Three Poems


Will you? Dinner’s at least a month long
You’d be surprised. Our father, charged with assault
The star not more luminous, just

Taking more comfort in its own light and it shows
Over a divided house.

To each of the prime ministers, a facet.
Goats and chickens
Flee the staff, the sheen of plastic

Valleys await with soft, powdery
non-biodegradable thistles. Having earned wings

They’re primed to descend upon the terminal.
Arms open
Shoving up the handcarry

Smiling through the singed feathers of the season.
What’s in the case? Clue:

It is one when quiet, two when it sings.
It twirls? Why,
What’ve they been saying about me?

Chased from strength to strength
Down to your own free will.

Long weekend denominators
The approach is from the mountains
Upper left-hand corner
Soft as a landslide. Don’t go telling anybody.

Will you climb down? Drag wood in our name?
Assigned to us was trees

Laying siege upon the heartland
Light and smoke calling to a halt.
Our differential at the neighborhood’s convenience…

Wait, they left work over the holidays?
Being only as much as you allow your sins to yield you.

You don’t have to bring me anything…
Get here. The work will always be with us

As what had no business
Arriving from a mother will bear upon you.

A forest on cat’s feet and my / You came.

Corrugated lanterns
Who once was life-of-the-party
Now fetal in the slick curb of the parking lot

Who was frank: insensate where they folded boxes
As a rule for tearing.
Change now easy as chimes

While the goal doesn’t budge.
Peace was peace no matter how many was had

How stranded. Finding

Time irritable
Angel gave the catheter a whirl: new, improved

Recyclable as eggshells… see?
Assured a picture of my visit here, let me

Apply chunky lotion on these smooth calluses.
Here, let me take it. Not yet

One of those nights, pangga
Having opened my temple to the white of his knuckles.


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