• Three important P’s for safe, fun-filled travel


    Exploring the world is now easier for Filipino globetrotters with the proliferation of budget travel options and opening of more gateways. Yuppies and millennials, in particular, with their social media-savvy circles have been filling up their travel lists in recent years with new destinations.

    As thirst and thrill for discovery changes over time, travelers should be vigilant and cautious as ever. Safety should be as high a priority as having fun. Today The Manila Times shares three important P’s for a safe, worry-free and fun-filled sojourn as conveyed by Pacific Cross Medical and Travel Insurance.

    Pack for hassle-free travel
    Most people tend to bring too much when traveling abroad, lessening mobility and time for fun. Travelers can opt to leave valuables at home or keep these in a safe when venturing out of their lodgings. For on hand cash, an idea is to hide extra currency in suitcases just in case an unexpected situation happens, same with personal medicines and medical history papers.

    Pay heed to culture for an immersive trip
    Wise travelers are known to stay safe by blending in with the locals and being discreet with their presence. Digital guides [Google maps] are better than large paper maps and attachable smartphone lens are safer than large cameras. Observing cultural nuances, rules and regulations and even dress codes of a locality also help greatly in avoiding the spotlight the wrong way.

    Prepare for the worst
    As wise men say, “expect the unexpected so when the unexpected happens you won’t be disappointed.” Travelers should bring along multiple copies of important documents, leave an itinerary or check in with loved ones regularly and more importantly, get good travel insurance before departure. Some insurance companies offer round-the-clock emergency assistance, and coverage for medical needs as well as for baggage and other travel items.

    Check www.pacificcross.com.ph for more information.


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