class, such as the slim taillights, and the chrome trim at the rear bumper.

The GLE 250d features a turbocharged inline-4 producing 204 horsepower, while the GLE 350 features a V6 with 258 hp, also available in the Coupe version. All are fitted with a nine-speed G-Tronic automatic transmission.

Prices start at P4.090 million for the GLE 250, P6.390 million for the GLE 350 and P6.80 million for the Coupe.


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